The Candy Factory

Hi everyone!

I shared my birthday dinner that we had when we were on the road on my last post. After we had dinner and headed back on the road, a few hours passed and we saw signs for The Candy Factory and The Worlds Largest Gift Store. Since we had plenty of time, we weren't going to pass that up! LOL

And this is a welcomed sign anytime you are on the road! 

Unfortunately when we pulled in the Gift Store was already closed. But, thank goodness the Candy Factory was still open! LOL

They had to have had 50 different flavors of taffy! Flavors I had never heard of.

And then my biggest weakness....FUDGE!

How can you resist!

Talk about a kid in a candy store!

Chocolate dipped Twinkies!

Restraint was not easy!

They also had every "penny candy' you could imagine. This is a very dangerous place!

So, that was the second half of my birthday on the road. 

thank you for stopping by for a visit. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. Oh I knew you would want fudge! I too have a weakness for the chocolate delight called fudge! Kid in a Candy Store...yep!! Hugs!


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