Eating on the Road ~ Part 1

Hi everyone!

Being in a semi truck with Troy for 3 weeks can be a shock to the system. Especially when it comes to food. We are in the truck pretty much 24/7. With the exception of when we are on a dock, sleeping or potty breaks, that truck is rolling. That is how we make money, by the mile not the hour. So, if we are stopped, we don't make any money.

Semi trucks can't just stop anywhere or pull into any restaurant. We generally have to stop at truck stops. Once in awhile we will find a restaurant that is within walking distance of a truck stop that we can have a meal at. This is a rarity and a treat! 

So, our food choices are limited. Most of the large chain truck stops have at least one fast food restaurant. And most of them have hot cases with food available. The problem with the hot food cases is that 95% of it is deep fried foods. And all of that really starts to taste the same after awhile. Not too mention its not a good healthy choice and it gets expensive.

One of the most difficult situations is this: You just wake up and you hurry and get dressed because you are doing the potty dance and you have to walk across this big parking lot and when you get in there the smells hit you! Fresh Krispy Kreme donuts....Dunkin Donuts....and now several of the big chain truck stops have a Cinnabon mini bakery! 

Most of us don't have to be subjected to these alluring smells as we make our first cup of coffee of the day!  And of course these tempting treats are right next to the coffee station. With out a doubt, this is the hardest temptation to resist!

And sometimes, our willpower goes right out the window! But, we really try to avoid it as much as possible.

Fortunately a couple of the large truck stops have a Subway in them as well. This is our preferred fast food restaurant when we are on the road. You can at least eat a little healthier with a fresh sub than a burger joint. 

Since the largest chain truck stops are now "Travel Plazas" and are really bringing in "4 wheelers" (they have a regular gas station for everyday cars and have places for RVers to park and a dump station) they really are working at filling the need of "fresh and healthier choices". 

Most of the big chains have cups filled with cut up fruit or veggies. They are also carrying pre-made salads, boiled eggs, yogurt, fresh bananas, apples and sandwiches. 

The big problem is that all of this adds up very quickly without you realizing it! And there is two of us.

We do have a small refrigerator in the truck. It is smaller that a dorm fridge. Once you put in some bottles of water there is barely any room left. So, we have to be very picky at what we buy that needs to be refrigerated. 

When we have the time and able to get to it, we try to pull into a Walmart. They generally allow semis to park in there lot as long as it is far from the store. So, we carefully pick up groceries for the truck.

Fruit like bananas, oranges and apples don't have to be refrigerated so, we get a few days worth of them. The constant jarring of the truck can really wreck havoc and bruise fruit so, we only get a few days worth at a time. We also pick up some cheese, lunch meat, milk and yogurt for the fridge . That's about all that will fit in the fridge.

Veggies are more difficult. They have to be cleaned, peeled, cut and refrigerated. And all those things are not "truck friendly". We will pick up some small pre-cleaned/peeled/sliced veggies once in awhile but, once again, they are more expensive and have to be eaten right away. 

*A side note: eating a lot of fresh raw veggies while driving for hours in a semi truck is not the best thing on your stomach! You can't just stop any 'ol place when you need to. 

When we stop at Walmart I generally buy V8 because it helps get the nutrients and I can drink it cold or not. And it isn't rough on my stomach. I buy a 6 pack of these for about $3.50. At the truck stops they are anywhere between $1.89-$2.49 each! 

I didn't realize how much I have to talk about on this subject. So, I think I will end this post here and pick it up in my next post so y'all don't get too bored! LOL 

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  1. It's true. Need to park the trucks in the place where it is allocated.Searching for a restaurant in our travel is a great challenge...

  2. Eating on the road is an artform. My hubby and I have been playing this game for over 30 years. You have to be clever and frugal. looks like you have a handle on it.

  3. So interesting Diann. I find it difficult to eat healthy on car trips, never mind living in a semi truck. Looking forward to reading part 2.

  4. I never thought much about how little you can carry in the truck food wise. I know it must get expensive to buy every meal on the road also. Great info and interesting tips for travel.

  5. Thank you for this post! I found that when I went on an extended bus trip, that I got sick of burger joints! I like Subway and the yogurt/fruit in a cup at service stations. I never thought of the V8! This would be great for me as I have problems with veggies.

  6. I enjoyed this post very much, and in no way was it boring. I'll be waiting for your next post. It's very interesting how you can find healthy foods, I know it can be difficult.


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