A 39 Cent Purchase and a little DIY for a Pretty Touch

Happy Wednesday everyone!

After Sunday's post about slowly reclaiming our bedroom and turning it into a place of comfortable  calm, I have repurposed and recreated a few things to either add function in a pretty and clean way or just added pretty touches. 

And everything I am doing is of course thrifty!

A few days after taking down the dark curtains and replacing them with pretty fresh white ones and adding the new quilt set my mom and I went thrift shopping. We both received our 50% off total purchase coupons in the mail and couldn't wait to see what wonderful bargains we would find! And we also stopped at a Salvation Army store to see if there might be other fun thrift finds.

For me, this was a mission I was excited about doing! I was looking for items I could use in our bedroom. Like I said earlier, I wanted items I could make pretty and functional and just a pretty accent here and there.

Adding simple, easy and thrifty pretty touches to our bedroom. Easy DIY wicker vase

So today's share of my transitioning bedroom is something just pretty! It's just a small touch that makes me smile and feel happy to be in my bedroom.

something as simple as a few thrifted buttery yellow cloth napkins can be a pretty base for a lovely arrangement

The first thing that caught my eye was a set of 8 buttery yellow cloth napkins. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them but, I new they would be a pretty addition in some way. The price for all 8 was $2.99 but, it was brown sticker day so these were only $1.49.

I love to find thrifted items with the original store price tags still on them!

And each napkin still had the original price tag on it! Bonus bargain!

So, I decided to use one of these napkins draped over my standing jewelry box.

Something as simple as this plain wicker vase can be easily transformed into some pretty with a little craft paint.

We have all seen these plain wicker vases in thrift stores. Usually I just walk past them. Not this time. The vase was marked .79 cents which means I bought it for .39 cents. I figured I was gambling that much to try to turn it into something pretty for my bedroom.

I decided to add some gray paint to my white paint to get a softern color on the vase than stark white. I ended up loving the color it came out!

I already had the craft paint at home in my supplies. I decided to add some gray paint to the white to soften up the color a bit. I really like the shade it came out.

When painnting wicker pieces I recommend doing it with a brush and craft paint. Its easier to get a true full complete coverage. I have spray painted wicker before and it took a lot of coats to completely saturate.

I have painted wicker pieces with both spray paint and with craft paint and brush before. If you are doing a small project like this, I recommend doing the craft paint and brush method. You can really get into the crevices better. Make sure you load up your paint brush and work in small sections at a time so you can completely saturate the area in your paint.

completely painted on the outside with craft paint.

All painted and I love it!

remember to paint down inside a vase like item so you don't see natural wicker.

Remember when you are painting something like a vase, paint down inside it a ways so you don't see the original color. It just looks nicer.

add some simple faux flowers to finish off a pretty soft look.

I dug through my box of thrifted and clearance flowers that I pick up whenever I see them very cheap. These came from Michael's a couple of months ago in the clearance aisle for only $1.39 each. They were originally $9.99 each! Yikes. I got the only 3 I could find. 

So easy. So simple. And so thrifty!

My .39 cent vase makes a lovely simple decor element to my bedroom. It's next to my side of the bed so, I see this little vignette first thing when I wake up.

It actually brings me a lot of satisfaction and joy to purchase something as simple as an old plain wicker vase, use items I already have at home and create something pretty!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit! Have a wonderful day!


  1. It is so pretty Diann! I love the touches we can add cheaply to our homes that make a huge impact! You are still the best thrifty shopper!


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