A Bright, Cheery and Thrifty Christmas Poinsettia Tablescape

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While I am busy decorating my home, I thought I would share some past Christmas posts. I hope you enjoy!

As many of you already know, through our business, DTL Herbs, we have a working partnership with a local high school. This high school has an amazing agricultural program. We teach, mentor and assist in this program. The other day Troy was meeting with other staff at the high school early in the morning. So early in fact, that I was just waking up when he had returned home
As I went into the kitchen to start coffee, out of the corner of my eye I saw this large blur of red. I looked over at the dining table and this is what I saw!


Yup, a whole lot of poinsettias! The high school grows them and sells them to earn money. Well, once the holiday vacation started and the kids weren’t in school, one of the things that needed to be done was get the greenhouse ready for their return. All the poinsettias were headed to the compost pile. Troy snagged a few for me.
So, when you have a surprise of a bunch of poinsettias, what do you do?

A bright and cheery Christmas poinsettia tablescape. Very easy, thrifty but, so pretty!

You do a tablescape!


And I had the perfect dishes to go with these beauties!


These dishes are so color drenched. They just pop!


So pretty and vibrant!


I have all kinds of fun  poinsettia table items. I have a set of four of these gold and silver leaf poinsettia napkin rings.


In the bag I store the poinsettia napkin rings, I also have a set of these gold and silver holly napkin rings. I thought they would look pretty just sitting on top of the vintage milk glass water goblets.


I also have a set of five of these pillar poinsettia candle holders. They are a matching set with the poinsettia napkin rings.




This table is so lush with vivid reds and whites. I think it is one of Troy’s favorite tablescapes so far.



I used my vintage hobnail milk glass pitcher and stemware for the table. I thought the bright white was perfect.


I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that everything (except silverware) was thrifted. Poinsettia were free and the candles were after Christmas sale at Walmart for .24 cents each. Everything else came from thrift stores, flea markets and/or yard sales

A bright and cheery poinsettia tablescape. Very thrifty but, so pretty! Easy DIY

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  1. So pretty Diann! I love Poinsettia's but can't have any in the house because Charlie likes to munch on plants. I use to have one at my office each year. Today at church we will have the in honor of/in memory of poinsettia's in the church windows. I got one In Memory of my Dad!

  2. I love poinsettas, one of my favorite parts of Christmas decorating. Beautiful tablesetting too.


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