One Habit to Start to Become Clutter Free!

Hi everyone!

 I chose the title of this post very carefully! I stated, "Start with 1 habit to become clutter free".  The keyword there is Start

You are going to see a ton of posts on blogs and websites that will have miraculous titles that claim things like "5 secret steps to a clutter free life". Wow! Sign me up!! January is the big "Let's get organized" month so your social media feed, store ads and email subscription are going to be flooded with organizational "helpful tips". 

And that is what they are, TIPS not miracles. Don't think there is a cure all for becoming clutter free. If anyone tells you that, they are lying. Pure and simple!

This is the first step to take on your journey to a clutter free home!

And claims like that really tick me off! Because they set you up to fail! Clutter isn't just a physical burden around us. It is an emotional one as well. I'm in no way any kind of medical professional but, I think you and I both know this to be true without a medical degree. On that same note, please seek out help from a trained medical professional if you feel yourself slipping down into a dark mental hole. The clutter around you at that point is not the problem, it's the symptom. And you DESERVE better than that!

You guys know my struggles with so many things. So, you also know I am far from an expert in the whole domestic Goddess territory! I have pretty much been almost too transparent when it comes to these things. But, when I actually do something right, I want to share it with you. LOL And this is actually something I have been doing for awhile.

Okay, moving on!

 I have actually developed one habit that helps me in decluttering. And it's a simple one! 

I keep a box somewhere very visual that is for donated items. This box is not tucked away hidden somewhere. It is front and center. I pass this box all day long. I drop things I no longer want or need into throughout the day.

In order to be successful in decluttering your home, keep it simple. If it is simple you will do it.

DO NOT place this box in a closet or an area that is out of the way! People will tell you to do this all the time. "Just place a box or bag discreetly somewhere for donations.".  NO NO NO!! Discreet is not your problem. Is your clutter discreet? Of course not. You don't see it, you don't use it. Plain and simple! You will start out using it and then it becomes forgotten. And guess what that means? The donation box becomes ...CLUTTER! 

Put that box front and center. Right next to your door if need be. Be proud of this box! Write on the box "DONATION". Big bold letters! Let other people see that you believe in blessing other people with items they may want or need that you do not.

DO NOT use a bag. Bags tear, fall over and are not strong enough to hold different items. When your box is full and it is time to take these items to be donated, feel free to empty your donation box into bags to carry them out of your home. But, don't use them to collect your donation items in.

DO NOT go out and buy a special box for your donations! Don't try to create the perfect cute little chalkboard sign/label for your box. Don't get creative and cover your box in some kind of wrapping. Don't chalk paint your box. Don't try to build a donation box from old pallets. Don't use Mason jars and decorative tapes to create the worlds next un-needed Pinterest sensation. 

Just don't do it!

A plain donation box is all you need to start to get rid of your clutter!

Just get a cardboard box. I don't care if it is a liquor box, a diaper box, an egg box. It doesn't matter! If you don't have a decent size cardboard box, go to a store and ask for a free cardboard box. Generally you can find a box by finding a store employee stocking shelves. 

When you read an article  about decluttering and someone tells your to go buy a special box or buy stuff to create a donation box, stop reading that article right then and there!! The last thing you need to do is to go out and buy more stuff to get rid of your old purchased stuff!!! 

Not to mention, it gives you another procrastination excuse for not starting until you find this perfect box or create this perfect box. I will not give you an excuse to put this off! Sorry, not gonna happen.

Once you have created this habit and have done it faithfully for a year and want to get a cute, pretty or whatever box for donations, then fine. But, not until a year has passed are you to do this. It is not about the pretty. Its about you and your home and your well being. Trust me when I say cutesy is not going to be the cure for becoming clutter free. 

I have created this habit. It is a real habit for me for over a year now. I am still using a free cardboard box with a  black marker word DONATION on the side of it. The cardboard box has changed out but, it's still just a cardboard box. And I am proud of that box. I don't see myself changing to a "special" donation box either. This simple free cardboard box has become a positive habit that I worked very hard to establish!

Every month take everything from the box to a donation center. I don't care where you donate it because that's not the point. Just get it out of your home. If you need to go twice a month or three times a month, Whatever it takes, just do it. 

When I tackle an area of my home as a declutter or organization project, I may get rid of 3 times what my box can hold so, it goes out of my home and to a donation center ASAP. 

I hope this helps. It helped me a lot. Just getting this one simple step in place and keeping it in place really put me in the right direction.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!


  1. I always have a box in the living room for donations! I agree it's he best way to declutter on a consistent basis. right now I'm in a big purge but on a daily basis I have a box ready. You are so right about clutter being emotional as well. No domestic goddess here either but I do strive to clean the clutter and hopefully help my emotional health during the process. Together we can do it! Hugs!

  2. I normally ignore stuff that Bloglovin shows me. I don't know how Bloglovin came to be in my mailbox nor how to get rid of it! But your title caught my eye and I opened your post. I proceeded to read your post, nodding my head vigorously the whole time. I then searched for the subscribe button so we could become better acquainted, lol! I think we shall be very good friends!

    I've had an outbox for a few years now. It meandered it's way through the house until it reached the foyer where it found it's permanent home....about three feet from the front door. In it's first incarnation, it was a cardboard box. Then it became a plastic crate which then morphed into a basket. It got labeled the outbox because I needed the reminder that there was too much stuff IN the house and this was the place for stuff that needed to be OUT of the house.

    I totally agree with you that your outbox needs to be in a prominent place. I think that when you first implement the outbox, it needs to be front and center where you see it constantly throughout your day and, preferably, where you just about trip over it! And, in the beginning, you don't want it to be cute or pretty lest it end up being just another piece of pretty, decorative clutter. You want a plain old ugly box. Later on, once it's become an ingrained habit, you can let in morph into something a bit more attractive. My current outbox is a large basket which also doubles as the cat's bed.....the cat's choice, not mine by the way!

    Anywho, I really enjoyed reading your post. There are no miracles when it comes to decluttering, are there? Just dogged perseverance! I like your common sense advice!

  3. Right now the main focus of the out box is cook books. It is full now so I should start another one. I used to bring books to my office but some ladies were a bit too cray-cray for my taste! One actually gave me her order: I only want Nick Stallino's books.....That is when I stopped bringing some.
    Decluttering is a work in progress, a way of life....My Dad was a packrat and so am I, so I must purge regularly both our stuff to stay sane.

  4. Started with my tea cup collection. Everything else is too much right now. But I appreciate your tips to try to thin things out.

  5. This is a terrific idea! I think I even have a great box. Thank you!

  6. This is the third year that I have had a Donation Box in my living room. My goal is to donate at least one item for each day of the year. So far, for 2015 and 2016, I exceeded my goal! Having the Box eliminates the stress of donating. Pick up something in the closet and decide that I won't wear it again? Drop it into the box. I also put shopping bags into the box, to use to package and transport the items. The thrift shop then uses them at the counter to bag people's purchases. Item by item, the Box gets full and life gains a little more space .... aaahhhhh.


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