Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Simple Christmas

Hi everyone!

I have been so remiss when it comes to blogging lately. I am really hoping to get back into some sort of rhythm in the new year. I decided to just let myself have the next few weeks off without blogging pressure. I think since we had such a crazy Spring, Summer and Fall, I just needed to slow things down. Of course I had not planned on slowing my blog down to a snail’s pace but, that is what happened.


This year’s Christmas decorating reflected my need to just relax and slow down a bit. Do you have Christmas’s like that? I have been reading all these amazing blogs with gorgeous Christmas decorations and yet, I still didn’t have that need to go whole hog with my décor.


I found a vintage wooden bowl with a brass stand and just filled it with plain colorful Christmas bulbs and candles on a small side table in the living room. You can’t get much more simple than that. But, as you can tell, I like color and sparkle at Christmas.  Oh, who am I kidding? I like color and sparkle all year! LOL


And I love the glow of candles. It just makes the room warm and cozy to me.

I have seen a ton of the whole monotone Christmas décor displays. The simple white with a little greenery. And I think that is pretty and I could do a little of that here and there but, you will never see my home filled with just that. Bright cheerful Christmas colors take me back to childhood. And I am very lucky because my childhood was filled with love, happiness, silliness and security.


How have you decorated your home this year?

And thank you to each of you for still dropping by for a visit since I have basically taken a hiatus for longer than I planned when it comes to blogging! My readers truly are the best out there!

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Gathering Fresh Boughs for Decorating

Hi everyone!

It has been a complete madhouse around here since we returned from the cabin. We had a wonderful time away with family and, well, we didn’t really want to come back! LOL But, life doesn’t pause. Wouldn’t that be nice? To have a “pause button” like on the remotes for life?!

I have barely gotten my Autumn decor down and packed up let alone Christmas décor up! This weekend I plan to do some Christmas decorating and a few Christmas projects. I am telling everyone that I will not be available to do anything. I actually have to do that! LOL

I decided that our living room is going to be decorated kind of woodsy/outdoorsy. But, I know me and I will add a little sparkle here and there. I just have to!


On our way out of the cabin I had Troy stop and cut some different evergreen and pine limbs for me. I love having fresh pine in the house at Christmas. The smell is amazing!


Beside tucking the fresh pine here and there, I have a couple of projects to make this weekend using these fresh boughs.


So, into the back of the truck they went!


I need to head to the dollar store now and buy some of those throwaway gloves to use while I make my projects. If I don’t, I will have pine sap on my hands for days!

Do you use fresh natural materials to decorate around your home? Are most of you done decorating for Christmas or are you just getting to it now like me?

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and I will hopefully see you next week with some Christmas projects done!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Ornaments

Hi everyone!

Dare I say “Happy Black Friday”? Did any of you go out and brave of chaos today? I am at our family cabin right now. My mom, my brothers girlfriend and I are planning to head out to a touristy town about an hour away. We aren’t going to be shopping any of the big stores and the big Black Friday Sales. We are just going to hit up all the small antique shops and 2nd hand stores to see what they have. We do this every year. I gave up the whole Black Friday shopping thing about 8 years ago when I stood in line at 5:00am in freezing sleeting weather along with about 300 other people to get into Walmart and get a laptop that was at an amazingly great price. And they ended up only having 5 of them so, the rest of us got screwed. NEVER again!

Okay, on to more pleasant things!

I know very few people go  out and get real Christmas trees anymore, but we do. Actually we go out into the woods here at the cabin and look for our perfect Christmas tree and cut it down, strap it onto our truck and bring it home each year. Of course in the woods there is no such thing as a perfectly groomed Christmas tree. At tree farms , the trees are formed throughout the years by man. The wilderness has no grooming. So, the trees are lopsided or missing gaps but, I find that beautiful.


What I was wondering is if you decorate your Christmas tree with all matching ornaments or do you use ornaments that you have collected throughout the years?


I have to admit, my favorite Christmas décor is the Christmas tree. I could live without everything else as long as I had a Christmas tree! Okay, I have to share this and it is a mushy little story. The year that Troy had his accident, he had been in hospitals (yes, multiple ones) for weeks. They finally allowed him to come home a couple of weeks before Christmas. I had to do a lot of stuff to the house in order to meet all the things the hospital required before they would release him. I had to completely empty out our dining room so that it could be turned into a hospital room. And since that was where Troy was going to be sleeping for over a month, I removed a bunch of our living room furniture. Side tables, coffee table and a chair so I could sleep downstairs near him on an air mattress. Troy couldn’t walk at all. he couldn’t get out of bed. We had 3 different medical people coming by everyday to work with him. I was just so happy to have him home. But, at the same time it was mentally the most draining time. I was working from home at the time for an internet company and we had no other income coming in. I had to cut down on my hours because I needed to take care of Troy full time (yes, the insurance company decided that although the doctors said he needed a full time nurse around the clock, since I worked from home they figured I could do the job and wouldn’t pay for help).

Anyway, I had no time or energy to decorate for Christmas. The worst part was there was no room left for a Christmas tree. And that was the one thing that really emotionally sent me over the edge. I had to keep up appearances for Troy’s sake but, inside I was a hot mess. I talked to our friends one day and they asked about our Christmas tree. I told them we weren’t going to have one because there just was no room.

I won’t even going into how amazingly supportive they had been to me and to us during that whole ordeal. But, one evening Mike (our friend) showed up to visit Troy. He showed up with this box. I asked what it was. and he said just wait and see. He and Sherry (wife) had went out and bought us this beautiful Thomas Kincaid tabletop Christmas Tree. It came with all the ornaments and lights. he set it up so that Troy could see it from his bed in the dining room. I am not sure I even said a word as I looked at it. I just cried.

Although I put up a big real Christmas tree every year, that Thomas Kincaid Tree gets put up on my dresser in our bedroom every year so that we both can enjoy it every night and wake up to it every morning. It represents so much more than a Christmas tree to us!

Okay, moving on!


My Christmas tree is a complete mish mash of ornaments. And that is the way I love it!


Each and every ornament holds a wonderful moment that I have captured in my memories.


If I had a large house with room to do multiple Christmas trees, I would and I would do matching theme trees. But, my main Christmas tree will ALWAYS remain filled with the joy of memories that I have when I look at the different ornaments!

How about you? Do you hold special memories of different ornaments?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Dinner

Hi everyone!

Are you all ready for Thanksgiving? We will be enjoying thanksgiving with family at our cabin. Surrounded by pine trees laden with snow and fire going inside and everyone sitting at the huge farm table for dinner! The perfect Thanksgiving!

The last Thanksgiving we had at home was several years ago. We had commitments and couldn’t go up north for the holiday so, I set out a fancy table for us.

Thanksgiving 2010 056

I used vintage dishes in a mix and match. Had to do a nice stack!page2

All done in browns with a little green.

Thanksgiving 2010 061

Lots of candles in the centerpiece.


This was the first year that I made the stuffing in green apples. And I LOVED it!!

Thanksgiving 2010 096

Table filled with food. After this photo we sat down and said grace. So many blessings!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Purex Crystals Aromatherapy Winner!

Hi everyone and thank you all for entering my giveaway for the new Purex Crystals Aromatherapy laundry enhancer!

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Congrats to Tracie and her tweet message that won her the coupons!

And a big thanks for the awesome folks at Purex for sponsoring this giveaway!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to Remove Sticky Residue Naturally

Hi everyone!

I am always having to remove stickers from things. Don’t you wish stores would put price stickers on the bottoms of items? Okay that is just one of my pet peeves so, I will move along and not rant you into boredom!

I often use a lot of the commercial sticky gunky removers that are out there. But, they are so harsh and stink!

Citrus Peel

I bought this white tureen at a thrift store and the lid and ladle were all taped together with packing tape and they REALLY taped it good so the pieces remained together.

It took me forever just to remove the tape. And then I was left with a lot of gunky sticky residue.

12-09 004

I didn’t have any Goo Gone or any other residue remover on hand. I tried soaking it in hot soapy water and that just created smeared gray sticky residue!

12-09 019

I had heard that the citrus oil with break down sticky stuff. So, I grabbed an orange and peeled it and gave it a try.

12-09 021

Sure enough it worked! I do have to tell you there was a bit more elbow grease involved but, it smelled wonderful (and my kitchen smelled like oranges for hours!) and no toxic chemical stuff on my hands or countertops. And lets not forget it was FREE!

Citrus Peel

The next time you have any sticker residue, grab a piece of citrus fruit and use the peel!

More ideas can be found on my Thrifty Cleaning board on Pinterest.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Autumn Copper Tablescape

Hi everyone!

This is one of my all time favorite Autumn tablescapes. I LOVE to use copper during the Fall months.  And it really surprises me that more people don’t add touches of copper to their Fall décor. It is the perfect metal for the season. The rich color just fits so beautifully!

I found these dishes at Value World and just fell in love with them! They are a white ironstone with a dark green pattern.

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty Groove

Don’t you love different shaped dishes? Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty Groove

Hum. Looking at the tablecloth, placemats and dishes, the whole look is all wrong.  I originally used a mossy green tablecloth and natural bamboo placemats.  This is the part we as blogging tablescapers don’t usually show but, I need to find different linens because this is so not working for me.  Tell me this has never happened to you? You have the look in your head and then when things start to be put together, it is totally not what you thought it would be!

Okay, I will be right back…….lalala…….

I decided to go with using plain chocolate brown napkins for placemats. I couldn’t pass up the price of .25 cents each. I got these at the grocery store.

I love the rich colors and the wonderful design on this fabric and used it as a small table runner.

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty GrooveIsn’t it gorgeous! It is actually a thrifted pillowcase I found at a yard sale for .25 cents a couple of years ago.

Okay, let me put the dishes back on the table and add all the other things.

I added the gold raise leaf/grape charger. I paid full price for these at The Christmas Tree Shops!  $1.69 each. I know! Can you believe that I paid full retail for something?! I must have had a mental breakdown for a moment!

Here is the table setting.

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty Groove

Did anyone else buy these leaf napkin rings at the dollar store? I thought they were fun and you can’t beat 4 napkin rings for $1.00!Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty Groove

I bought these two different sets of glasses at an estate sale. Each glass was .10 cent.

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty GrooveAdd a few dollar store leaves and acorns.

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty Groove I have slowly been accumulating some fun copper pieces while thrifting. I found this set at SA. It is made by Coppercraft Guild which was a "pre-Tupperware" home party company that sold decorative copper home decor items. It has 9 pieces in the set (I didn’t use the gravy boat). It was marked $6.99 and then it was 50% off that price. I really like this set a lot!

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty GrooveAs you can see, I am using the round copper cups to hold tealights.The details aren’t really showing up very well. But, they are so pretty!

I just added a few pumpkins that I swiped from around the house.

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty GrooveHere are just random pictures of my thrifty November tablescape!

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty Groove

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty Groove

I love all the warm tones and various metals and then to add white just makes it all pop. 

Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty Groove


Autumn Copper Tablescape @ The Thrifty Groove

Do you use copper in your Autumn décor? If not, you should! LOL This year start looking for inexpensive pieces at thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales to use next year in the Fall.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Purex Crystals Aromatherapy & Giveaway

Hi everyone!

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that last month Troy and I participated in the “Phantom Forest” over at the farm that we have been farming at for almost a year now. This is a big end of the year event. Every weekend we were in charge of the apple cider/donut tent and the huge bonfire. When everyone is done with their hayride, they walk over to get a snack and enjoy sitting around the fire to warm up.


One of my favorite things about cool crisp autumn evenings is sitting around a big bonfire. It’s mesmerizing and so calming.

We had some very cold evening over there so, we  wore warm coats even with the blazing fire. And guess what I discovered when I opened our coat closet? Yup, everything in there smells like a campfire! Which isn’t an entirely unpleasant smell to me but, I don’t want it to become my signature scent! LOL


Fortunately and perfectly timed, the good folks at Purex contacted me and asked if I would like to try out a new product, Purex Aromatherapy Crystals Laundry Enhancer.

As I was gathering up the campfire wardrobe, I was thinking to myself, “Poor Purex people! They are being put to the ultimate test here!” We are talking Carhart coats! Not the easiest fabric to freshen up!


Purex Crystals Aromatherapy

This is a wash-in scent booster for your laundry. It will  help eliminate laundry odors.

Okay, let’s see about that! LOL

I have to say right here that I was kind of nervous about using it with Troy’s Carhart coat simply because I know he doesn’t want it to smell all girly. The scent I received was “Well Being”.


Oh, I probably didn’t mention that Troy’s overall’s were getting a good wash too. As you can see above, it doesn’t call for a lot of the Purex Aromatherapy Crystals!

Okay, Into the wash they go!

As the clothes were washing I noticed a very nice scent throughout the house. Okay, that was a plus! Once they went into the dryer, the light scent continued.

The Purex Crystals Aromatherapy comes in 3 scents:

Well Being
brightens any mood with the happy fragrance of fresh blossoms


helps you tackle any day with the stimulating power of citrus


keeps you calm all day long with the gentle scent of water-lillies


Well, it has been 2 weeks since I washed these items. I kept waiting for Troy to say something about the scent. Finally I asked him and he said, “Oh yeah, it smells nice. Not too girly like some of the things you use.” Wow! Big compliment to Purex Crystals Aromatherapy! LOL

And the scent is still there. Not too strong.

Now YOU can try this new Purex Crystals Aromatherapy! As a matter of fact, you will receive TWO coupons to try two different scents if you choose! That’s right, one winner will win 2 coupons for a free bottle (each coupon) for Purex Crystals Aromatherapy!

Enter here:

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Disclaimer: I received a product from the Purex company to review. All opinions are my own!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to Make a Fall Cloche Ring

Hi everyone!

This is an easy to do Fall décor project.  Most of my supplies were from leftovers from last Fall. All came from the dollar store.

make a Fall Cloche Ring

This is what I started with. I didn't use everything. A nice variety of Autumn oranges, golds and reds.

fall cloche ring 022

Just cut off the heads of the flowers (leaving a little stem) and start pushing into the foam. I like to leave the plastic on the foam ring. It cuts down on green foam crumbles everywhere. You may need a little pair of scissors to punch a hole through the plastic.

fall cloche ring 023ringfall cloche ring 001-tilePlace a plate on top, add some leaves and doodads and a small pumpkin.

fall cloche ring 018Then just add a few Fall looking items.

fall cloche ring 009

Place your cloche on top.

fall cloche ring 008

Very simple and easy!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!