Finding My Place In The Blogosphere

Hi everyone!

Things are going to be looking a bit different here at TTG!

Over the last couple of months I have been working with a blog designer to redesign my blog. Nothing fancy or blow your socks off kind of design. That really isn’t me. I’m just a gal that likes to blog and share thoughts and ideas with others. I will never be one of those “Mega Bloggers”.

I do hope to add some income in the future from my blog however, it will never be a lot because above all I have to be honest with myself and with you. So many of you have been with me for years and know all the ups and downs I have been through. And I hope that I have built a trust with you guys. It’s hard to bare your soul with some of the things I have gone through but, I can say that I did it with complete honesty. And you have reached out to me with amazing support and love. And no amount of money can buy that!

finding my place
So with all that stuff going through my head lately I have been trying to figure out where I fit in the blogoshere.

Every blogging authority out there states you MUST have a Niche!  It seems to be the number one thing to have…a set Niche. Niche! Niche! Niche!

I have been reading a gazillion articles trying to better my blogging skills. And the word Niche comes up in everyone of them!

Are you a Food Blogger? A DIY blogger? A Gardening Blogger? A Money Blogger? A Organization Blogger? A Cleaning Blogger? And so on. They say you have to pick one and stick to it.

Sponsors, advertisers and readers want a single defined Niche. Great! I don’t fit into any one of those things. I’m the flip flopping, disorganized, going all over the place blogger. Apparently that is not a Niche! I’m screwed!

I spent many hours of trying to figure this whole niche thing out and kind of freaking myself out about it. I wondered if I should just call it quits to blogging all together.  I felt like the characters of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer….”I’m just a misfit!”

After months of thinking about this whole Niche situation, I still couldn’t put a name on The Thrifty Groove so, I just stopped thinking about it. It was hurting my brain!
Then I took some time off and headed up to our trailer. It was just me and my parents there. No stresses, no worries and no set schedules for this or that. It was just a time to relax.

It’s amazing what can happen when your mind lets go of all the everyday worries. You enable yourself to just see things in that moment. Preconceived ideas go out the window. 
One day, it was raining and I was sitting outside our trailer under the awning just enjoying the rain and the peace surrounding me. I was looking through some of the herb books I brought up and just enjoying my coffee. And then just out of the blue an epiphany hit me! Yes, I said epiphany! I have a niche! it may not be the same as everyone else but, by golly I have a freaking niche!

Thrifty! That’s it. I write about Thrifty Gardening, Thrifty Recipes, Thrifty DIY projects, Thrifty cleaning tips, Thrifty organization ideas and anything else my little heart desires when it is thirty!

Basically my entire life revolves around being thrifty. It always has been. And life contains more than just one niche! It’s more a way of life than an area of life.

I realized that this is MY blog and I have a very full and sometimes complicated life but, above all, it is a Thrifty life! And that is what I love to share here.

So, I go against the grain of the blogging experts. So, I don’t fit perfectly in one category. So, I am not sharing and writing about one specific genre. So, I’m odd. I can live with that! It’s who I am and what I am living.
It’s MY truth!

And then I also realized that you guys, my readers, are okay with that. If you weren’t you wouldn’t be here. So, take that blogging gurus!!

I’m glad you are here and I hope you will enjoy …
 “The Thrifty Groove Book 2: March to the Beat of My Own Drum “.

Once again, thank you for stopping by for a visit and being part of my life!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Diann, it was right there all the time! You are Thrifty and enjoy doing it! It's a necessity but it can also be fun. When I started blogging I looked for Thrifty and that is how I found you. All these years later we have become dear friends and I can't imagine you fitting in any 'niche' any more then I do!! We are what we are. I blog because I love it and over the years I've changed also but I'm still here and so are you!

    1. Linda, I can't believe how long it has been since we have met each other through blogging! And I feel wonderfully blessed to have you in my life!

  2. You're ahead of me. I have no clue, other than I likes to write. I've been working on my own though, attempting to integrate all that I love into who knows? Today it's been working out a way to bring back the old blogging prompts/group I used to enjoy on MySpace. Too much advertising and sales going on in most now so I want a human to human interaction. I like what you're doing. I admit, I only just read this blog, (I've followed you on Instagram for a bit) but I'm gonna peruse a bit because I do love thrifty! Be yourself. That's always good. :)

    1. Thanks Kim! I can so relate to everything you are saying!

  3. Just be yourself!

    Love you for who you are.😉

  4. I know what you mean, years ago I started a blog, thought I had some interesting things to put out there, but it did not work. Gave up and am still not blogging drop in and out of discussions. One thought I had was that I lived in Australia and far away from the blogging capital USA, I have watched the go and get it blogs. They have been great, but when they get to the "my secretary will get back to you" they have lost me. I like the mimes and dads type blogs.
    Good luck with how you keep running your blog.

    1. Thanks Larain! I totally get the "my secretary....." part. I have seen that too.

  5. I have followed your blog for a few years now and enjoy your posts!! Your thrifty posts are always interesting. Also really enjoy your FB posts every day. Fun to read those comments!!

  6. awww, see you do have a niche. Me? still a mis-fit niche, but that suits me just fine.

  7. Obviously the are more of the "misfits" out there than you thought. Personally I like a little change in my life, and enjoy it in your's too. It never gets stale or stagnant. Daring to be different puts a little spice in our life. Who doesn't need spice?
    Blessing today.

  8. I love a good food blogger, but some of my favourite blogs are 'misfit' blogs...just the general life stuff. Having a niche is sometimes overrated :)

  9. I've always enjoyed reading your blog. I too have been struggling with my blogs. When I first started blogging seven years ago, it seemed simple. Simple enough that I split my blog in two. One for my quilting journey, the second for thrifting. But since so much social media has bombarded us, I really wonder if I should just drop the blogging. I don't think many read one of my blogs unless I am attached to a linky. I enjoy writing them, but it just seems like there is so much out there, and people have to choose where they spend their time. And I think most of them are on Facebook.
    Thanks for begin honest and up front. Keep on blogging.


  10. I dont know about the niche part... I just write and post what i feel to if folks come wonderful im happy if they dont its ok i dont think id want to be put on the stop of having to go crazy all the time to write post everyday... I think people follow because they find a interest in what you show write.. But im glad that you found your niche, blessing ps have a great week.. With love Janice

  11. Congrats on finding your own answer. Your always a niche and authority on your life and what it's is. That inspires you to keep writing.

  12. Looking good over here. Very nice. It is bright and clean and very professional looking.
    I don't know about this whole niche thing either. My blog is about life in general. Daily things, good and bad. Living life and sharing the bits of it with others who are just living day to day. Hey... I think I just found my tagline.. I'm going to steal my own words.


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