Easy DIY Rainy Day Door Hanging

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Well, it is finally Spring here in Michigan and since nicer weather has arrived my time management skills have gone! When the windows are open and the sun is shining I seem to get caught up in the beautiful weather and ignore a whole lot of other things I should get done. Like blogging. LOL So, I'm sorry about that! I am still working on part 2 of Eating on the Road. I just need to buckle down and finish uploading pictures.

I love wreaths on my door and I love making them. I also like to try to change it up by creating a different type of door hanging. I saw the idea of using a childrens pair of rain boots about 5 years ago on Pinterest and have wanted to make one since then. It was supposed to be the whole "April Showers Bring May Flowers" type of thing but, here in Michigan we are still getting plenty of rain in May.

So, when I found these little girls rubber boots on clearance at the Dollar General for $3.00 I snatched them up and made my Rainy Day Door Hanging!

Easy DIY Rainy Day Door Hanging How to at thethriftygroove.com

How sweet is that! I think this might just be my new favorite thing I have made for my door!

Once I had the cute pair of pink children's galoshes, it just took a quick trip to the dollar store for the rest of the supplies.

Easy DIY Rainy Day Door Hanging How to at thethriftygroove.com supplies


Childrens galoshes

A package of dollar store styrofoam (I used the green with 4 pieces inside)

4 flower bushes 


Some wire to secure bow

Wire cutters to cut flowers apart from the bush

Since these galoshes were brand new, I left the little plastic thing that connects the 2. If you have to, punch small holes in the galoshes at the top of each boot and connect with string or wire.

Easy DIY Rainy Day Door Hanging How to at thethriftygroove.com keep boots connected

Next I took apart the styrofoam and used 1 1/2 pieces shoved down into each boot.

Easy DIY Rainy Day Door Hanging How to at thethriftygroove.com add styrofoam down into each boot.

Now just cut your flowers apart and start poking them into the styrofoam.

Once you have your flowers in cut a length of ribbon. Loop it around the plastic that holds the two boots together and create a loop (mine was about 2 feet of ribbon so once looped it was in half) and tie it off to hang on your door hanger. Then I made a bow and wired it together with craft wire and used that to secure it to the wreath hanger. 

So fun and sweet for your front door! And easy and thrifty to boot (Couldn't help the pun!).

What do you think? Would you like to add a little something different to your door? Here is another summer door hanging that is not a wreath: Tulip Pocket Door Hanging

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  1. This is so cute Diann! I miss you blogging but see you on FB each day so that is always good. Big Hugs!!


  2. Spectacular!! I love it too!

  3. Hi Diann,
    That is so adorable! Yes I hear you with the nice weather. When it get nice for you up there it starts getting hot and humid down here in Florida. :) Good to see you blogging always enjoy what you have to share.

  4. What a cute idea! I've seen these little boots at JoAnn's and never thought how to use them. Thanks!

  5. Love it. Clever, cute and picture perfect for the front door.

  6. That is very cute. So bright and happy looking.


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