The Good the Bad the Ugly ~ Tackling My Bedroom Dresser!

Hi everyone!

Back to the bedroom we go! LOL 

One of the worst homekeeping habits is just stacking stuff somewhere it  doesn't belong and telling yourself you will get to it later. 

Yeah, right! What happens is you end up stacking a little more and then a little more and then suddenly the entire service is stacked high!

That became an issue for me. When you are mentally and emotionally in a dark place, it actually is physically exhausting. I have no idea how that occurs but, it true. 

When just getting out of bed and gathering dirty laundry up and washing them is a major feat for the day, putting them away was more than I could deal with sometimes. So, I managed to haul them upstairs and they got stacked wherever I found a spot. 

And here comes that word again....overwhelming! What a destructive word that is!

Once I lightened up our bedroom with new curtains and bedspread I decided that baby steps were going to be the way to tackle the rest of the room. Just lightening it up gave me the extra whuph I needed!

Taking it one step at a time to let go of being in a dark metal and emotional place and slowly gaining my joy back.  Declutter, clean and organize your bedroom dresser and make it pretty to help keep it that way!

So, I started with the far corner of our bedroom which is my side of the bed. I tackled my nightstand. I completely removed everything, gave the entire nightstand a good cleaning. Cleaned behind it and under it. Then I ruthlessly decluttered stuff on and in the the drawer. The lamp got a good cleaning as well.

I slowly worked my way around to my dresser at the foot of the bed. I even managed to do a simple little DIY and add a small pretty vignette before I got to the dresser. 

Because I am sharing about where I have been mentally and emotionally I am going to share the reality of things. I can't believe I am going to show you this horrid mess but, I am for 2 reasons:

1.) At this point I don't think it would be fair or honest of me to just fluff over the bad. I know there are other people out there that know the exact situation I have been in. And they deserve to see it's not just them. And you don't deserve a perfectly staged picture of clutter.

I know you guys know what I'm talking about. You go to a blog post of a beautiful blog and the post is titled something like "Dealing with those overwhelming clutter-filled areas of your home". Then you go to the post and look at this "before" picture and think to yourself, "THATS their cluttered mess?! And you realize this post isn't even close to your life so, it really doesn't help.


2.) I decided to come clean (pun intended!) and post my demons here on my blog. Thats a huge scary step! I decided to put it all out there and use my blog as a place to hold myself accountable and to have a place to go back and look at how far I have come.

So here you go....MY before picture! Viewer discretion advised!

Before picture of my bedroom dresser! Cluttered and stacked high!

I told you, it ain't pretty! It was so bad that my little black fan stopped working but, I didn't dare pull it out because everything would have collapsed and fallen everywhere! So, I brought a different fan in to use. 

And what is really sad is that most of those clothing pieces are pj's. When you are in that place, you live in pjs or yoga pants and sloppy tshirts. You just don't feel like getting dressed in real clothes. And you don't see any point in it.

The first step is clearing EVERYTHING pf the dresser and cleaning the dresser

The first step is to clear everything off the dresser. Then cleaning the dresser down good.

Troy and I want to buy a new bedroom set when we move into a new house. It doesn't make sense to buy one now. This set is a hand me down from my parents. It's not my style but, it is a really good walnut set. And I m not painting it. LOL

A pretty yellow eyelet dresser scarf I found at a thrift store went down first.

A couple of days before I tackled the dresser I found this pretty pale yellow (the picture doesn't show the color) dresser scarf. I bought it for $1.49 and thought it would look nice on my dresser. So, that is where I started.

I seriously declutter the dresser. After I put away all the clothes and various other things that cluttered the top, I really edited what was on there. I wanted simple, clean and pretty. Something that would make me happy to see every morning.

Finally I have a place to put this beautiful chandy I have had for almost a year. It makes me smile!

I couldn't wait to put this beautiful tabletop chandy I got for my birthday almost a year ago on my dresser! I absolutely love it and it sings to my heart to see it first things everyday! It has been wrapped up for almost  year and every time I saw it all bagged up my heart sank a little.

I even put little tealights in it and light it a few times a week. The glow is just gorgeous!

vintage Avon dresser set.

This little ceramic tray and jar has been buried on top of my dresser for years. It is a vintage Avon set and I picked it up years ago. 

details of the vintage Avon dresser set.

This shows the little pearl details. So pretty!

close up detail of tabletop chandy.

The only other things on my dresser are a wicker tray that I recently bought for .79 cents at a thrift store. I eventually want to paint it white. It holds my perfumes. And then on the other end is a tabletop jewelry box. That's it! And it has been this way for a couple of weeks now.

I feel so good when I see the prettiness of my dresser! I no longer have that dread of when is everything going to come crashing down off the dresser. I just knew it was going to be at any moment.

So another step closer to having a lovely and relaxing bedroom. I'm taking my time, not stressing out or pushing myself to the point of pain and exhaustion, which is my normal method for doing things. 

What do you see when you look at your dresser?

Thank you for visiting and for hanging in there with me! I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Diann I am so proud of you for sharing your 'real' clutter. My bedroom needs to be cleaned and simplified also. I so understand where you are coming from. Feeling low and unable to do the simplest of tasks has gotten my home in a mess but I'm seeing the light of day finally and heading in the right direction as are you. Big Hugs and lots of love!!

  2. My office is cluttered up so horribly I really don't know where to start. You gave me the inspiration to just start with my desk. If I can just see daylight on my desk maybe it will give me the inspiration to continue. Baby steps. Right.

  3. Good going! I know it's hard, but the end result is such a great reward!

  4. Thank you Diann for you transparency and honesty. I get sick of looking at the blogs with the "perfect" homes. I can't compete with that. My bedroom is trashed too. I do well for awhile and then life happens. The last 3 years have been so difficult for me. It's all I can do to keep up with the common areas and laundry LOL.

    You've inspired me and I'm going to start with the loaded down bookcase in my bedroom.


  5. Diann I think your "before" photo is more the norm. Do folks really live in those photos that look like magazines? None that I know, lol. Right now my pj's are on my dresser, and some change, and a couple receipts. It doesn't take long to cover it with stuff. Cleaning it off tomorrow. ;) I love your chandy, so glad you are enjoying it on your pretty dresser. & thanks so much for sharing with us.

  6. It looks so lovely! When you get around to it, they do make tealights with timers, you can put them in that lovely candelabra and have it be a welcoming light in the evenings.

  7. Thank you for being real. My bedroom needs the same TLC and I have started working on it. Baby steps is the way to go. Thank you so much for sharing. I needed this.

    xo Dianne


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