The Candy Factory

Hi everyone!

I shared my birthday dinner that we had when we were on the road on my last post. After we had dinner and headed back on the road, a few hours passed and we saw signs for The Candy Factory and The Worlds Largest Gift Store. Since we had plenty of time, we weren't going to pass that up! LOL

I'm Home! Birthday Dinner on the Road

Hi everyone!

We just got back home after being out on the road for 3 weeks. We had a fun time and got to go to different places we hadn't been to.

This may be some repeat pictures for those of you that follow me on facebook. Sorry about that!

This post is sharing the fun place we found on my birthday to stop and have dinner. I had been craving Missouri BBQ. But, every place we would see signs for, we couldn't get to in a semi truck. Troy got online in a couple of his trucker groups and asked for any ideas regarding us going to a bbq restaurant. 

Several drivers recommended Missouri Hicks Bar-B-Q restaurant . they told us that a few semi's can park there. So, that is where we went.

Lots of pictures......

Doesn't that just look like a good BBQ place?!

Sauerkraut, Sausage and Potatoes Recipe Cooked in a Semi Truck

Hi everyone!

I am back the road with Troy so, I thought a trucking recipe and story was perfect to share today.

The last time I went out of the road with Troy I remembered to actually take pictures of the meal I was cooking knowing I wanted to share with you guys. Fortunately we were stopped at a shipper so I could take my time doing both preparing the food and taking pictures. LOL

This particular day was a cold rainy day so, this is one of my go to meals on days like that.

Sauerkraut, Sausage and Potatoes

a recipe for sauerkraut and sausage cooked while on the road in a semi truck and a store behind the recipe.

Last Year's September Wreath

Hi everyone!

I am revisiting this post of last September. Last year I decided to incorporate "Back to school" in my wreath. 

Happy September 1st! And Happy Birthday to me!
I know all the blogs out there are showing lovely Fall wreaths for the door. Not me. I like to take each month and try to create a wreath that reflects that month. Besides my birthday, when I think of September I think of Apple Season, Back to School and Sunflowers. Life is too short to wish away time. Each day and month is a precious gift, so don’t hurry it past!  So, anyway, those are things I want to create a wreath with. So, I did!

How to make a Thrifty, fun and easy September wreath

Let Go of Toxic Reminders and Find Peace

Hi everyone!

Okay, this is not  a pretty picture filled, DIY or sharing something pretty with you post. This is a "talkie" post. LOL

Before I start blabbering on I want to say a big Thank You to those of you that have been right there along with me and being so supportive while I get my home life together! 

I never thought I could get strength and motivation from people I haven't met in real life. But, so many of you feel like real friends that I have known for years! And your encouragement has really helped keep me positive! It means so much to me. There are days that I go back and reread your comments and it gives me that little extra push. So Thank you so much!!

As you know, I have been delving into our bedroom clutter and mess. I have been trying to declutter and make it a more inviting place that I want to spend time in. And it has been going great! I am enjoying the changes and how lightened up it has become with just a few new touches here and there and reclaiming areas that were just lost in clutter.

One area I was REALLY dreading was an area filled with paperwork. Boxes of paperwork! Not only was this going to be physically painful because boxes filled with paperwork are very heavy and I needed to carry them downstairs but,  they were also painful mentally and emotionally.

remove things that bring up bad memories. If you must keep them, box them up and store them in a remote bplace in your home so you dont have to  be reminded of them al the time!

First of all I need to tell you upfront that I really did not want to write this post. It was so difficult for me. Just like clearing out this toxic area. This clutter of paperwork represents the most painful times of my life. And unfortunately those times were filled with a lot of paperwork (legal stuff). And I did not want to touch this area with a 10 foot pole  because I would end up reliving all of it. And that is why it has sat here and accumulated for about 3 years!

Who wants to deal with things that just breaks their heart and takes them back to such ugly memories? No one. 

Toxic paperwork. Sort it. Box it up. And get it far away!

Yup, another REAL LIFE picture. I think I might be the worst example of a blogger in the world! LOL I promise you I will share more pretty pictures in the future!

I was finally ready emotionally to deal with this toxic paperwork once and for all. It took me several days of working at it. I admit, I could only deal with it for short periods of time but, I didn't give up. It just took a little bit longer than it should.

The pure emotional weight of these constant toxic reminders of pain was finally leaving my home. There were definitely moments during this clean up that I just sat down and cried. And oddly enough that was okay. I think I needed to weep for these memories one last time. 

let it go

I knew I had to plow through this. I had to find the strength to let all of what this paperwork represented to us go. It was not easy. 

Getting rid of all the physical representation of these events was hard enough but, I knew I had to also release the emotionally feelings attached to all of it.

And that truly was the hardest part. I had been hanging onto all this negative energy and feelings for such a long time. And that kind of burden gets too overwhelming to continue to carry.

With physical struggle, I managed to go through all this paperwork, eliminate everything that I could and box up the remainder and haul it out of my home and into storage. But, the emotional and mental part still remained and left me with one option. Prayer.

And that's what I did. I needed to let go of these horrible and painful feelings. I needed to open my heart and give it all over to God. They were just toxic weight and I needed to lighten my heart and move on.

God gave me guidance and inspiration through Matthew.

Matthew 6:14 - For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you

Matthew 11:28-30 - Come unto me, all [ye] that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 

It's not easy to give up something that has been a part of you for so long. Even if it dark and painful. I am ready to give it up. As you will notice I did not say "I was ready". It is still an ongoing thing I am working on. But, each day I feel my heart become lighter. And the pain lessening. 

So, why on earth am I sharing this toxic part of my life with you here for the whole world to read?

Because I hope it helps someone else to know you are not alone. We all carry painful memories and burdens. Sometimes you just need that little inspiration to head in the right direction. 

Like I said at the beginning of this post, so many of you have helped me with some simple words of encouragement. And it really helped me to keep a positive outlook.

One of the best things to come from the internet is meeting people you would never have the opportunity in every day life to meet. Being able to connect to others that are going through something similar in their lives as I am or feeling the same emotions It gives us a commonality.  And I want to help lift up peoples lives. And give back the encouragement I have received. 

helping each other with support, encouragement, understanding and kindness.

I hope in some small way this has helped you or inspired you to let go of something that may be toxic in your life. Know you are not alone. 

Thank you so much for visiting even when there is nothing pretty to  show or talk about. LOL

Have a wonderful day!

My Favorite Easy Dump Cake Recipe

Hi everyone!

I have to admit, I really avoid baking these days. Why? Because it's just me here most of the time and the Good Lord knows,  I DONT need to be eating baked treats all by myself! And that is what would happen! Yes, I have a mighty powerful sweet tooth! And most of my friends and family are trying to lose weight or at least cut back of calories so, I can't bake yummy desserts and then just surprise folks with them. Which is what I used to do. I would get hit with the baking bug around 10:00 at night and bake up a huge batch of muffins and then head out and deliver them to people while they were still warm.

But, sometimes when Troy is home I will bake something kind of sweet treat. When he was home recently, I baked a dump cake. It is such a simple and easy treat to make. And so yummy and rich. Dump cakes are kinda like a fruit crumble. Which I love!

My Favorite Easy Dump Cake Recipe

This is an easy and oh so yummy dump cake recipe with a couple of added  goodies for a little different taste.

Keep Jewelry Organization Simple and Thrifty

Hi everyone!

This is not an exciting post. I just thought I would say that upfront! LOL

Sometimes just quick, simple and thrifty is all you really need.  Yes, there are fun DIY tutorials for different kind of organizers for jewelry out there. I have made several myself and blogged about it. 

But, while cleaning out and decluttering and organizing my bedroom, I just want a right now solution for storage/organization. I don't want to paint anything. I don't want to go to a craft store or hardware store to buy things in order to make something to organize something.

I want something NOW that will do the job and I can just move on to dealing with something else.

So, that's what I did.

The perfect necklace organizer is a simple thrifted tie rack. No painting or buying extra items to create a necklace holder.

The Good the Bad the Ugly ~ Tackling My Bedroom Dresser!

Hi everyone!

Back to the bedroom we go! LOL 

One of the worst homekeeping habits is just stacking stuff somewhere it  doesn't belong and telling yourself you will get to it later. 

Yeah, right! What happens is you end up stacking a little more and then a little more and then suddenly the entire service is stacked high!

That became an issue for me. When you are mentally and emotionally in a dark place, it actually is physically exhausting. I have no idea how that occurs but, it true. 

When just getting out of bed and gathering dirty laundry up and washing them is a major feat for the day, putting them away was more than I could deal with sometimes. So, I managed to haul them upstairs and they got stacked wherever I found a spot. 

And here comes that word again....overwhelming! What a destructive word that is!

Once I lightened up our bedroom with new curtains and bedspread I decided that baby steps were going to be the way to tackle the rest of the room. Just lightening it up gave me the extra whuph I needed!

Taking it one step at a time to let go of being in a dark metal and emotional place and slowly gaining my joy back.  Declutter, clean and organize your bedroom dresser and make it pretty to help keep it that way!

A Simple Yummy Baked Potato Salad Recipe

Hi everyone!

I thought I would take a break from the bedroom redo and give you a favorite recipe of mine. It's super easy and very thrifty. Two of our favorite things!

A very easy and thrifty baked potato salad. at

A 39 Cent Purchase and a little DIY for a Pretty Touch

Happy Wednesday everyone!

After Sunday's post about slowly reclaiming our bedroom and turning it into a place of comfortable  calm, I have repurposed and recreated a few things to either add function in a pretty and clean way or just added pretty touches. 

And everything I am doing is of course thrifty!

A few days after taking down the dark curtains and replacing them with pretty fresh white ones and adding the new quilt set my mom and I went thrift shopping. We both received our 50% off total purchase coupons in the mail and couldn't wait to see what wonderful bargains we would find! And we also stopped at a Salvation Army store to see if there might be other fun thrift finds.

For me, this was a mission I was excited about doing! I was looking for items I could use in our bedroom. Like I said earlier, I wanted items I could make pretty and functional and just a pretty accent here and there.

Adding simple, easy and thrifty pretty touches to our bedroom. Easy DIY wicker vase