Everyday is a New Beginning

Hi everyone!

Everyday is a new beginning. I have heard that all my life and intellectually totally get it. So, why does that other part of me think, "That's fine for everyone else." ? 

January is always the time for fresh starts. Kind of like Mondays, a fresh start to a new week.. But January gets big hype and build up because it is a brand spankin' new year! And we tell ourselves "This is it! I'm going to do blah blah blah" and my life will be perfect. 

Enjoy each day because everyday is a new beginning and fresh start.

Then January is here. You are stressed because you have pumped yourself up to do this or that starting with the new year. We hinge all our high hopes on the magical month. Some may start out strong and do what our minds said we were going to do but, at some point life hits. Yup, that little thing call real everyday life. And quickly our brand new fresh start of a new year is blown to kingdom come. We feel like a failure. We blew our big chance.

And it really doesn't help that we look at other blogs and everything is so perfect in their world. They have those amazing posts like, "Do these 7 things to keep your house perfect" or "Presto! Go from Holiday decor to Winter decor in 30 seconds" And then we see all these magazine ready pictures of their home. Why can't my home look like that? Because, you failed at your brand new start! Loser!

I was about to write, "The above is a bit of an exaggeration" but, now that I think about it, I have seen these post titles or titles very similar. I have probably pinned them to one of my Pinterest boards!

Because I have a bit of OCD and a type A personality, I take these set in stone markers of life very seriously. It's like I was programmed at some point to believe January 1st the one day of the year to make a new start. January is the month my life gets straightened out and on the road to the perfection I knew it could be. 

And when something comes along that I can't control, that single thing is what screws up my whole new year. I generally get very down on myself. Another chance lost. 

Then  this year happened. This golden month of beginnings. January 1st, the start of all things wonderful! Let the perfection begin! This is when I will have the most wonderfully clean home and organizers around the world will rejoice in my amazing skills of keeping my home organized! (Yes illusions of grandeur is something I need to work on!) So, what happened?

I caught my husbands cold that he had since Christmas. 


I had spent the week before nursing Troy and taking care of him. We did manage to take our Christmas tree down and get it out of the house. But, that was pretty much it. Then Troy had to head back to work January 2nd and I am alone and sick as a dog. And our house is a disaster!

Our gifts were piled here and there, decorations still sitting around, wrapping paper and all the things that go along with that spread throughout the house. Stuff stacked on the dining room table. Projects that were supposed to be finished for Christmas strewn here and there. You get the idea....chaos!

Last week I hardly even left our bedroom. I wasn't hungry in the least bit and I just tried to sleep as much as I could. I binge watched some Netflix but, other than that, I really didn't do much of anything.

This week I finally started feeling there may be light at the end of the tunnel with this bug. I still took it easy because I know me and the minute I think I am feeling better I want to go crazy doing things and then end up sicker than I was before.

Then a couple of days ago I actually felt like going downstairs and making something to eat and sit in the living room and feel like a normal person.

Then all the chaos of the past month was staring me in the face. And it hit me!

I viewed this mess called our home a total and complete personal failure. I had missed the special start over day! What had I been thinking?! 

Honestly, I just wanted to go back upstairs to bed again. I just didn't want to deal with this. 

Still sick, I was alone with this burden

You have the power to choose how you will live your day. Even if things are not what you planned to do, you have the power to choose a positive attitude over a negative attitude for the day.

Everything felt so overwhelming. I did a little here and there but, nothing significant enough to make a visible difference. And that can get depressing very quickly. That whole instant gratification of a job complete didn't come. All the negative feelings started washing over me and I could feel a small part of me wanting to just shut down.

My first instinct is to push through it. Just go go go! But, I was still sick and my body was exhausted. I tried and just ended up feeling worse.

Can we say setting myself up for failure once again? What is with this way of thinking? Why do I do this to myself? Things didn't become chaos overnight. Why do I think I am Wonder Woman and able to "fix" everything overnight? Intellectually I know that is impossible so, why do I always expect myself to do the impossible? I would never expect someone else to do the impossible. I'm very good at giving out advice and telling people to take it easy on themselves. But, do I share that same advice with myself, no. Why? 

I always think I can just make things perfect instantly. 

First of all...perfect? Is there really such a thing here on earth? Who's perfection am I trying to achieve? Some perfect view I see from some blogger? Do I really see their whole life? Am I really comparing and judging my life with some unknown person that I think has it all together because of a few words and pictures on the internet? Or do I project some bizarre perfect world that I think my friends and family expect of me? Has anyone ever come up to me and say, "Diann your home is so not perfect! Get it together and be perfect or else!" Would I even be friends with a person like that?  of course not!

It's all me. In my head. I built some unattainable image of perfection. The worst part is this perfection is constantly changing so I will really never achieve it. 

Well that just sucks!

Finally, it hit me in the face! Everyday really is a new beginning!

Today is a brand new day and a fresh start. Make the most of it. Even if that is just choosing to relax today. You choose if you will see the day as positive or negative.

Each day we have a fresh start. This is the only day that really matters....right now.  I realized that each day is a gift that will never come around again. We only have ONE today.

I get to choose my "new beginnings" each and everyday. Wow! Why had this not occurred to me sooner? Probably because I get so caught up in things and have blinders on so I get wrapped up in a weird tunnel vision. 

Those blinders are off folks! 

You and I have a fresh start and new beginning everyday! No more pressure to wait for the new year or the first of the month. Nope, today is brand new and it belongs to us.

Things happen that are out of our control sometimes but, its okay. We deal with whatever we have to and then start all fresh the next day. 

Sorry this turned into such a long and wordy post. I promise I will post something light and fun soon!

Did your New Year start out the way you had planned? If not, did it feel like you really missed out on a fresh start for the year? 

Enjoy this brand new fresh start today! Try and let go of those high expectations you placed on yourself. 

Today is a new beginning. And it is okay to say to that you choose to just give yourself this day. everyday doesn't have to be this big chore filled day or project day. You can choose to just have a relaxing day and be grateful for that day. 

Thank you for visiting and for putting up with my ramblings in today's post.  I get these weird life realizations that hit me and I just want to share them immediately. I am not sure if I should be doing this. LOL But, you guys are like a group of friends to me and I just start talking as if we are all sitting and having coffee together. LOL

I hope you have a great day! 


  1. Well said my friend! I'm drinking my cup of coffee while reading this and yes its a chat with a very good friend. I too was sick Christmas through new year's and just started feeling better. My home is chaos also but it's ok, I'm working on it. It didn't get like this in a day so it won't get cleaned up in a day. I love the each day is a new beginning. I'm feeling positive, much more then I have in a long time. We will support each other in our efforts to clean, organize and not judge ourselves harshly when we stumble! Hugs!!!

  2. Diann, I applaud you for taking up the cause to stop this quest to "perfect". Once we understand that there is no perfect person, life, meal, house, relationship, garden, etc. ~ life becomes so much easier. Perfect is in the eye of the beholder. To some people, "good enough" is perfect. To some, a day when the kids don't fight, the dog doesn't get into something outside, and you have a meal plan in place for dinner.... is a perfect day. To others it takes much more, or to others, much less. We need to banish that word from our vocabulary.

    As you said, each new day is a new beginning. Today's perfect day could be a day of crafting. Tomorrow a day of thrift shopping. The next, a day of cleaning. The balance is what we all seem to be looking for in life. If we remember to have fun, get those daily/ weekly necessary things done as we can, and get some rest every day, .... life is generally good!! It doesn't mean we won't have some really lousy days and some spectacular ones, but if we kept a little list of 365 days in the year and one sentence about each day, I bet on Jan. 1 of the next year, we would see a balance. A balance of ok days and "meh" days. Of lousy days and wonderful days. I think that is why so many people have started to reject resolutions and adapt a "word" for the year. Those words seem more attainable to keep in our lives through the course of a year than the resolutions which usually are, in the long run, a means to "perfection" and ultimately that feeling of failure that inevitably sets in when they aren't met.

    So, YAY... for taking care of yourself when you were sick. And remember that having to face the after-math of Christmas is overwhelming for everyone. We all have to do it. One shelf, one bin, one tree at a time. It always gets done. It isn't more "perfect" if you do it in one day or over the course of one week. It is just that first step of that new day we have to take!! Always remember that perfect is abstract, and quite over-rated. Congrats on your new attitude for 2017!! I hope it spreads!!

    1. Very well said Chris! thank you for taking the time to write all that. When I write these types of posts I always second guess myself as to whether or not I should post them. It's not a fun pretty post so I wonder if anyone would even care to read it. So, I really appreciate the comment! And I totally agree with what you said! :)

  3. Thanks Linda! You and I have tackled a lot of the same struggles together over the years haven't we! LOL I know you were so sick during the holidays so, I'm glad that bug is finally gone!

  4. Sounds like you turned things around with a new attitude.

  5. Thank you for sharing your feelings. I know I've felt that way, too, and I'm sure others have as well. It's good to remember to take each day as it comes.

  6. Great post that totally resonates with me at this very moment. Had high (too high) hopes for Jan. 1 and then when it didn't go the way I had planned I became depressed. Didn't do anything that I didn't have to do for days. Which always just causes more guilt and disappointment and more depression. It's a cycle. I'm in the process of picking myself back up and getting on with it.
    Please don't ever second guess yourself about these posts. I think we could all use way more of them. I am SO TIRED of seeing perfect people, perfect lives, perfect homes, etc...I want to see and hear about what isn't so perfect. Something authentic. Thank you for your very honest and inspirational post. Glad you are feeling better =)

  7. My Grandmama used to say "There is nothing perfect this side of heaven." My Grandmama only had a fifth grade education but she was wiser than most people I know with five times the education she had.

    Perfection is an illusion. Even if you achieve perfection, you'll find that an extra level has been added when you weren't looking. Even striving as hard as you possibly can, you will never sit atop the pinnacle of perfection for more than a micro second before the clouds part and a newer more perfect perfection is revealed yet further above.

    Does anyone still send out those Christmas letters? You know, the ones where a family writes up a synopsis of their year, listing all the high points and all of their accomplishments, all the happy occassions listed and a family photo filled with happy, smiling faces? I had a friend who sent one of these out every year at Christmas. If you didn't know them well and read those letters and looked at those pictures, you might have believed that they were a perfect family, leading perfect lives. You might have felt depressed because your life didn't measure up, wasn't anywhere close to being as perfect as theirs. You might have been inclined to measure your accomplishments and your life and family against theirs and feel yourself coming up short. You might have felt a little jealous. But the letters, while not exactly a lie, where at best only a half truth. You see, I talked with my friend every week. I knew what had gone on in their lives all year long. I knew all of the imperfect, unpleasant, unhappy, angry, messy, unkind things that had occurred that didn't get put in that letter. The letter showed their year and their lives and their family like a Photoshopped picture that had all of the bad things erased. Facebook is the same thing.....A Photoshopped version of people's lives with the not perfect stuff edited out.

    Every day, when you wake up, it's the first day of the rest of your life. Every day. Every day. Every hour is the first hour of the rest of your life. Every minute is the first minute of the rest of your life. Smile and enjoy all of your firsts!

  8. We look at things so differently you and I.

    If I am home, and you are there, we are warm and dry, we have food to eat, then everything is perfect.

    Sometimes there are craft projects on the table, or a wreath on the door, sometimes there are decorations and sometimes there might be a cobweb in the corner. I never know if I'm going to walk in and smell spray paint, or dinner cooking, or Windex & Mr. Clean.

    But it doesn't matter. None of those things are what makes a perfect home.

    I'm not coming home to your cooking or your crafts, your decor or your domestic prowess, I'm coming home to you.

    As long as we are there together, that other stuff is fine, because I know it makes you happy, but it has nothing to do with what makes our home perfect.

    1. That was absolutely beautiful! And just perfect! What could ever be better? : )

  9. I can so relate to this! I am constantly comparing my life, my looks, my home, my yard, to someone else's. It will never measure up and some days I wonder, "why try?" Recently my best friend passed away. Now I see every day as a gift in itself, whether I accomplish anything or not. Just savor it, enjoy it. I am trying to plan to have some joy every month, and if anything else follows suit, I will be happy. Tiny little goals. Reachable. Life always tosses a curve ball, so ready to sit on the bench if need be.


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