Eating on the Road ~ Part 2

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Today I am continuing my "Eating on the Road" post. If you missed the first part it is here: Eating on the Road ~ Part 1

Trying to eat healthy and thrifty are not an easy task when you are traveling. If you are going on a trip in a car you can pop in here and there at stores and pick up what you need when you need it. Not so much in a semi truck. And so you need to plan ahead. 

Another issue is space. There isn't a lot of it in the cab of a truck. The truck Troy  used to drive 15 years ago was a lot bigger than the one he has now. Everything has been streamlined down. 

We have electricity in the truck so you could have different cooking methods. However, finding place to store them or clean them is a major issue. Plus most small cooking appliances aren't built for a moving semi truck. 

An example is a crockpot. I tried using a crockpot several times years ago when Troy and I traveled a lot together and the truck he had was more spacious. The first big problem is crockpots are on four little legs. That means they are not stable for the bumping, jerky and sudden stops made when traveling. And you do not want a pot of chili flying in the back of the truck! I tried blocking it in and really couldn't get it secure enough. 

The second big problem was the lid to the crockpot is not secured. And continuously worked it's way off. I even tried bungee cords and not only did that not work, those cords got very hot and I was afraid of a fire situation. 

They make truck specific small appliances that run off a 12 volt lighter, like you have in cars. All of these appliances are made to use when you are stopped. They have little frying pan, which we have and I made a lot of our meals using that when we were sitting at a dock. They have small soup pots. I also have used those when the truck wasn't moving. There are popcorn poppers (never used) and they also have a one burner butane stove, which we don't have so I haven't tried it.

The two small trucking appliances I use and recommend, both can be used while driving. That's what makes them my favorite. The company Troy works for now is a Logistics company which means there is very little downtime. We run hard so I need to be able to prepare and cook our meals while the truck is running. 

Which ain't always easy! LOL

The two appliances I use most are the Lunchbox Cooker (oven) and the Water Boiler (I can't remember what the official name of it is). The best part is both of these appliances work great in your car.

Sorry the picture is so dark. There is very little light in the back of the truck.

This lunch box cooker gets up to 300 degrees. For cleaning purposes it fits a loaf pan size aluminum pan. The best place to buy them is at the dollar store. You can get 3 for $1.00. The truckstop prices are about triple that. I also keep aluminum foil to cover the pan so it doesn't splatter everywhere. Also, if I am just heating up something that isn't liquidy, I just line the cooker with foil.

There are different ways to make use of this cooker. It can act as a crockpot, a microwave, an oven or casserole pan. 

You can also put a can into the cooker. Open up the can and just sit it inside and let it heat up while you are driving. Or open a can of pork and beans pour it into a tin then put hotdogs on top. There are a ton of different things that can be made in this cooker while you are driving. You just have to remember to be choosy when it comes to things that have to be refrigerated verses shelf stable foods. Very little room for cold things.

You can even bake a cake in it.

My next favorite truck appliances is the Water Boiler.

It is a thermos with a core heating element inside at the bottom. You plug it into a lighter and it heats water up to boiling. For stability it comes with a little metal clip you attach somewhere in the truck and the thermos then attaches to that.

Lots of things can be made just from boiling water.

And the best part is all of these foods are shelf stable so they can just be tucked into the food cubbies and not refrigerated.

You can see from this picture that there is a little light inside and you can see the boiling bubbles.

There are times that for whatever reason I am not able to get some coffee in the morning. That is NOT a good thing! So, I keep these little single serve coffee bags in the truck for coffee emergencies! I also like a cup of tea at night to enjoy while I read my book so, this little gadget works out nicely. Also cup of soups are a favorite of mine. I actually make them myself and bring them along in the truck for those times that you are just a little hungry but, don't want a full meal.

That is a little look into eating on the road from a semi truck perspective. I think I may have to write another post regarding just simple tips that everyone can use while traveling. I didn't even get to those yet. I think I just talk too much! LOL

I know a lot of you have asked to see what it looks like in the truck so, the next time I go out on the road with Troy I will take pictures so you can see it.

If you have any questions regarding the life of a truck drivers wife, please don't hesitate to ask. I enjoy sharing information with you.

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  1. Who knew! It must be very difficult! Eating healthy is so important. All the pkgd and canned food has so much salt, etc. Have you been able to avoid weight gain? If I am traveling for a day I worry about what I can eat as I have to be so careful. A fat free yogurt and apple hold you just so long!
    Happy travels!

  2. Kathleen, thanks for stopping by. Yes it is hard to eat healthy on the road in a semi truck. In part 1 I talked more about that and the things we do. The funny thing is I usually lose a pound or two when I go out on the road with Troy. Don't ask why cuz I have no idea. :)

  3. So interesting and I wouldn't have thought about cooking on the road, but I know it would get very expensive to buy food on the road and fast food would get boring plus its not very healthy. Good tips Diann.

  4. looks like your creativity in the cab has paid off. You have found some great ways to eat on the road.


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