How to Make a Thrifty and Easy St. Patrick's Day Wreath

Hi Everyone!

Doesn't it feel like February gets shorter and shorter every year? And the older we get the faster time flies by! Not too mention I got a text from my dad (he sent it out to my brothers and Troy also) saying " You know you are old when all your kids quality for AARP". Oh thanks for the reminder Dad! Geez! 


I went thrift shopping with my mom earlier this week and I was looking for a wreath to use to make a St. Patrick's day wreath for our door. It's always nice when you head out shopping looking for a specific thing and actually find it! And that it was the right color sticker. When I shop at Salvation Army, I only buy items that have that weeks 50% off color sticker. Their everyday prices are just too high!

How to make a simple and thrifty St. Patrick's Day Wreath

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Originally Troy was going to be home today and I had planned on making a nice meal for the two of us. I don't get to cook very much for my husband these days and I occasionally miss it. Yes, just occasionally. LOL But, in our world, the whole phrase "Best laid plans..."  is a normal case scenario for us. It's one of the many joys of being an OTR driver's wife. 

Fortunately for me (and hubby) I have never really placed a lot of weigh behind Valentine's Day. It's nice but, not real significant in my life. 

But, it does give me an excuse to decorate in shades of pink and play with pretty dishes. I so have my priorities straight! 

Hey, I like pink and I don't have any in my house!


How to Save Money and Eat Healthy

Hi everyone!

One of the few areas we have a little bit of wiggle room when it comes to our household budget is food. Grocery shopping is probably one of my least favorite things to do. I feel like Mary Tyler Moore when she is grocery shopping and looks at the price of a package of meat and just shakes her head and tosses it into the shopping cart. The high prices just don't make sense to me. Remember watching for sales on hamburger for .99 cents a pound? Now you are lucky if you can find hamburger cheaper than steak!

I have always had to watch our budget and groceries was one of the areas I could make stretch for less. I learned a lot from my mom when we were growing up. Thank goodness! That gave me a foundation to work with!

Save money and still eat healthy

How to Deal with Another Clutter Zone - Receipts

Hi everyone!

What a boring subject this is! Receipts ~ Blah!!

Unfortunately they are something that has to be dealt with that can really turn into clutter very quickly.

Like most of you, I have tried every method possible to keep receipts under control and easily accessible when needed. And with the best of intentions I start out strong and then gradually slipped back into receipt chaos.

How to deal with the clutter of receipts. Simple, easy and thrifty method

Forget Trendy Decor, Think Happy Decor!

Hi everyone!

I have added a few new (okay, some brand spankin' new and some just new to me) little decor items in our living room. It takes so little to make small changes in our homes. Sometimes when money is tight, doing some small change or addition to our home decor can really go far in just lifting us up a little.

Forget what others say are trendy. What makes you smile and happy is the perfect trendy decor.

One Habit to Start to Become Clutter Free!

Hi everyone!

 I chose the title of this post very carefully! I stated, "Start with 1 habit to become clutter free".  The keyword there is Start

You are going to see a ton of posts on blogs and websites that will have miraculous titles that claim things like "5 secret steps to a clutter free life". Wow! Sign me up!! January is the big "Let's get organized" month so your social media feed, store ads and email subscription are going to be flooded with organizational "helpful tips". 

And that is what they are, TIPS not miracles. Don't think there is a cure all for becoming clutter free. If anyone tells you that, they are lying. Pure and simple!

This is the first step to take on your journey to a clutter free home!

Everyday is a New Beginning

Hi everyone!

Everyday is a new beginning. I have heard that all my life and intellectually totally get it. So, why does that other part of me think, "That's fine for everyone else." ? 

January is always the time for fresh starts. Kind of like Mondays, a fresh start to a new week.. But January gets big hype and build up because it is a brand spankin' new year! And we tell ourselves "This is it! I'm going to do blah blah blah" and my life will be perfect. 

Enjoy each day because everyday is a new beginning and fresh start.

My Goal for 2017 is Routines

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year!!

I'm not going to use the word Resolutions. Nope, those get broken about a month into the new year. Instead I am going with Goal. One overall goal for 2017.

My goal for 2017 is Routines. This is a tough one for me. And I bet it is not so easy for a lot of you either.

Since I stopped working outside of the home I have had a hard time keeping myself on some kind of schedule. And I am not talking about a tight schedule. Even the smallest of routines have disappeared.

My goal for 2017 is routines. They help keep my life on tract.

A Little Fall in the Bedroom

Hi everyone!

I have been so frustrated! I have written this post and a couple of other ones numerous times. I wish I could say it was the platform I am using but, it's not. My laptop is wearing out and Troy has been "threatening" me that he is going to just go out and buy me a new one. Which is nice that he doesn't hesitate in getting me a new laptop. And I really appreciate it. But, I really don't want to spend that kind of money. But more importantly, I hate learning a new electronic thing! I have everything set up the way I want it on this laptop. 

Moving right along....

I finally finished adding the Fall decor touches in our home last week. I didn't really go overboard. To be honest, I am heading out on the road with Troy and will be gone until around Thanksgiving. So, I won't be enjoying the decor for very much time.

I decided to just add a small touch of Fall in our bedroom. And it is all your fault!

Just adding a few dollar store fall flower stems and leaves can give your bedroom a pretty holiday touch. It's simple, easy and thrifty.

Fall Entryway Table

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I decided to add a little Fall decor inside. I didn't go all out, just simple, thrifty and easy Fall decor.

It has been such a warm October here. My poor flowers and herbs are so confused. But, the trees have all turned beautiful colors and we have had some light rain. It is finally feeling like Autumn around here. And that's what really motivated me into get in the mood for Fall decorating.

I used what I had on hand which were some fun thrift store finds and a few Dollar Store florals and what nots. I spent very little this year on Autumn decorations. Fortunately I had lots of Fall things and warm color items are really all that is needed. 

Simple easy and thrift Fall decor in our entryway. Items thrifted and from the dollar tore was all I needed.