How to Age a Plaster Relief

Hi everyone!

Our upstairs hallway is very dark. It's painted a milk chocolate color with off white trim. I actually really like the paint color. But, there is no windows and no real direct sunlight. Even before I painted it and the walls were an off white, it still was dark. 

I haven't had anything on the walls in the hallway for years. Nothing seems to work. 

I found this plaster relief wall hanging at a thrift store for .99 cents and thought It would look nice on the brown walls. I had a small area that I wanted to hang it.

When I put it up I was surprised that the relief didn't show up at all. It just look like a white square on the wall.

So, I thought I would try to "age" it and bring out the relief design.

I actually really liked it the way I bought it. All white on white. But, It really just looked like a large square thing on the wall. So, I kind of muddled it up.

See, in the light the relief shows up nicely. Oh well....I grabbed some gold craft paint.

Put some paint on a clean rag. 

Dab the paint on in different places on the relief.

Got a cup of water and a cheap paint brush. This is where dollar store paint brushes come in handy. 

Then you just start watering down the paint on the relief.  This can be a messy step so make sure you have something under your project piece. 

Then use a new clean rag and start rubbing the relief until you get the desired depth and look on your piece.

Just keep working it until the relief stands out and it looks a bit aged.

You really can't screw this up. You can keep adding more paint, rubbing more off until you are happy with it. 

An easy and thrifty aged relief.

You can do this with plastic faux relief items as well. But, you have to do major sanding on the piece first. Otherwise the paint won't rub in. 

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