Create a Woven Basket Purse Doorhanging~ Simple and Thrifty!

Hi everyone!

Wow! A post from me! How amazing and shocking! LOL 

I confess after being sick for 5 weeks, it has taken me some time to get back to normal. Well, normal for me that is. This getting older business can really suck! It takes so much longer to completely heal than it did. 

I hope you all have been having a wonderful summer so far. I feel like I am constantly playing catch up these days. Do you feel  that way?

I so wish I could clone myself. Wouldn't that be nice? One Diann could be cleaning the house. One could be working on the yard. One could be doing errands. And me, the original could just have fun and do crafts and other things. 

Earlier this week I just pretended that all those clones were hard at work and I took the time to play and make a new doorhanging for my front door.

How to make a woven basket purse doorhanging at
I thought it was time to change up my door decor. I had my Rainy Day doorhanging on my door for awhile. Then one day my mom and I went thrifting with our 50% off total purchase coupon and I saw this cute summer purse.

How to make a woven basket purse doorhanging the easy and thrifty way!  at

I instantly thought it would be cute for the door filled with pink and white flowers.

Aneasy and thrifty woven basket purse doorhanging at

And the price was right. Half of $3.40 ....$1.70!

How to make a woven basket purse doorhanging at super easy and thrifty!

A quick trip to the dollar store for flowers, burlap ribbon and styrofoam and I was ready to create!

How to make a woven basket purse doorhanging at easy and thrifty

A little tip: stuff the bottom with scrunched up plastic bags. It will bring up the height to add in your styrofoam block. 

Just a trip to a thrift store and the dollar store. How to make a woven basket purse doorhanging at

Then place your styrofoam block in. I leave it wrapped. The flower stems will poke through and it isn't as messy.

How to make a woven basket purse doorhanging at so simple and thrifty

Then cut apart your flower bushes and start pushing them into the styrofoam. You can make  it as full as you want. Just keep playing with the flowers until you are happy.

easy, thrifty and pretty! How to make a woven basket purse doorhanging at

Tie a length of ribbon around the handles of the purse and finish with a bow. That's it!

A fun, thrifty and pretty door hanging. 

Thank you for dropping by for a visit! I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Glad you're on the mend -- lol, as we get older, we sure don't bounce back as quickly for sure! Your project is adorable -- I see so many of these at thrift stores but never thought of using them this way! I'm enjoying this hot, hot summer and for that reason am not as active with posting but I figure winters are LONG so I'll be better then haha!

  2. Diann this is so pretty! What a great idea! It's not fun getting older I can tell you. Hugs!!

  3. It's always fun to see what new and interesting thing you create for our home.
    Every time I come home there's something new on our door that makes me smile.
    I'm a lucky man to have such a creative wife.

  4. Lovely. sweet basket. Pretty flowers.


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