Another Small Catch-All Declutered!

Hi everyone!

Last week was a painful one for me. I had a pulled muscle in my back and it was a doozy! Even with all my back issues I still make a conscious effort to stand up straight. Well, that couldn't happen last week. I actually could not stand straight. I was hunched over for 4 days.  It was not fun let me tell you! So, I did little to nothing last week.

However, once the muscle relaxed and I could stand straight again, I did manage to tackle a small area in our upstairs hallway. I really was trying not to do very much because I new it would flare up that muscle again if I did.

And I have to say, you guys really have helped and encouraged me, even if you didn't know that, to get my home back in shape. For the last 3 years I have been in almost a fugue state. I kept up appearances when I needed to but, inside me was totally dark. And finally coming out of the darkness here on my blog, I finally feel light. So, I really have been trying to tackle at least one area a week. Even if it is just a small area. it makes me happy and lightens up my soul. I actually feel like I am healing inside. 

I know I have said it before, but truly I mean it, thank you!

Okay enough of that!

I decided to just have a little fun with this clutter mess in this picture because, hey why not!

I told you! One big scary cluttered hot mess!

This bookcase just became the hallway catch all area. Totally my doing. 

As you can see, just a mish mash of things. And once again, I got to a point that I didn't really even notice it anymore! 

But, I knew it was a quick and easy fix that wouldn't hurt my back to do. And any time you can clean up an area quickly and get that instant gratification it makes you feel so good!

A quick clean up and declutter with a simple thrifty decor added afterwards can make you feel so much better abut your home!

The reality is that this small bookcase really is heavily used for book storage. These are the book Troy and I haven't read yet. So, It will have books crammed into it. We are both huge readers and go through books like M & M's! 

I know the good bloggers out there would have staged the bookcase with a lot less books in it and some pretty decor accents for picture taking. Those extra books would be sitting in a pile out of shot and return back to the bookcase after all the  pictures were taken. 

But, we have determined that I really am not a good blogger. LOL And I am using my true reality as cheap therapy so, you guys, for good or bad, have to deal with it along with me!

I decided to use this yellow dish and the bag of potpourri as the only decor item on the top of this little book case. I also grabbed a small deer antler and added it. I ended up liking this simple decoration. It even gave off a Fall-ish feel.

What was very surprising was when Troy came home a few days ago for just a quick home time before heading back out. I knew he would notice that the area had been cleaned up and decluttered. But, one day i was downstairs and he was upstairs when he came down he said "Wow! I really like that little dish you have up there on the bookcase. That antler really looks cool in there", And he was sincere!

Generally if he notices something like decor stuff that is new he may say a plain, "Oh yea, that is new. Looks nice" and that is pretty much the extent of any complimenting.

So, that was my simple and quick declutter and clean up project last week when I was recovering from so horrible pain. 

It made me instantly feel better!

Do you have a small area that you could do a quick declutter and clean up? If so, tackle it. You will feel like you really accomplished something. And sometimes, that is all we need to feel a little bit better about ourselves!

Thank you for stopping by and visiting me. I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Hi Diann. Glad to see things are better for you. Do I have a small area that could be decluttered? Uhhhh. Well, I have about five DOZEN areas that need decluttering. Yep. That's right. So thanks for the inspiration. Susan

  2. Diann, Haven't talked for awhile but have been praying for you still. I cannot imagine what you have been through. I know it took alot of strength and courage to get through it and live. I'm so proud of you for that!!
    I got news about my back I didn't like one bit a few weeks ago - spinal degeneration with 7 disks which have worn down. The degeneration deal is not good but what can you do?e And then he told me my neck is much worse. yay. He showed me a picture of what it is and then a pic of what it should be. They didn't match - at all. I didn't realize how little I can turn my neck. When it hurt I brushed it off to stress. Dear Lord forgive me, but all I can see is my neck becoming a chicken neck and gets smaller until my head falls off. Oh, I'm laughing and serious but still. lol I've been working on that 20 minute blog for 3 months. I WILL figure it out. I'm determined. Help has made it worse and now I'm ready to go to buy a frame thing. I don't know the terminology and it's crazy! It's like speaking in Piglatin!! arrrggghhh - crazy summer. Glad you are having fun on the truck and enjoy your home! And your new light! Blessings, Lora

  3. I have found that doing a little devourer is a good motivated! I'm not a good blogger either!! Big hugs!


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