How to Save Money and Eat Healthy

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One of the few areas we have a little bit of wiggle room when it comes to our household budget is food. Grocery shopping is probably one of my least favorite things to do. I feel like Mary Tyler Moore when she is grocery shopping and looks at the price of a package of meat and just shakes her head and tosses it into the shopping cart. The high prices just don't make sense to me. Remember watching for sales on hamburger for .99 cents a pound? Now you are lucky if you can find hamburger cheaper than steak!

I have always had to watch our budget and groceries was one of the areas I could make stretch for less. I learned a lot from my mom when we were growing up. Thank goodness! That gave me a foundation to work with!

Save money and still eat healthy

If you are trying to cut costs in your grocery budget you need to make up your weekly menu based on what you already have on hand, store ads, coupons and what is marked down at the grocery store.

That last one is what I am talking about today.

I shop at our local produce market once a week. The first place I go to is the reduced produce rack. And that is where I get my fruit and veggies for the week. Quite often I don't even buy any other produce. Our market has a good selection on the reduced rack.

Check out the reduced produce section and come up with a menu from what you find there.

I also like to take advantage of this area and make meals to freeze for future dinners. And the best thing to do with all that produce? Make large pots of soup!

Fortunately at this time of the year, I think I could eat soup everyday. Sometimes I may have a sandwich or some other side with it but, I love homemade soup!

A large pot of veggie soup can make several healthy dinners for you and your family!

This past week I have taken advantage of these reduced packages of produce and made several large stockpots of soup! I ate my fill and then froze a lot of meals for upcoming dinners.

The first pot is a veggie/cabbage soup. Oh this creates the very best broth!! Even if you just make this soup for the base for other soups, it's worth it! Lots of nutrients and very little calories or fat! Honestly I can just sit and drink this warm broth and have a sandwich and be completely satisfied.

All the produce packages I bought were all marked at .59 cents a package. You can beat that! I also got fruit but, that is another post! LOL

reduced veggies and a few items I already had at home made a very yummy thrifty meal.

Another soup I made was a creamy potato and leek soup. I have wanted to try this recipe for awhile and so when I saw the reduced leeks, knowing I had potatoes at home, I made it. So good! I had to substitute heavy cream because I didn't have that. But, it still tasted delicious!

When I was standing at the reduced produce and just looking it all over, I was mentally coming up with a plan of action. I knew what I had at home and I worked with that. I didn't buy any extra things to make these soups. If I didn't have an ingredient I came up with a suitable substitute.

pick up reduced produce and keep in mind what yuou already have at home to make super thrifty and healthy meals.

I also made a large pot of mushroom soup. I bought two packages of .59 cent mushrooms and that was all that was needed from the store to cook a large pot of mushroom soup.

A super simple, easy, thrifty healthy soup is mushroom coup.

The 4th large pot of soup I made was the only one I used meat in. It was a stuffed pepper soup. I ended up using a couple of cups of the broth from the veggie/cabbage soup and I used ground pork instead of hamburger since we have a whole freezer filled with pork.

So, now I have lots of homemade soups just waiting for dinner sometime in the future. I love having soups all ready for those busy days. I spent less than $15.00 total on fresh produce and that included a good amount of fruit and stuff for salads. I didn't buy anything extra. I worked from my pantry and made substitutes when necessary.

How about you? Do you shop your marked down produce section and come up with a meal plan from it? How about shopping good priced items and making meals to be frozen?

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  1. I wish I was near by and you could bring me some bowls of all these soups. They look delish and so healing! I love a cabbage and veggie soup and make that on occasion. I do look at markdown veggies and often pick up things for Sara. I'm not a big cook but enjoy the eating! Hugs!

    1. Linda, if you were close by I definitely would be bringing homemade soup to you regularly! Especially this winter with this stupid bug going around!

  2. I don't know what the grocers do in my town with less than lovely and overripe fruits and vegetables but I've never found marked down packages of vegetables like that....Meat, baked goods, yes. Fruit and vegetables, no. I'm jealous!

    1. Kim, Do you have a produce market anywhere near? I do watch for marked down meats and bakery items as well. Walmart does has bakery products marked down at a pretty good price. And I have found some of their premade food (roasted chicken, subs, pizza, hot wings) marked down fairly regularly. If they are marked down at a decent enough price I will buy them.

  3. you know.... I have never seen a clearance area in the produce department in our stores. I'm gonna start looking !!


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