Sauerkraut, Sausage and Potatoes Recipe Cooked in a Semi Truck

Hi everyone!

I am back the road with Troy so, I thought a trucking recipe and story was perfect to share today.

The last time I went out of the road with Troy I remembered to actually take pictures of the meal I was cooking knowing I wanted to share with you guys. Fortunately we were stopped at a shipper so I could take my time doing both preparing the food and taking pictures. LOL

This particular day was a cold rainy day so, this is one of my go to meals on days like that.

Sauerkraut, Sausage and Potatoes

a recipe for sauerkraut and sausage cooked while on the road in a semi truck and a store behind the recipe.

Now you are going to have to suffer through a little story. This is one of my all time favorite trucking adventures with Troy.

About 13 years ago I went with Troy on what was supposed to be just a quick overnight trip to New Hampshire. It was the middle of January so the East Coast had plenty of snow and New Hampshire is gorgeous covered in snow. So, I was excited to go with him. 

At this time Troy was working with a different trucking company and his truck was larger. He was a trainer but, every time he was done with a student I would take off with him. I kept his truck nicely stocked with canned goods and other non-perishables. 

Before we left I grabbed a few things from the freezer and fridge. I didn't pack a lot because it was just an overnight trip.

We drove to New Hampshire from Michigan and got there late at night. Our appointment was for early the next morning. We parked for the night and got up early the next day to be unloaded. While we were being unloaded it started to snow. no big deal. It was January in new Hampshire. And it was so pretty.

Once we were unloaded we needed to head to Massachusetts to pick up our load back to Michigan. 

As we were driving in rural New Hampshire, the snow started falling heavier and heavier. We were just creeping along the road. soon it because a full white out. We couldn't see a thing. Now you are thinking why didn't we just pull off the road somewhere and park and wait out the storm. Well, in rural New Hampshire there really aren't any truckstops. 

I have to admit both of us were getting pretty worried and scared while watching the blizzard rage all around us and not being able to see a thing. 

All of a sudden we saw red and blue police lights next to us. We stopped and the policeman told us to follow him in to a safe place to park. It was a state wide emergency going on and every business around was trying to accommodate trucks so they could get off the road and be safe during this blizzard. 

So we crept along the road behind the police car. No clue where we were or what was even around us. We were finally lead into a small truckstop/gas station. The place only had space for about 10 semi trucks but, they were squeezing us in anyone possible. A few truck drivers that were already parked came out to help guide us back into a safe spot. 

Phew! We could finally breathe and let go of all the stress and tension! We were safe and that is really the only thing that mattered.

After about an hour just sitting there and watching police escort other trucks we decided to bundle up and try to venture our way into the gas station. 

It was just a little old gas station, Not one with a decent size convenience store. Just a couple of drink coolers and some candy and chips. But, they had a bathroom! Which was vital! LOL

There were a few other drivers in there huddled around the coffee pot and the older woman working the counter was actually the owner. She had come in by snowmobile when the snow started picking up and let her employee go home before it was too late. 

We all just kind of gabbed and stood around drinking pot after pot of hot coffee as the last few semis came in. 

By late evening there was a lot of snow on the ground and so the drivers each took turns shoveling paths from the gas station to the different trucks. But, the snow kept falling hard.

The whole area had been closed down due to the snow and the high winds. The snow drifts up against our trucks were several feet high! 

The woman that owned the gas station was so concerned with all of us being stranded there and there wasn't really any food available. She was such a kind lady. She needed to head home but she told us the help ourselves with whatever we could find and if we didn't have cash to just leave an IOU. She said she wouldn't lock the gas station so we could get in there and use the bathroom.

That night I cooked this recipe in the truck. It smelled so good and every time we opened our door to get out and someone was walking into the gas station, their nose shot up into the air because we could smell it. LOL I felt kind of bad but, I had only brought that to make that night for dinner and only had a little. We were supposed to be home the next night.

Needless to say, we did not make it back home for a couple of more nights. The woman showed back up at the gas station the next day along with her husband. Both of them drove in snowmobiles. She had spent the evening cooking  pots of food to bring to us! They brought in 4 large crockpots of different things. She even brought in hotdogs and bun and other things for us all to eat. 

The next day they finally cleared us out and we were able to leave. that is one of our most favorite memories while trucking! So, whenever I make this in the truck we remember that time. 

Sauerkraut and Sausage Trucker Style:

The ingredients:

Can of sauerkraut
Can of sliced potatoes
Package of sausage/kielbasa
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Salt & Pepper to taste

This is basically how I make it in a skillet at home too.

This is our lunchbox cooker. The number one cooking in the truck appliance to get in my opinion! I have made some amazing meals in this thing! It's a 12 volt appliance that you can buy at any major truck stop. It just plugs into a car lighter. We have used this in our own truck when we have gone on vacation.

I line the inside with aluminum foil just to make clean up easier. I then use a loaf pan (dollar tree 3/$1.00) to add all the ingredients to.

Chop up and and put in pan sausage

Next add potatoes (its okay to add the juice)

Add can of sauerkraut (add juice if you have the room)

Sprinkle in garlic and onion powder

Add salt and pepper. And because I am cooking in a semi truck,  I start opening saved ketchup packets!

I am the queen of condiments in the truck! I save all he extras along with salt, pepper, sugar, and plasticware and napkins in a dollar store container.

Carefully stir all together and cover with foil.

Now place in cooker and let it go for about 45 minutes.

Scoop into large styrofoam cups and serve. The cups are easier to handle while driving.

And there you have it. Our favorite trucking dinner with our favorite story behind it.

I hope you enjoyed this little look into how I cook in a moving semi truck. 

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  1. What a great story! How kind people are!! This looks pretty yummy even if I don't have a truck to cook it in! Have fun!

  2. HI Diann
    What a great story! It's nice to know that people are still good and kind in crisis willing to help each other. That's a great set up cooking with no mess. Receipe looks easy and yummy. Can't wait for your next post.


  3. Diann, I love this story! And wow on the kindness of others..all we hear on the news are bad thinks there are many more good things going on!

  4. What a fabulous story. I love your sausage recipe too. I need to keep this on hand for camping.

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  6. That is a GREAT story! My mom makes this for me sometimes. Sounds good right now!
    Jen in Indiana

  7. A heartwarming story for sure. Recipe sopunds good. Cooking in a truck must be intimate and cozy.

  8. What a great story! I'm glad you were able to find some place to park and to be safe. No one wants to be in that type of situation. I saw your post on Instagram just had to read how you would cook in a semi truck. I had no idea. I bet it makes it a little nicer when you can go along with your husband. I am sure he enjoys the company and the great food. I would never have thought this was even possible, lol.

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  11. Dear Diann, I loved this recipe, very well explained and full of pictures. Thanks for sharing!
    Jenny B


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