Forget Trendy Decor, Think Happy Decor!

Hi everyone!

I have added a few new (okay, some brand spankin' new and some just new to me) little decor items in our living room. It takes so little to make small changes in our homes. Sometimes when money is tight, doing some small change or addition to our home decor can really go far in just lifting us up a little.

Forget what others say are trendy. What makes you smile and happy is the perfect trendy decor.

I haven't really been doing a lot of shopping lately. Actually I haven't done a lot of shopping for the past year or so. since we have really been working on building up our savings for a down payment on a house, I have cut way back on spending money. However, I yesterday I had a little retail fun. Our local Salvation Army which actually is what is called a "Boutique" Salvation Army. Did you know they have those? I didn't until one moved in about 10 minutes from my house. They send more designer things to this store. It is even laid out like a specialty shop.  I stopped in and was pleasantly surprised to see that all the blue sticker items except coats were .50 cents each if you bought 10 blue sticker items. They keep a high  turnover rate of merchandise so they aren't stuck with the same things week after week. A smart idea if you ask me! I had fun while getting a few fun things and things I needed while spending very little money. And the best part of my little shopping adventure was that I was able to bless a friend with some things she really needed and asked for help finding.

Check your local thrift stores for additional money saving discounts on home decor items. .

Getting back on topic. LOL I really am working hard at cutting expenses and saving money. That's why you will see a lot more thriftier type posts from me this year. And oddly enough, I really don't mind not shopping often and spending money. Each time I am able to deposit a little more into our "House Fund" gives me a little high!

I am also blessed with parents and a wonderful friend that give me gift cards as gifts for my birthday and Christmas. So, I can go out and shop without spending any money. How great is that! 

I think I have pretty much conquered the whole trying to keep up with the home decor bloggers and decorating magazines. I still read them and find different things that I like and may purchase or make. But, the reality of these types of  blogs and magazines is that they always have to come up with something new and better than their last post/article. So, as soon as something is deemed trending, they are already planning on the next trendy thing. 

There is no way to keep up and who would want to? It's their job to keep changing things up because otherwise no one would pay attention to them. And that is pretty difficult. There is a lot of pressure on home decor blogs! In order to stay relevant they have to constantly work at changing things.

So, do you stop reading those posts or articles? No. they are fun and they give you new ideas. We just have to stop comparing our homes to those ones that are staged to perfection. And know that they ARE staged! They have to be. That is what sells, the idea of perfection. I can guarantee you that if you saw a foot outside of that beautiful picture you would see real life happening. Anyone in blogging stages to some degree. I do editing and cropping for most of my pictures. I stage some things. But, I also share a lot of my reality as well. Probably more than I should! LOL

Things aren't always what they seem. You just see the small portion of a staged room or vignette. Behind the scenes is real life.

This is a picture of me trying to take some photos of an upcoming Valentine post. And what is propping my foam board up? A basket overflowing with laundry to be folded. I'm just calling it a photography prop! But, that is reality.

Every year when I go on our Girls shopping weekend in December my Dad gives me $100.00 to spend on myself. He has done this for over 15 years now! He knows I have a tendency to not spend any money on myself during this time and he wants me to let go and buy stuff that I just want, not need. I know, how amazing is that! Here I am 53 and he still does this because forever I will be his little girl. I am truly a lucky lady! I sure love my dad!

One of the things I bought was this cute metal candle lantern. I love the white wash over the baby blue paint. I don't think baby blue is an "in" color right now but, I didn't care. I really thought it was pretty. My living room has various shades of blue in it so, I think it fits right in. I bought it at Big Lots for $3.59.

Just adding something as simple as an inexpensive metal candle lantern can make you smile

It is so pretty with the candle glowing through the cutouts at night. It makes me smile and so that means it is perfect for my decor.

I have always liked the whole cork filler that has been popular of several years. But, I just couldn't justify the price of buying them at full price. I found a bag of them clearance at Home Goods last summer for $2.00 and used part of a gift card to buy them.

Reusing a few thrift finds with new items can change up a look without breaking the bank.

I have had the cloche for a lot of years. I bought it at a thrift store. The little white bird is a pretty common little bird that a lot of folks have bought at Micheal's over the years. I bought mine years ago when it was clearanced. 

I finally just put it together for a side table in the living room. It will probably take on a Valentine, St. Patrick's and Easter theme in the upcoming months.

Obviously none of this is earth shattering decor. It's not supposed to be. They are just a couple of things that make me smile and bring me joy. And that is what I want for you. When something makes you happy then that is the perfect item for your home. If you are happy, that is reflected in your home. And it makes your home welcoming to others. Now that is a perfect home!

I love all the uniqueness that all of you have. I love to walk into someone's home and see them reflected in the decor. And the more non-trendy things I see, the more I enjoy getting to know that person  via their home.

You are all wonderful, unique and beautiful women so, let it shine through your homes!

Thank you for stopping by and listening to my ramblings! I hope you have a great day!


  1. I too can't and won't follow trends. If I see something I like and I can use it in my home I do try. I can't change up and have decided I don't want to all the time. So glad I'm not a home/design blogger. Also since I have collections I love, they become the focus of my decor and they aren't 'trendy' at all! Love your little lantern. It's those little things that just brighten our lives. Hugs!

  2. Three cheers for photos that show real life and not staged perfection in the home! I understand why bloggers do it but it sure can summon up feelings of inadequacy in their readers hearts! Life is happening constantly in my home so it's NEVER got that perfectly staged look for more than about three seconds at a time, lol! Blessings on bloggers that show areas that are less than "perfect"!

    Your story about your dad and his "just for you money" gift made me smile. My father-in-law gifted each of his two sons and their wives with between a hundred and five hundred dollars at Christmas every year. (He had some sort of fund that paid varying dividends every year.) He did this from the time we were all in our mid twenties until he died at 87 when we were all in our mid 50s. Rather than try to buy gifts, Pop figured it was better (and easier for him, lol!) to let us each choose the thing or things that we'd wanted but just couldn't justify spending money on. My aunt used to call that kind of money "mad money".....mad as in crazy...."What madness possessed you to spend hard earned money on THAT!".

    I like the kind of home where someone's personality is written large all over the place. I like homes that are as unique the people who abide there. My home will tell you who we are, what we like, what our hobbies and interests are and what's important to us.....not what designers and the home goods industry think is fashionable and on trend. I'm sure a designer would have a fainting spell if they saw my small bathroom that my granddaughter has dubbed "the frog bathroom"
    since I decided that's were my collection of small green frogs that I've collected over the years needed to live, lol!

    1. Oh, that is just too cute - I'd love to see your frog bathroom! : - )

  3. I love this post - and love you are "keeping it real!"

    I actually laughed out loud at your laundry-to-be-folded-and-put-away basket was propping up your back board. Classic and REAL!

    I have an odd disorder that I have to have everything tidy and clean and perfect - so actually the areas we see are almost always picture perfect. All the kitchen is always very organized and tidy. But I can barely open my walk in master bedroom closet (good thing we each have one) seriously, I need to purge and organize it - it's awful - and I just can't seem to find the energy. And my basement? It's hoardersville down there - so my "keeping it real" no one sees but me. But I need to do something about it and soon - it's so weird I am just as obsessive about tidyness and I am obsessive about ignoring other parts. LOL (tmi, I know.)

    I love your dad makes you spend on you. He's a keeper. ♥♥♥

    1. Lol! Little Bit will disappear every so often and will I call out, asking her where she's disappeared to, she'll call back "I'm in the frog bathroom, Mydear! I'm counting the frogs!".

      I wish that I had a little of your disorder. Some days, my home looks a little bit TOO lived in!

  4. Another awesome and real post! This is what the world needs more of. I fully admit that I have fallen victim to the Instagram/Pinterest/Blogger trap. Measuring and comparing myself to all the seemingly perfect people with perfect lives. I know that it is all (or at least mostly) staged. I mean c'mon...No way those girls are trekking through NYC in winter in heels, no coat and perfect hair! I can assure you that I will never be getting up at 6 a.m., photographing the healthy smoothie I just made while lounging in my white terry cloth robe reading the latest Vogue. All before I airbrush my makeup to perfection, curl my hair into perfect beach waves and put on my designer outfit and heels. More like I get up and grab whatever is clean, nearest to me and even slightly acceptable to leave the house in!
    Thank you for another great post and for keepin' it real!

  5. Agree ! Once "everyone" is decorating to suit the new trend, the disdainful trenders ( whoever they are ) change the trend. Who can afford this, and why would you want to ? I still enjoy flipping through the decorating magazines to see what's up and how I might be able to change around what I already have for a bit of change around the house.


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