A Little Fall in the Bedroom

Hi everyone!

I have been so frustrated! I have written this post and a couple of other ones numerous times. I wish I could say it was the platform I am using but, it's not. My laptop is wearing out and Troy has been "threatening" me that he is going to just go out and buy me a new one. Which is nice that he doesn't hesitate in getting me a new laptop. And I really appreciate it. But, I really don't want to spend that kind of money. But more importantly, I hate learning a new electronic thing! I have everything set up the way I want it on this laptop. 

Moving right along....

I finally finished adding the Fall decor touches in our home last week. I didn't really go overboard. To be honest, I am heading out on the road with Troy and will be gone until around Thanksgiving. So, I won't be enjoying the decor for very much time.

I decided to just add a small touch of Fall in our bedroom. And it is all your fault!

Just adding a few dollar store fall flower stems and leaves can give your bedroom a pretty holiday touch. It's simple, easy and thrifty.

Why is it your fault? Because of the wonderful support and encouragement I have received from all of you! 

I kind of did a little bit of baring my soul here awhile back. I talked about the "dark" places my mind has been and how hard it is to get motivate when you feel so overwhelmed when you look around your home. I (frightened to death to do) shared some real glimpses into my oh so un-perfect world. 

And you came along with me. You gave me a pat on the shoulder when I needed it. You understood what was going on. And you appreciated that I (my home) was not blog perfect. 

So, when I decided to tackle my bedroom and take you along with me, it was such an awesome step forward. I shared just a super small pretty little vignette I did just because it made me smile. 

I have kept this area just as you see it in the picture. So, I thought to add just a little dollar store Fall leaves and flowers would be fun.

I added this Autumn place mat. You can't see it but, it has gold threads throughout it. I bought it at the Family Dollar.

A little tucking in here and there.

I decided I really like the Fall colors up against the white wicker vase.

Simple and thrifty. Love it! 

Like I said earlier, I am heading out with Troy for a few weeks. No idea where we will go and that is part of the fun and adventure of the trip. 

I generally share our adventure on my Facebook page. 

When we return it will be full on Christmas season. I plan to just have fun this year and enjoy all the holiday craziness! So, I have no plans on blogging until after the new year. Which is not very far off! Can you believe that! 

I might pop in with a Christmas decorating post but, other than that, I'm taking the holidays off. 

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Enjoy your road trip with Troy! I love that you have come back to blogging however it works for you. I do plan to do some Christmas decorating but Fall seems to have slipped by me without any decor changes. It's all OK I say. Hugs!!

  2. I know what you mean about the laptop. Mine developed tiny lines down the middle of the screen. Takes up 4" out of the middle. I can still see things on the screen, but it ruins the pictures. And I don't know when the rest will go. Hubby keeps saying to get a new one, but I HATE a new anything! For the same reasons you give. But also because you wouldn't be able to get the old Windows version anymore. You are forced to get all the new stuff that most people are complaining about. ugh! We just returned from a road trip....hope yours is more fun than ours was. An electrical surge ruined all the appliances in our RV. My only Fall decor is a wreath on the wall and the pillow that says "Happy Fall Y'all." Might be all I do this year. It all came so fast !

  3. Hope you are having a great trip!

    xo Dianne


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