Why The Thrifty Groove has been MIA

Hi everyone!

You might have noticed that I haven’t posted for a very long time.  The past few months have been tough for me. If you follow me on Facebook, you already know what’s been happening. A couple of months ago my mom died. She and my dad were on vacation in Florida and one day she woke up and didn’t feel good. My dad took her to the hospital. They didn’t find exactly what was wrong and wanted to keep her overnight for observation. She said that she was just tired and wanted to go back to their trailer and take a nap. My dad helped her get comfortable on the couch while he ran out to get her prescriptions. When he got back she had passed away.

picture of mom

Wow, that was harder to write than I thought it would have been. I have been putting off writing this because I knew  it would drudge up pain but, I needed to do it for myself and for my mom.

When it happened, Troy and I were in Oklahoma. I had went out on the road with Troy so we could be together for our anniversary. We hadn’t quite been out for a week when I got the call from my dad. So, we notified Troy’s employer and they worked as hard as they could to get us back home quickly.

It was such a horrific thing to happen especially since we were all separated at the time of her death.

I had just talked to her late the previous night. We were joking around and I made a video on my phone to show her where we were at the time. She was always excited to hear where Troy and I were heading next.

A week after the funereal I had to start dealing with her things. I am the oldest child and the only girl. My dad was just lost and hurt without his best friend. A lot of pain and sadness was filling our lives.

I stopped by my dads house everyday for about a month. A lot of those days I worked on going through my mom’s belongings. Wow! I had no idea how hard and that was going to be. I tried to keep a positive attitude and talked to her the entire time I went through her things. She was there with me smiling, laughing and giving me strength.

She and I took the same size in clothes and shoes so, I kept many of her things. And that just turned into a lot more work. Which I think she found pretty funny! I have been slowly purging my own things to make room for some of her things.

There are still things that I need to deal with at my parents house but, the more personal things of my moms are taken care of.

This whole ordeal has really opened my eyes to a lot of things and I have felt some things inside of me change because of it. And I will delve into those things at a later time.

I’m still going to be a little MIA here. I have things that I need to sort out both physical and mentally. So The Thrifty Groove is still on a hiatus. I just wanted you to know what was going on in case you didn’t know.

Okay, I want to share a little bit about my mom on the rest of this post.

moms grade school notebook

A fun thing I found when I was clearing out her nightstand was this class notebook. It was a school journal from 3rd grade of my moms. She was 8 years old and a budding artist then.

Bear painting

My mom was a wildlife artist all her life. She was in a couple of art galleries and sold many paintings.

moms linen cabinet

She also would paint pretty much anything. It was a running joke with us that if mom could catch it and hold it still enough, she would paint it!


She bought this cabinet and swore she was not going to paint on it. We all knew better!

cabin 005_thumb[2]

On the front porch of our cabin she painted all kinds of little things here and there. You can see some of the other things she painted around the porch HERE.

painted patio pavers[6]

unnamed (1)

One day she was bored and painted a paver stone. Troy and I both took one look at it and knew we could sell them at the Farmers Markets. She didn’t believe us. We told her to make a couple more and we would try it out at the market. Sure enough, they sold like hotcakes! We had people requesting them and paying in advance for them. She was just shocked by this. She really didn’t understand how talented she was!

unnamed (3)

Another talent was how creatively she wrapped gifts. Everyone always looked forward to receiving a gift from her and could spot her gift on a table of gifts easily. She just couldn’t wrap a box and put a ribbon and bow on it.

unnamed (4)

She was a good cook!

unnamed (6)

She loved to cook for people.

unnamed (7)

She especially liked to cook family dinners.


She was silly and we had lots of goofy times together. The above is the sign she made up quickly for our “re-do” of the deer stand my brothers and nephews worked so hard on. They did not find it amusing at all. You can see all we did to it HERE.

unnamed (2)

My mom was smart and beautiful. She truly enjoyed life to the fullest. Everyday she saw as a new adventure. She always found joy from the smallest things. She was a great mom and a great friend.

I miss you so much mom! You are in my thoughts everyday!


  1. Oh Diann, I know this was so hard to write. I have tears in my eyes just reading it and I can only imagine the tears you shed writing it. Your Mom was beautiful inside and out. She was your best friend and I always enjoyed hearing about your adventures. I know your whole family is lost without her. I am so sorry for your loss and have kept you and your family in my prayers. Much love my friend.

  2. So sorry for your loss. We had to clean out my in laws house a couple of years ago. It made me realize that I needed to do some major de-cluttering. Praying the Lord will comfort you during this time.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss, Diann. Your post is a lovely tribute to your mom. She sounds like a very special, talented, and warm person. Take care.

    1. Thank you. She was a wonderful person. I was blessed to be her daughter.

  4. Hi Diane,
    I am so sorry for your loss. I can relate to what you're going through. I lost my parents last year. It has been rough I know what you mean as being the oldest and daughter. I had no idea just noticed you weren't blogging. Time does help but still difficult. Love you and praying for you.

  5. You have wonderful memories and such a legacy.

    1. Jeannie, I have tons of the best memories to hold on to and to share.

  6. What a beautiful post for your Mom. I know you miss her. I lost my Dad two years ago on 6/6 and I miss him everyday. Now we are taking care of my Mom with some of the same medical issues and she misses him so much. Your Mother was a very talented artist!

  7. You are strong and with the spirit of your Mum you will get through this time. Keep smiling and I admit that your posting was very touching and I think we could all feel your pain.

  8. {{hugs}} such a beautiful post!

  9. Oh Diann; I am so very sorry for the los of your Beautiful Mother. I wish that I could do more for you and your Family at this time, than only Pray.
    Please tell your Father that your Mom is with him, and is watching over him. I am crying as I write this. I am so sorry for your loss.
    I will have the Church Ladies Pray for Healing for you and all of your Family. Take Care.

  10. Beautiful post in memory of your mom. I am so sorry for your loss =( What a talented lady she was =)

  11. Yes, I agree, a beautiful eulogy for your dearest mother, an artist in every sense, indeed.
    Her artwork is beautiful and you have so much wonderful personal memories with her that you will treasure for ever.
    I will pray for you and your dad, as well as for the soul of your lovely mother. I am very sorry, as I know you will miss her so much.
    My condolences to you all and may God bless you.

  12. Hi Diann, what a sweet and wonderful post about your mom. I am so sorry she has passed. When my dad passed 2 years ago, I was not prepared and went around in a fog for months. I too am the oldest. How wonderful that you have great memories of her. Keep those close and they will help. May God bless you and your loved ones.


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