Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi everyone!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Originally Troy was going to be home today and I had planned on making a nice meal for the two of us. I don't get to cook very much for my husband these days and I occasionally miss it. Yes, just occasionally. LOL But, in our world, the whole phrase "Best laid plans..."  is a normal case scenario for us. It's one of the many joys of being an OTR driver's wife. 

Fortunately for me (and hubby) I have never really placed a lot of weigh behind Valentine's Day. It's nice but, not real significant in my life. 

But, it does give me an excuse to decorate in shades of pink and play with pretty dishes. I so have my priorities straight! 

Hey, I like pink and I don't have any in my house!


However, I am thinking of adding touches of pink to our bedroom. 

Not full blown pink because I think that would drive me crazy. but a little here and there would be a pretty way to welcome in Spring and Summer.

I never realized what a great neutral color pale yellow was until we painted our bedroom that color. I have accented our bedroom over the years in green, browns, rust and blues. And this year I have decided on pinks.


I don't have any major expense in decor in our bedroom. Just little touches. And I certainly don't plan to spend a lot of money now!

That is one of the best parts of thrifting. You can change up things easily with very little money. I will shop my home first.

I have several things to pull out and use already. So, it will just involve a little fluffing up.


I think pink will be a really lovely way to start thinking Spring. This can be a very gloomy time of year and adding a color like soft pink will help create that mental boost. 


And another benefit is it will be a fun thing to do and very little time or effort goes into making a change like this.

Raiding my own things here and spending a day thrift shopping with my mom (and my 50% off total purchase coupon!) sounds like a good time to me!


Fortunately for me I like just changing up things around the house but not in a big Redo kind of way. I want just touches and I enjoy the fact that I can thrift for those changes and spend so little. 

When you are trying to save money for a big ticket item (aka a new house down payment) or you are just on a tight budget, being able to spend even $5.00 to make changes that will bring a smile to your face is a gift. 

Everybody's idea of being thrifty is different. Everyone has different amounts of disposable income. I just happen to be on the really low end of disposable income for such things as redoing a room. At least for the time being. When I see articles that say, "Room makeover for under $500.00" or " Budget decorating for just $50.00 - $100.00" and then read that is per decorative item, my brain just shuts down! I'm not in a position or desire to spend that kind of money on decorating right now.

And that is not to say that those prices are out of line. Because they aren't. But, they are for me at this time. 

So, I just need to invent my own new room look a bit more creatively than some. For the most part, I am and have been totally okay with that. Once again, I LOVE to thrift. It's a game to me. I had to turn it into a game a long time ago or I would get very sad or down about things very quickly.

Would you like to make some small changes in your home decor to give it a bit of a refresh for Spring? Have you thought of inexpensive ways to do that? It could be a simple as adding new placemats or tablecloth to your dining room table. Just something that is new to you and makes you smile!


Thank you for stopping in for a visit! I hope you have a wonderful day!

I plan to show little sneak peek pictures of things I pick up to change up our bedroom on my Facebook page. If you haven't already, I would love for you to follow/like my page!


  1. Well you know I love Pink! My bedroom is all girly and pink and white. Living alone I can do that! I have shopped the thrifts for the majority of my home decor. My living room is mostly in neutrals and a good backdrop for my collections of pottery. One of these days we will go thrift shopping together!! Hugs!

    1. Linda, I think of you whenever I buy something for the house that is pink. Well you and Lisa Vanderpump! LOL I love pink too. And fortunately so does Troy. At least he likes it when I wear pink. And I wear a lot of pink . LOL It's definitely on my bucket list to go thrifting with you. We have always said we would have a blast!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! I grew up in a family of truckers so I know what you mean about changing schedules. I love your pink style! Our bedroom must be dark as thehubs is a late sleeper. I also love our local thrift shops, rarely do I purchase something brand new and I never pay full price! Your pinks are so pretty and you are funny when you mention Lisa Vanderpump, talk about extravagant! How do those ladies do it! RHOBH is still oneof my favorite shows though! Have a great day everyday!

    1. I admit that I am a secret "Real Housewives...."fan! LOL But most of the time I watch and wonder who has lives like these women and act the way they do? Nobody I know!

  3. I love doing thrifty re-do's in just a small little area here and there. It truly does make a big difference and perk up my mood. I'm not big on pink but I do like the idea of accents of pink. I've only seen parts of Real Housewives but I'm 100% certain I don't know anyone who lives like them!


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