It's August

Hi everyone!

It's August already! How can that possibly be?! Once my birthday hits (September 1st) it seems like, in a blink of an eye, we are ringing in a new year! 

We have been blessed with a bit of cooler weather the last couple of days so, that has me thinking Fall. I have been gathering up different Autumn craft things and starting to make some Fall projects. And to be honest, Fall is my happy season. It's my favorite time of the year and I'm ready to enjoy all Autumn things. I love the cooler weather, the changing of the leaves, the rainy days, the apple orchards, roadside stand selling pumpkins and corn stalks and just the whole mental need to start nesting.

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It was a tough Spring and Summer has been more about adjusting than anything else. So, for me Fall is a welcome seasonal change. It's a new marking of time. I think one of the reasons I love living in a state that reflects the four seasons is I mark time by those seasons. And I'm ready to move on to the next season.

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I usually think of September as the transitional month from Summer to Fall. Not this year. I'm going to leap into Fall. LOL 

I'm ready to start putting the year 2017 to rest. I think this is not an abnormal thing for anyone that has experienced a death of a loved one. However, Troy and I are also hoping to end the year on a positive note. We are officially looking for a house! We have all our financial ducks in a row and are actively looking for our new home.

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There is a good chance that we may not get into a house before the new year. The main reason for that is I want to go back out on the road with Troy for about a month before the end of the year. The last time I went out with him, we ended up coming home after only a week out because of my mom's death. And I really don't want that to be the last memory I have of going out on the road with Troy.

And that is fine with us. We plan to take our time and find the right choice for our new home. We have no desire to get in major debt so, we will go smaller than a lot of folks. We also don't want a new build. But, unfortunately we are no longer at that DIY stage for a major fixer upper. We don't mind something in between. We also know that to stay in budget and get a little bit of land with our home, we will have to go with a house that is older and will have some things that new re-doing. 

So, we take our time!

I do feel bad for you guys though! Because you know I will take you long with me for this ride! LOL And unlike most bloggers that share the beautiful new home with just some boxes piled up, you guys will have to deal with and endure the good, the bad and probably the real ugly! Because just at looking for a new house the last few days, I can see the realistic homes I will be choosing from. "Hello 1974" seems to be the theme! Yikes! Yup, I'm talking real reality older homes. Not the ones in new subdivisions. Think old shag carpet, old dark paneling and pink and blue duck wallpaper. Oh my!

Enjoy the last days of summer. There is still lots to do. Taking advantage of all the fresh produce is what I will be doing the next couple of weeks. Are you doing any canning or freezing fresh produce this year?

Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by for a visit!


  1. That is so exciting Diann! I know you and Troy have talked about buying a home for a long time. I know the 70's looking homes also. You will find just the right one for you. Enjoy another road trip with Troy. I look forward to the road trip and the house buying and fixing up! I do understand that you are ready to put 2017 behind you! Hugs!

    1. Linda, Troy and I have already adopted you as family. So, we wouldn't dream of leaving you out of all the fun of having to move into a ugly house and work our way through it the best we can. LOL When we finally pick our house, this b
      log is not going to be a very pretty blog. There is gonna be a lot of ugly going on here! LOL And I agree, I really need to take a trip out on the road with Troy sometime soon. As soon as he doesn't have a student.And I love sharing my trip with everyone!

  2. Hi Diann
    It was wonderful seeing you post. Excited for you in finding your new home. I'm sure it will end nice! I know this has been a rough season. I feel the same way. Praying you and Troy have better days ahead. Happy Fall!🍁

    1. Thank you LaDonna! Troy and I tackle things together as a team so, we can deal with quite a bit of frustration as long as we are together.I'm praying for you as well my friend!

  3. Hi Diann! I hope you always blog. It is good to catch up and see dear hearts are still here. I was updating buttons and gadgets at my blog, so many have left for social media accounts. SO sad. ;=( Enjoy your week as they go by so quickly. I like blogging, it is like a journal only without my messing handwriting, plus it makes me happy and life can be sad . LOve seeing you where I can and behave at those thrift stores, lol lol lol HUGS


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