How to Make a Thrifty and Easy St. Patrick's Day Wreath

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Doesn't it feel like February gets shorter and shorter every year? And the older we get the faster time flies by! Not too mention I got a text from my dad (he sent it out to my brothers and Troy also) saying " You know you are old when all your kids quality for AARP". Oh thanks for the reminder Dad! Geez! 


I went thrift shopping with my mom earlier this week and I was looking for a wreath to use to make a St. Patrick's day wreath for our door. It's always nice when you head out shopping looking for a specific thing and actually find it! And that it was the right color sticker. When I shop at Salvation Army, I only buy items that have that weeks 50% off color sticker. Their everyday prices are just too high!

How to make a simple and thrifty St. Patrick's Day Wreath
I rarely buy a wreath at a thrift store because I like the wreath. I generally buy it just for the wreath base. Good size grapevine wreaths are expensive at craft stores! So, I just look for whatever type of wreath I want to use.

Don't pay attention to how the thrift store wreath looks like. Pay attention to  the main grapevine wreath. thats what you are after. The rest will  go away.

When I saw this very sad looking Christmas wreath, I snatched it up. It was the perfect size grapevine wreath and was in really good shape. Well, minus the stuff on it. Plus it was a blue tag. It was marked $4.99 (like I would pay that! LOL). But, half off at $2.49 is a good price.

Now you have a clean slate to work with

First things first, remove all the stuff from it. Looks better already!

I picked up 4 St. Patrick's day floral bushes from the dollar store

I picked up 4 St. Patrick's Day floral bunches from the dollar store. I snipped all the stems apart.

Once all your floral stems are cut, just start poking hem into the wreath where ever you want.

And then you just poke the flower stems in anywhere you like. Since I only bought 4 bushes I decided to fill the bottom half in. I really wanted to make this wreath without spending a lot of money. And I think that it always looks better if the area you are adding flowers is full. Also, since my front door is green, I wanted a lot of the grapevine wreath bare so it would show up better. 

I used soe white deco mesh that came from the dollar store for the bow

I picked up some white deco mesh from the dollar store. I must admit, this is the first time I have made a bow using this stuff. I have used it in other ways, but never as a bow. And after I took these pictures, I realized the bow came out way too big and floofy. So, I am going to try to take that bow down a notch or two.

Very simple and thrifty St.Patricks day wreath

So, that's it. Very easy, quick and relatively thrifty. Total cost was $7.49. 

Here is another St. Patrick's Day wreath I made from thrift finds. 

Will you be adding any St. Patrick's Day decor to your home?

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  1. The wreath turned out great! I've got some plates and some green things out for St Paddy's Day!!


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