Thrifty Fall Vignette

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I have to say that Mother Nature is truly the most beautiful and talented decorator! Don’t you agree? For inspiration I love to take a walk and look at what is provided naturally. Adding nature items to your home gives it a real representation of what season it is.
Since I am all about being thrifty, I really like the fact that Mother Nature provides beautiful free things for us to use in our home!

I created a Thrifty Fall Vignette on a small side cabinet.

Create a lovely and colorful Thrifty Fall Vignette with items provided free from mother nature , a few thrift store finds and things you already own.

Sunday I shared my out of season thrift store flower arrangement.

A thrifty autumn side table decked out with thrift store finds, things around the house and freebies from mother nature

This past summer I picked up this piece of driftwood from an overflow dam near our cabin in Northern Michigan. It reminded me of a shed deer antler.

Items found from naure make the best seasonal decorations.

Troy was at a customers and he saw all the Hedge apples that had fallen. He grabbed a bag and picked a bunch for me knowing I would love to use them in Fall decorating. Yup, I have an awesome husband! So, the drift wood, hedge apples and the leaves are all freebies from mother nature! I just love the colors!

Looked through my home for things to use for a thrifty fall vignette. Add in a fee pretty free nature items and home decorating is made easy and thrifty!

I have had this lantern and the candles for years. The wood Harvest sign in the background was a fun and thrifty find at a local craft store back in August for only $3.00!

Create a colorful and pretty thrifty Fall Vignette with a few thrifted itens. a few items found around your home and a few free items provided by mother nature.

There you have it. A Thrifty Fall Vignette using a few thrifted finds, a few things I already had and Mother Nature.

How about you? Were you able to take advantage of mother nature and decorate your home for Fall? Maybe created your own Thrifty Fall Vignette?

Now that we are heading into the Christmas season, you are going to see a lot more of nature in my decorating!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit! I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. Pretty little vignette! I love the hedge apples, so much texture. I'm just ready to move on to Christmas decor this year. hugs!!



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