How To make Your Own Flavored Coffee Creamers ~ Recipes

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Do you like all those different flavored creamers? Do you like the price? Of course not! I don’t really use these commercial creamers very often. I have to have a really good coupon and a sale going. But, I like to have a variety of flavors on hand in case I want a cup of something different.

Be thrifty and saving money does not mean you have to give up all of your favorite treats. Just look for cheaper methods to make them!

Thrifty and budget friendly recipe to make your own flavored coffee creamers

12 Craft and Décor Items You Can Hack

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Okay, I can’t always afford to buy the exact items for crafting that a project calls for. So, I have to get creative. And sometimes I just refuse to pay the price. Also, I would much rather use things I have around the house.

You might already do a lot of these. Hopefully you will pick up a new idea or two!

Here are my 12 “Hack a Craft” Items:

12 Craft and Décor Items You Can Hack at

We Went To Chocolate World in Hershey PA!

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One of the fun places we were able to work into our road trip was a stop at Hershey's Chocolate World. We were lucky to have gotten a load to pick up in the Hershey PA area and that load was going to take a little while to get ready.

So, on New Years Day we headed to the chocolate mecca...Hershey! 

Since it was the dead of winter none of the outside stuff was open. They have a large amusement park, petting zoo, trolleys and other fun stuff during the warm months.

Fortunately we only really wanted to just stop and check it all out. And of course take the chocolate tour! The tour is free so, it was right in our budget zone! LOL

A fun day at Hersheys chocolate world. A had such a fun time taking the chocolate tour and just checking the place out!

I'm Back From Our Trip!

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Troy and I have returned from our 3 week adventure. It was so weird to realize that it was the first time we have been home in 2016! Even weirder, I haven’t cleaned the house since “last year”! LOL Which meant I had two years of dust waiting for me when I returned home!

I know a lot of you followed along with me for the past 3 weeks via Facebook, TTG FB Page and Instagram. I had such a blast bringing y’all with me! Although Troy was working, I was able to enjoy seeing 15 different states that I haven’t been too in over 10 years!

We tried to get in some fun things as often as possible. Fortunately for us, we can have fun just being together.

Being together 24/7 for 3 weeks in the cab of a semi truck while driving interstate highways gave us LOTS of time to talk. We talked about this past year and where we are now. We talked about our hopes and dreams for the new year. We also went over our financial  goals for 2016.

Getting Thrifty in 2016!

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I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas!

I took the holiday season off from blogging. There wasn’t any specific reason why I did this. I just wanted to concentrate for on my home life which includes family and friends.
I will be missing in action the first couple of weeks of the new year as well. I am going to head out on the road with Troy for a few weeks! This will be my first chance to go with him since he returned to work (he is an OTR driver, over the road). I’m excited to go traveling with him and see some different places. And just to spend that much time with him will be a great way to start the new year! I have no idea where we will end up ringing in the new year. That’s kind of the fun of it…it’s a mystery! We will be together and that is what matters!

2015 was a wonderful year for us! Troy returned to work after 10 years of being unable to drive a semi truck. In 2016 not only will he be driving he will also be a trainer. He used to be a trainer back in the day and his current company asked him if he would be a trainer for them. That is another reason I am going out on the road with him now. Once we return he will have a student assigned to him so, I won’t be able to go out with him.

A Bright, Cheery and Thrifty Christmas Poinsettia Tablescape

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While I am busy decorating my home, I thought I would share some past Christmas posts. I hope you enjoy!

As many of you already know, through our business, DTL Herbs, we have a working partnership with a local high school. This high school has an amazing agricultural program. We teach, mentor and assist in this program. The other day Troy was meeting with other staff at the high school early in the morning. So early in fact, that I was just waking up when he had returned home
As I went into the kitchen to start coffee, out of the corner of my eye I saw this large blur of red. I looked over at the dining table and this is what I saw!


Yup, a whole lot of poinsettias! The high school grows them and sells them to earn money. Well, once the holiday vacation started and the kids weren’t in school, one of the things that needed to be done was get the greenhouse ready for their return. All the poinsettias were headed to the compost pile. Troy snagged a few for me.
So, when you have a surprise of a bunch of poinsettias, what do you do?

A bright and cheery Christmas poinsettia tablescape. Very easy, thrifty but, so pretty!

You do a tablescape!

Thrifty Fall Vignette

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I have to say that Mother Nature is truly the most beautiful and talented decorator! Don’t you agree? For inspiration I love to take a walk and look at what is provided naturally. Adding nature items to your home gives it a real representation of what season it is.
Since I am all about being thrifty, I really like the fact that Mother Nature provides beautiful free things for us to use in our home!

I created a Thrifty Fall Vignette on a small side cabinet.

Create a lovely and colorful Thrifty Fall Vignette with items provided free from mother nature , a few thrift store finds and things you already own.

Buy Out Of Season at Thrift Stores

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Thrift stores, a true love/hate relationship for me! The Big charity stores (Salvation Army & Goodwill) have their items marked so high that I never buy items from these stores unless they are the colored tags that are 50% off. Sadly their 50% price is generally the price they should be marked at in the first place. So, I still rarely buy the items. Once in awhile I will find a decent deal but, rarely. Generally I only shop at these two stores on the weekend for clothing when whatever color sticker they have been for the week goes 5/$5.00. Sometimes I purchase the clothes to actually wear or sometimes I am buying the clothing items for their fabric.

That’s why I search out small independent thrift stores. Some are good and some are bad. Fortunately I have found a couple near me that are good decently priced stores that really are doing some wonderful charitable work.

Buy out of season at thrift stores. Find the best bargains when no one else is looking for them.

I Buy Out Of Season at Thrift Stores like these all the time. You get the best choices of the best items when you are willing to shop for out of season things. People are generally looking for items that represent the upcoming holiday or season.

Simple Cranberry Walnut Coleslaw Recipe

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I went to the grocery store the other day and did my normal zoom the perimeter looking for that red/orange markdown sticker on products. I even have Troy doing this when he is home. I often base my upcoming week’s menu around those red markdown stickers.
In the produce area I found Dole packaged bags of coleslaw marked down to .59 cents each. I ended up buying the 3 bags that were marked down. I made a regular coleslaw and an oriental coleslaw. With the last bag I decided to get creative and see what I could make.
Here is what I made:
A Simple and thrifty Colesalw Recipe. Creamy Cranberry and Walmut Coleslaw Recipe. Perfect for the holidays or anytime of the year.

10 Things To Look For When You Go Thrifting

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Y’all know I am a major, like as in….rarely pay retail, thrifter. And when it comes to projects/crafts/DIY that are home décor items, I always look at what it could be instead of what it is when I go thrifting. So, I have a mental list of things that I ALWAYS look for or check out when thrifting. And I have a set price in mind in which I will pay for these items. And I almost never go past my price. I can honestly say that the below items I rarely pay over $2.00 for. Unless it is something I am just over the moon about, $2.00 is my cutoff point. And I stick to my guns. I learned a long time ago to just walk away if it is not in my price range. Which happens more times than not. I don’t even want to go into the insane prices some of the big “charity” thrift stores are charging. I rant about that enough on Facebook. LOL
10 Things To Look For When You Go Thrifting. Thrifty stores, flea markets, yard sales, garage sales, autions, estate sales...look for certain bargain finds.10 Things To Look For When You Go Thrifting. Thrift stores, flea markets, auctions, estate sales, yard sales, garage sales and any other thrifting place, keep an eye out for these bargains!
I adhere to a pretty strict thrifting budget for projects/crafting. I do things a little different than most. I don’t come up with a project and then go out to find the items I need to create that project. Okay, I have done that a couple of times but, mostly I look at the things that I have picked up when I found them for a very low price and work from there.
Here are 10 of the things I watch for when thrifting: