Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? Let's Talk About it. And a How To Make an Easy & Thrifty Bracelet Organizer

Hi everyone!

Recently I gave myself a gift. It's not a gift that I am accepting very easily. But, I am working on it. The gift was permission to ease up on myself. The realization that I can't do it all and especially the fact that I can't do it all at once. 

In my mind I feel around 30 years old. Lots of energy and the whole "I can conquer the world" attitude. I am just now starting, and I mean starting to accept that I am not 30 years old. My body does not respond like I am 30 any more. What a crappy realization! LOL

Now don't get me wrong, I still have my days where I go whole hog and do a major from sun up to sun down running day. Just ignore everything else and go  full  blast working like I'm 30. The big difference? When I lay down at night pretty much every freaking thing hurts! And generally I am down for the count the next day! 

Yup, I  finally hit that realization point of my mind and body don't agree what age I am. Do you know the feeling?

Well, that was a lot of stuff to lead up to  a simple repurposing post. 

I guess the point is that the feeling of being overwhelmed when you think about all the stuff you really need to work on and get done can make you crazy. I will look at a room or an area and think, "Why isn't this cleaned from top to bottom and organized by now?" I have always been able to tackle a big job in a day with no problem. Now I look at that same job and think, "Holy cow this is going to take forever and I am really going to hurt when I'm done!"

And so what happens? I put it off.  

How to make a simple, easy and thrifty bracelet organizer at

The problem with putting it off is that one big project turns into one massive gianormous project! And then you feel yourself falling deeper and deeper into this never ending hole. You start to feel a huge amount of being overwhelmed and angry at yourself. You feel down and sometimes depressed about your surroundings. And when those feelings kick in, it really sends you swirling down that hole. 

Its a vicious circle. And one that can make all things feel impossible. 

Have you ever felt this way? 

So, how do you make it stop? Especially when you just feel tired. The whole overwhelmed feeling can really break you down and make you exhausted mentally and emotionally. And there feels like no escape from it all. And you just don't have the energy to do anything about it.

Baby steps. Yeah, I know....You have heard these two words over and over. Blah....blah....blah. The reality is, that really is the only way to start to break that cycle.

Pick one small area in your home to clean. I'm talking SMALL area. Like really wipe down your toaster so it nice and clean. Or scrub one faucet in your home until it sparkles. Or find one thing you really enjoy that would improve your surrounds in a small way. You love flowers? Go pick out a couple of plants and plant them in a pot to brighten up your yard or entrance to your home. Just one baby step at a time. Do this everyday. Make it as quick as a 15 minute project.  That's it! The old saying Rome wasn't built in a day is so true. 

Your surrounds did not get this way overnight. It took days, weeks or even years. And it will NOT be completely changed in a day or a week or months. But, one baby step has a tendency to lead to two baby steps the next day and so on. 

A small baby step one day can make you smile. A smile can slowly lead into making you feel happy. Feeling happy makes you want and enjoy doing a little bit more the next day. And that is the cycle we want to be on!

One of many baby steps of mine lately was to make this bracelet organizer. It sounds goofy and little too simple huh? Nope, not at all. I really enjoy painting small projects like this. And  making one small thing to help organize a little area of my home makes me happy. 

And that is what it is all about! (Did anyone else just hear the Hokey Pokey song in their head? LOL).

On to my little project......

Yup, just a plain old coffee mug holder makes the best bracelet organizer!

Supplies needed for How to make a simple, easy and thrifty bracelet organizer at

If you are a crafter that uses paint often, I really recommend buying these "sample" cans from hardware stores when they go on sale for .99 cents.  you can get any color that can be mixed and you get a lot more bang for your buck! So much better than buying small craft paint bottles. Not too mention, the coverage is better with one coat than the craft paint.

My cost for How to make a simple, easy and thrifty bracelet organizer at

I used to see these mug trees everywhere at thrift stores and yard sales. Generally around .50 - $1.00. Of course w-once I started actually looking for an old one to redo, I couldn't find a single one! So, when I spotted them at Ollies for $2.49 I just went ahead and bought it new. Which is a seriously rare thing for me to do!

The only thing you really need to do for How to make a simple, easy and thrifty bracelet organizer at

A quick coat of paint and it was done. Just let it dry overnight. 

This is how I used to store my bracelets before I did How to make a simple, easy and thrifty bracelet organizer at

This was how I was storing my bracelets. 
The next time I am at Ollies I am going to pick up 2 more. Another one for bracelets and one for watches. And yes I am an accessory addict! LOL I love fun jewelry and I never pay over $2.00 for any piece of jewelry including fun watches. I consider watches as fun and pretty accessories. I try to match my watch with my outfit.

Wow, a quick big bang for your buck project! How to make a simple, easy and thrifty bracelet organizer at

So, there you have it, an easy & thrifty bracelet organizer. This is a redo anyone can do. So simple and it really keeps my bracelets from becoming clutter on a countertop or in a tray or container of some sort.

Baby steps my friends. It really is all about baby steps!

Right now I want you to think for a moment and find a very small area in your home that you can clean and completely finish in no more than 15 minutes. Or a small project that you would enjoy and would in a small way improve your surrounds. That's it. That is all I am asking of you today. I know you can do it and I know you will feel some small bit of joy from it. 

And that will make ME smile!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I really do hope you have a wonderful day!!


  1. I know that overwhelming feeling so well. I feel like I've been downsizing and trying to organize my home for 3 years. Results? I get some and then things get cluttered up again. It seems endless. I really like the idea of just tackle one small problem or project a day. Good for you and I love your bracelet rack! CUTE!

  2. Hi Diann
    Thanks for this post. I was sitting in the living room looking up at the plant ledges before reading your post. I was wondering when and how would I get up there to clean and dust those?
    So thank you for saving me...I'll wait and do something lower to the ground and a smaller job. One thing at a time! Baby steps.
    So good to hear from you again! I've missed your post.
    Love your jewelry holder. Turned out really pretty.😉

    Hugs friend,


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