A Thrifty Disinfecting Glass Cleaner!

Hi everyone!

This is just a little cleaning tip post. I have been making my own glass cleaner for a lot of years. Super simple recipe. Just water, white vinegar and a tablespoon of Dawn dish detergent. And it works pretty good. The downside of it is that I generally have to go over spots for streaking. But, that is normal for most glass cleaners. And with dollar stores carrying window cleaners for a buck, that is a quick thrifty choice. But, once again, they have a tendency to streak and you need to use more to get your glass clean.

For the last 6 months or so I have changed up my glass cleaner. I still buy it at the dollar store so, it is still thrifty.

For my demonstration I used this mirror I picked up at a thrift store. Yes it really was on the shelf with this much dust on it!

Yup, Hydrogen Peroxide! Not only does it clean glass and faucets with little to no streaking, it also disinfects whatever you are cleaning. That's a big plus to me especially with winter and cold/flu season right around the corner!

I picked up this bottle at the Dollar Tree. It is actually a spray bottle. And then I just keep a full size regular bottle in the bathroom and can refill it easily. But, it doesn't seem to take as much to get the job done.

And I like that it is a double duty product. It's something we keep on hand for scrapes and cuts anyway. Less clutter. 

Rubbing alcohol also works but, not as good as peroxide in my opinion. 

This really shines up bathroom and kitchen faucets nicely. And once again, the disinfectant qualities can't be beat!

If you haven't tried this before I suggest you give it a try!

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  1. I use peroxide for so many things. If I get a cold sore inside my mouth I swish it but I hate the taste. Usually the blister is gone in 24 hours! I sure love that sweet mirror, dusty or not, very pretty. Nice to see you here where life is so peaceful and calm. Have a wonderful week. xo


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