Eating on the Road ~ Part 1

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Being in a semi truck with Troy for 3 weeks can be a shock to the system. Especially when it comes to food. We are in the truck pretty much 24/7. With the exception of when we are on a dock, sleeping or potty breaks, that truck is rolling. That is how we make money, by the mile not the hour. So, if we are stopped, we don't make any money.

Semi trucks can't just stop anywhere or pull into any restaurant. We generally have to stop at truck stops. Once in awhile we will find a restaurant that is within walking distance of a truck stop that we can have a meal at. This is a rarity and a treat! 

Spring Attitude?

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I just returned from traveling with my husband for 3 weeks. This time out we spent most of our time in North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. The weather was beautiful and we were wearing tshirts and shorts most days.

If you follow me on Facebook (and here), you came right along with us on our adventures. I posted all the beautiful blooming trees, the green grasses and pretty Spring flowers. I was so excited that Spring had sprung! 

Where is my springs?

9 Ways to Keep Stored Sheets Smelling Nice!

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Making your bed with fresh clean sheets that smell nice is one of my favorite things!  It feels like a little luxury but it doesn't cost anything! 

There are several little things I do and use to add that extra little touch to scent our sheets and keep them smelling nice when they are in the linen closet. 

Treating ourselves and our home special are important. And it takes little to no effort! 

How to Keep Sheets Smelling Nice! 

9 ways to keep you sheets smelling nice and fresh by THETHRIFTYGROOVE.COM

St, Patrick's Tea

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This is a repost from a couple of years ago. I thought I would just share some older St. Patrick's Day posts. I'm not doing a lot of St. Patrick's Day this year since I won't be home. 


Just a small and simple tea today to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.


I found this green and gold teapot years ago and it has become one of my favorites. Along with a simple white creamer. No markings on either of them.


The little green and gold teacup is so dainty.


Thank you for visiting today. Have a wonderfully thrifty day!

From Valentine's Day to St. Patrick's Day the Easy and Thrifty Way

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I don't do a lot of expensive holiday decorating for smaller holidays like Valentines day or St. Patrick's day. But, it is fun to have just a little holiday color here and there. 

My spending limit for these little holidays has always been $5.00. I use things around the house and then generally just had some fun or silly dollar store items. 

Add a little fun and thrifty st patricks day decor to your home at

I'm not talking elegant or magazine styled. I'm just having some fun in my home. That's it. And it just makes me smile.

A Simple and Thrifty Crafting Tip

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Just a simple thrifty tip for you today. 

If you are working on a project that is messy like glitter, painting even spanish moss, you know you are going to end up with this stuff everywhere! 


How To make Your Own Flavored Coffee Creamers ~ Recipes

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Do you like all those different flavored creamers? Do you like the price? Of course not! I don’t really use these commercial creamers very often. I have to have a really good coupon and a sale going. But, I like to have a variety of flavors on hand in case I want a cup of something different.

Be thrifty and saving money does not mean you have to give up all of your favorite treats. Just look for cheaper methods to make them!

Thrifty and budget friendly recipe to make your own flavored coffee creamers

12 Craft and Décor Items You Can Hack

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Okay, I can’t always afford to buy the exact items for crafting that a project calls for. So, I have to get creative. And sometimes I just refuse to pay the price. Also, I would much rather use things I have around the house.

You might already do a lot of these. Hopefully you will pick up a new idea or two!

Here are my 12 “Hack a Craft” Items:

12 Craft and Décor Items You Can Hack at

We Went To Chocolate World in Hershey PA!

Hi everyone!

One of the fun places we were able to work into our road trip was a stop at Hershey's Chocolate World. We were lucky to have gotten a load to pick up in the Hershey PA area and that load was going to take a little while to get ready.

So, on New Years Day we headed to the chocolate mecca...Hershey! 

Since it was the dead of winter none of the outside stuff was open. They have a large amusement park, petting zoo, trolleys and other fun stuff during the warm months.

Fortunately we only really wanted to just stop and check it all out. And of course take the chocolate tour! The tour is free so, it was right in our budget zone! LOL

A fun day at Hersheys chocolate world. A had such a fun time taking the chocolate tour and just checking the place out!

I'm Back From Our Trip!

Hi everyone!

Troy and I have returned from our 3 week adventure. It was so weird to realize that it was the first time we have been home in 2016! Even weirder, I haven’t cleaned the house since “last year”! LOL Which meant I had two years of dust waiting for me when I returned home!

I know a lot of you followed along with me for the past 3 weeks via Facebook, TTG FB Page and Instagram. I had such a blast bringing y’all with me! Although Troy was working, I was able to enjoy seeing 15 different states that I haven’t been too in over 10 years!

We tried to get in some fun things as often as possible. Fortunately for us, we can have fun just being together.

Being together 24/7 for 3 weeks in the cab of a semi truck while driving interstate highways gave us LOTS of time to talk. We talked about this past year and where we are now. We talked about our hopes and dreams for the new year. We also went over our financial  goals for 2016.