Thrifty Fall Vignette

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I have to say that Mother Nature is truly the most beautiful and talented decorator! Don’t you agree? For inspiration I love to take a walk and look at what is provided naturally. Adding nature items to your home gives it a real representation of what season it is.
Since I am all about being thrifty, I really like the fact that Mother Nature provides beautiful free things for us to use in our home!

I created a Thrifty Fall Vignette on a small side cabinet.

Create a lovely and colorful Thrifty Fall Vignette with items provided free from mother nature , a few thrift store finds and things you already own.

Buy Out Of Season at Thrift Stores

Hi everyone!
Thrift stores, a true love/hate relationship for me! The Big charity stores (Salvation Army & Goodwill) have their items marked so high that I never buy items from these stores unless they are the colored tags that are 50% off. Sadly their 50% price is generally the price they should be marked at in the first place. So, I still rarely buy the items. Once in awhile I will find a decent deal but, rarely. Generally I only shop at these two stores on the weekend for clothing when whatever color sticker they have been for the week goes 5/$5.00. Sometimes I purchase the clothes to actually wear or sometimes I am buying the clothing items for their fabric.

That’s why I search out small independent thrift stores. Some are good and some are bad. Fortunately I have found a couple near me that are good decently priced stores that really are doing some wonderful charitable work.

Buy out of season at thrift stores. Find the best bargains when no one else is looking for them.

I Buy Out Of Season at Thrift Stores like these all the time. You get the best choices of the best items when you are willing to shop for out of season things. People are generally looking for items that represent the upcoming holiday or season.

Simple Cranberry Walnut Coleslaw Recipe

Hi everyone!
I went to the grocery store the other day and did my normal zoom the perimeter looking for that red/orange markdown sticker on products. I even have Troy doing this when he is home. I often base my upcoming week’s menu around those red markdown stickers.
In the produce area I found Dole packaged bags of coleslaw marked down to .59 cents each. I ended up buying the 3 bags that were marked down. I made a regular coleslaw and an oriental coleslaw. With the last bag I decided to get creative and see what I could make.
Here is what I made:
A Simple and thrifty Colesalw Recipe. Creamy Cranberry and Walmut Coleslaw Recipe. Perfect for the holidays or anytime of the year.

10 Things To Look For When You Go Thrifting

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Y’all know I am a major, like as in….rarely pay retail, thrifter. And when it comes to projects/crafts/DIY that are home d├ęcor items, I always look at what it could be instead of what it is when I go thrifting. So, I have a mental list of things that I ALWAYS look for or check out when thrifting. And I have a set price in mind in which I will pay for these items. And I almost never go past my price. I can honestly say that the below items I rarely pay over $2.00 for. Unless it is something I am just over the moon about, $2.00 is my cutoff point. And I stick to my guns. I learned a long time ago to just walk away if it is not in my price range. Which happens more times than not. I don’t even want to go into the insane prices some of the big “charity” thrift stores are charging. I rant about that enough on Facebook. LOL
10 Things To Look For When You Go Thrifting. Thrifty stores, flea markets, yard sales, garage sales, autions, estate sales...look for certain bargain finds.10 Things To Look For When You Go Thrifting. Thrift stores, flea markets, auctions, estate sales, yard sales, garage sales and any other thrifting place, keep an eye out for these bargains!
I adhere to a pretty strict thrifting budget for projects/crafting. I do things a little different than most. I don’t come up with a project and then go out to find the items I need to create that project. Okay, I have done that a couple of times but, mostly I look at the things that I have picked up when I found them for a very low price and work from there.
Here are 10 of the things I watch for when thrifting:

Easy Shrimp Cocktail Dip Recipe

Hi everyone!
Have you been thinking about what different dishes you are planning to make for the upcoming holidays? I have. I have my list of dishes and ingredients sitting by my seat in the living room and have been adding and taking away things while I watch TV in the evenings.
Besides making main dishes or desserts, I like to make some kind of appetizer. I made this yummy dip a few years ago and everyone loved it. So, I think I will make it again for either Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve.
Make this yummy and easy shrimp cocktail dip for your next holiday get together. Such a tasty and simple recipe to make. Perfect for an appetizer at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Customize a Thrift Store Frame for a Pretty Fall Vignette!

Hi everyone!

I had found this frame (I cant remember if there was a picture in it or not) at a thrift store. I originally wanted to use it as a tray so I place this placemat inside it under the glass.

This is such a great way to use a picture you find thrifting that has a nice or unusually frame around it. It's perfect to set little vignettes. And you can move them easily! 
A thrift store frame used a different way in Fall decorating. Create a custom look for under a dollar. I used all thrift finds for this Autumn shelf. .

Easy and Yummy Hot Apple Cider Cocktail Recipe

Hi everyone!

Happy November 1st!

The weather has been chilly, windy and drizzling rain. And of course I needed to do some running around today. Why is it always yucky weather on errand day? Anyway, when I got home I was chilled and tired.

I wanted something warm to drink but, it was too late for coffee. I remembered this Autumn recipe and decided it would hit the spot!

A simple Hot apple cider cocktail. So perfect on a chilly autumn evening.

Easy Sloppy Joe Casserole Recipe

Hi everyone!
Okay, cooler weather is here and now I want some dinners that are quick, easy, basically one pan type dishes. Also, I want the smell of something yummy cooking in the oven! Oh, and thrifty!
But then again, these days it feels like you have to take out a small loan for hamburger! Can you believe the price?! There have been several times it was cheaper to buy steak and ground it up myself. So sad! I better stop talking about this subject otherwise this post will be a big ‘ol rant!
Anyway, this is a great way to stretch just one pound of hamburger!
Easy & Thrifty Sloppy Joe Casserole Recipe! So yummy and quick. Stretch your grocery budget and one pound of hamburger with some beans for a very filling and tasty dinner meal. Leftovers can be froze. For full recipe stop by

How To Make a Bewitching Centerpiece

Hi everyone!

I thought it would be fun to make a pretty witchy hat as a centerpiece for my dining room table. It had to be fun, easy and……wait for it……Thrifty! And I think I did just that.

How to make a Fun, Easy & thrifty bewitching centerpiece! All the materials needed can be purchased at the dollar store . Add as much or as little as you want. Very simple DIY project. So cute for a Halloween centerpiece on your dining room table. Easy tutorial.

I found the witch hat at a Goodwill store for .49 cents. So, that was a good start on the thrifty part of this centerpiece!

Yummy Apple Pie Muffin Recipe

Hi everyone!

I have made this recipe several times and shared it here because they are so good! Right now apples are at a great price at the local grocery stores so, I want to take advantage of the Michigan local grown apple harvest. This recipe also freezes nicely so, make up a couple of batches!
Apple Pie Muffins
Yummy Apple pie Muffin Recipe. Made from fresh locally grown michigan apples. These are so tasty you will want to make a double batch so you can freeze one batch.  Read the recipe at for this Fall treat!