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Thrift stores, a true love/hate relationship for me! The Big charity stores (Salvation Army & Goodwill) have their items marked so high that I never buy items from these stores unless they are the colored tags that are 50% off. Sadly their 50% price is generally the price they should be marked at in the first place. So, I still rarely buy the items. Once in awhile I will find a decent deal but, rarely. Generally I only shop at these two stores on the weekend for clothing when whatever color sticker they have been for the week goes 5/$5.00. Sometimes I purchase the clothes to actually wear or sometimes I am buying the clothing items for their fabric.

That’s why I search out small independent thrift stores. Some are good and some are bad. Fortunately I have found a couple near me that are good decently priced stores that really are doing some wonderful charitable work.

Buy out of season at thrift stores. Find the best bargains when no one else is looking for them.

I Buy Out Of Season at Thrift Stores like these all the time. You get the best choices of the best items when you are willing to shop for out of season things. People are generally looking for items that represent the upcoming holiday or season.

I think there are 2 main reasons why people don’t shop for out of season items at thrift stores. 1.) They just don’t think ahead. 2.) They don’t know where do put these out of  items. I can’t blame them for that last one. All of those holiday/seasonal items are put away and who wants to deal with that! I wrote a blog post about how I deal with that last issue. You can read it here: Organizing out of season thrift store finds

Here are a couple of items I purchased half off there sticker price is July
For the best deals at thrift stores, look for the out of season items.

This wall hanging with dried preserved leaves in it isn’t necessarily a seasonal item, but I thought it would be pretty for Fall when it rolled around. And for $4.50 (the original sticker price on the back was $49.99) it was a good deal. It was in perfect condition.

Shopping the thrift stores for out of season items is when you get your best deals.

Once I hung it, Troy and I both liked it for everyday. So, it is staying right where it is.

When shoppers are focused on the next upsoming holiday is when to look for seasonal items that aren't coming up next.

I showed you these flowers I bought on this post: 10 Things to Look For When You Go Thrifting

I also picked up this package of preserved real leaves at the Christmas Tree Shops back in the summer.

Create a simple Fall arrangement with bargains for at the thrift store.

I think it might have been last year stock so it was marked down.
I decided that just those 2 items would make a pretty Autumn arrangement.

Repurpose items found out of season at the thrift stores

First thing to do was snip all the flower steams out of the pot.

When no one was looking for a seasonal item, thats the best time to snatch them up

I added a Dollar Tree block of styrofoam (I cut it up first) into a vintage ironstone tureen.

No one is looking for fall flowers in July so, thats when I was able to get a great deal on some higher end Fall flowers.

I just arranged the Fall flowers and leaves together and it turned out lovely! Total cost less that $3.00. And they can be reused for years.
When thrifting, think several months ahead when it comes to seasonal items. Thats when you find your best bargains.
Do you Buy Out of Season at Thrift Stores?
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  1. You know I do!! I buy whatever is a good deal. Harder to find now it seems. I also shop smaller Thrifts and look for bargains. Sadly I'm starting to seriously downsize my holiday and seasonal decorating. I just don't have the space for it all nor the energy to change things out like I use too. I will still decorate for the big holidays but I think things like St Pat's day and even Valentine's day are going to be smaller and smaller if not gone all together.

  2. Diann, I do buy out of season items, if the price is right. I very seldom go to Goodwill any longer since, I found out they don't donate anything to charity. I have far better luck at Savers than any other thrift stores. Your floral arrangement is very striking with the oranges and reds.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Troy!

  3. Another big advantage of the smaller shops over the big box thrift stores is the smaller stores don't have room to store stuff all year either.
    The megastores get all the Christmas things donated in January, for example, and they just warehouse them until next Christmas time when they can demand top dollar.
    The smaller stores often just put it right out on the shelf as soon as they get it.
    They don't want it to sit there all year, taking up space, so they price it to move
    Sometimes you can find amazing "after holiday specials."


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