Spring Attitude?

Hi everyone!

I just returned from traveling with my husband for 3 weeks. This time out we spent most of our time in North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. The weather was beautiful and we were wearing tshirts and shorts most days.

If you follow me on Facebook (and here), you came right along with us on our adventures. I posted all the beautiful blooming trees, the green grasses and pretty Spring flowers. I was so excited that Spring had sprung! 

Where is my springs?

I spent hours daydreaming and telling Troy all the things I couldn't wait to get back home to start doing in our yard. I wrote down ideas of where I want to plant this and that. I keep a notebook with me at all times when I am on the road with Troy.  

I have lists of changes for the yard, projects to get started on now that it is Spring. My creative juices were flowing like crazy!

And then we started heading home to Michigan. The further North we got, the colder it got. We started seeing snow on the ground. 

I got so caught up in the warm Southern states that I somehow forgot that April in Michigan usually means cold and wet weather. 

So all my spring plans started popping. Back to reality. I was actually getting sad that I had painted a southern image of my northern home. We got home to icy rain and gloomy skies. I felt my happy energy dwindle. 

And it sure didn't help lift my mood when my social media feed and email inbox are packed with all these beautiful images of gardens, flowers, patio redos etc. Why is it most home and garden bloggers live in the South? 

So, that first night home I just got a bad case of the blahs. Even when I went to bed this disappointment followed me and kept me awake. I couldn't shake it. 

After a couple of hours of tossing and turning I realized I needed to get rid of this yucky feeling and approach things differently. 

I decided I have more time to get things ready. I have a whole lot of cleaning and organizing projects inside my home that I still want to get done. And who wants to tackle those when the weather outside is beautiful? Also, although the weather outside is not pretty, it affords me the opportunity to slowly work on prepping my gardens. A little here and there instead of that madness that tells me I need to get everything done right this second because the weather is perfect.

I guess my number one thing was to do a little spring cleaning in my attitude and how I look at things.  

Are you feeling the lack of Spring? What are you doing to add Spring in your attitude even if when you look outside you see no Spring?

I am so glad you dropped by! Have a happy thrifty day!


  1. It must have been hard to head home to cold and rain after the pretty Spring in the south. It's a bit cold right now but will warm up soon and I'll be planting some new flowers. Spring clean you home and get ready for outdoor time!

  2. Home always disappoints after a long trip. But get your gardening cap on this upcoming weekend is suppose to boast warm temps.

  3. Ah, I am so sorry you are having the blahs. We are having pretty weather down here for sure. I have to agree its also more of an attitude and remember you will enjoying the summer when we are sweltering about having enough. LOL! I have enjoyed reading your posts of your travels on facebook!


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