We Went To Chocolate World in Hershey PA!

Hi everyone!

One of the fun places we were able to work into our road trip was a stop at Hershey's Chocolate World. We were lucky to have gotten a load to pick up in the Hershey PA area and that load was going to take a little while to get ready.

So, on New Years Day we headed to the chocolate mecca...Hershey! 

Since it was the dead of winter none of the outside stuff was open. They have a large amusement park, petting zoo, trolleys and other fun stuff during the warm months.

Fortunately we only really wanted to just stop and check it all out. And of course take the chocolate tour! The tour is free so, it was right in our budget zone! LOL

A fun day at Hersheys chocolate world. A had such a fun time taking the chocolate tour and just checking the place out!

It's fun just pulling into Chocolate World. They have different things that you can do that all cost something. But, the tour is free and a lot of fun! You get into moving cars and are taken on a curvy tour showing from start to finish how the different Hershey candies are made. The entire thing is narrated and the cars will face you toward the different displays. There is even a part of the tour that they release a chocolate scent into the air. At the end of the tour you get a little Hershey candy. 

Inside the free tour at Hersheys chocolate world. Such a fun ride through the animated world of creating the candies!

They have fun animated characters singing and talking about the whole candy making process.

2016 trip to chocolate world.but don't break the bank! at thethriftygroove.com

2016 trip to chocolate world.and go with a spending budget in place! at thethriftygroove.com

The bulk of the huge building is a huge store selling everything you can imagine Hershey! All the vivid colors, the smells and the sounds make you feel like you are a kid in a candy store.....well, I guess you are!

2016 trip to chocolate world and tips on where to save some money while having fun////. at thethriftygroove.com

There are plenty of little food shops in the food court area. 

In order to not spend a lot of money, Troy and I picked several different things at different food vendor areas and just split whatever it was. And that still added up pretty quickly. The prices are about the same at an average amusement park. And to be honest, most of the dishes we had really weren't all the great. But, we just enjoyed the overall experience.

2016 trip to chocolate world. saving money tips.. at thethriftygroove.com

I had to get a few goodies for us, family and friends!

I think this is a fun place to stop and visit. Whether it's just you and your spouse or a family. I have no idea how much tickets are for the amusement park. It did look like a fun place. They have hotels and a campground in the Hershey area. 

2016 trip to chocolate world.in Hershey PA at thethriftygroove.com

If I were a family and decided to go here I would check out all the ticket prices for the different events. Decide which ones you are going to go to and save for. Definitely go on the free chocolate tour! 

2016 trip to chocolate world. at thethriftygroove.com

Where I would save money is in food. I would get a couple of milkshakes (depending on how many people are in your family) and split a shake between 2 people (throw a couple of disposable cups in your bag.), The shakes aren't very big and they are pricey. I would pack a picnic lunch and snacks. In order to make it special, maybe buy a Hershey throw to use as your picnic blanket. If you are planning on buying shirts they will run you between $12.99-$35.99 (on average). They sell all the normal size Hershey candy there as well. Maybe let each kid pick out one of those for their treat. 

It's real easy to spend a lot of money while you are walking around this big place. Merchandise is everywhere you turn. And that's the whole point. You get caught up in all the fun and excitement.

We had a lot of fun at Chocolate World. It was a great way to spend our New Years Day. And I would recommend this as a fun family weekend trip. Just check out the things you want to do ahead of time and budget accordingly. Save money on food and drinks by packing your own.

Have you been to Chocolate World? How do you save money when you go to these types of attractions?

Thank you for visiting with me! Have a wonderful day!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I remember going as a very young child in the early 1970's. It was a rainy day and we skipped the amusement park, but I recall bits and pieces of the tour.

  2. Looks like a fun place to visit! I agree the food is always the most expensive thing at these places!

  3. Fun fun, been looking for a road trip to take our Granddaughter!


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