How to Make a Fun, Easy and Thrifty Halloween DIY Topsy Turvey Glam Pumpkin!

Hi everyone!
I thought I would kick off October 1st with one of my most favorite, easy, thrifty and fun Halloween DIY projects

Have you done any Halloween decorating this year? I don’t do a lot but, I like to have some fun things around the house. This was a fun and thrifty Halloween project, The Topsy Turvy Glam Pumpkins!

Topsy Turvy Glam Pumpkins @ The Thrifty Groove

I thought it would be fun to “stack” some glittery pumpkins I bought at Walmart (.97 cents each).

Topsy Turvy Glam Pumpkins

What I used:
  • 3 different shaped foam pumpkins
  • a black boa
  • Wood skewers
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
Yes, this is inexpensive and easy….two of my favorite things!

Topsy Turvy Glam Pumpkins

Decide the order you want to stack your pumpkins and cut a length of the boa to glue around the bottom of your bottom pumpkin.

Topsy Turvy Glam Pumpkins
Topsy Turvy Glam Pumpkins

Grab a wooden skewer and you second pumpkin.

Topsy Turvy Glam Pumpkins

I put a little hot glue on the bottom of the orange pumpkin and then pushed the wooden skewer through both the orange and the purple pumpkin.

Topsy Turvy Glam Pumpkins

Snip off the excess wooden skewer. Then do the same with the top pumpkin (a little glue and another wooden skewer through the top and second pumpkin).

Topsy Turvy Glam Pumpkins

Now snip off a few feathers and glue them in between the pumpkins. This will hide your little stub of wooden skewer.

Topsy Turvy Glam Pumpkins

I sat mine on top of a candlestick.

Topsy Turvy Glam Pumpkins

All done!

Topsy Turvy Glam Pumpkins

Just a fun little easy Halloween décor project!

do you do any Halloween decorating? Do you make any fun DIY projects for the holiday?

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  1. This is cute and really like the addition of the boa. Thanks for the
    sharing this idea.

  2. So stinking cute and you make it look so easy!!! Very pretty! Pinned!


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