I Hit My Refresh Button

Hi everyone!
I just returned from another getaway to Northern Michigan. How blessed am I?! My parents were up there as well. And having a chance to spend more time with them alone is always a treat.
I got to our trailer about 9:30 Labor Day so, it was already dark. I visited with my parents in the cabin for awhile and then unloaded my stuff from the trailer and then snuggled into bed to read and relax.
The next morning when I woke I heard it raining outside. Just a nice summer rain. First of all, that made me want to just snuggle deeper into my blankets and jut listen to the rain. But, I knew if I did that I would be asleep again in no time!
The Cabin 9/15
So, I got up and put on a pot of coffee (yes, we “put on” coffee or “put on some chili” and various other things.). I looked out the window and there were my mom and dad splitting wood and hauling it to the shed in the light rain. I thought I better get dressed and head out there and help them while the rain is so light.
By the time I got dressed and shoes on the clouds opened up and the rain just poured from the skies. I saw my parents go into the cabin.
Now, I know most of you think rain is the enemy when it comes to a getaway or vacation. I can understand that especially if you have kids or have planned events. But, for me, it was like God said, “Here Diann, this is my special gift to you. Enjoy!”.
Being in our travel trailer, back in the woods, the windows open and rain coming down is just a little slice of heaven! I got a cup of coffee and went outside under our canopy and sat down at the table and just breathed. Weird huh? The rain hitting the canopy was like heavenly music. I just looked out into the woods and felt all my worries and stress drain away.
You know how you hear about people being able to go into meditative states? This is kind of what I did. I sat there drinking my coffee, watching the pine trees drop pinecones, seeing the Bluejays nestled in tight to the branches, watching the rain drip from the evergreens and seeing the rain splash on the ferns. Total and complete serenity.
9/15 cabin
It give me a chance to clearly see all the blessings in my life. And to completely immerse myself in the joy I have.
That’s something we all need to be able to do from time to time. Step back from our everyday chaotic lives and all the trappings of reality and truly feel the blessings and joys in our lives. Think about all the positive things we have. It renews you. It’s like a refresh button for our spirit.


  1. What a wonderful get away! I love time to just reflect and in is always a blessing I think!

  2. That was funny ~ you said "put on some coffee" and started to explain....I thought everyone said that! Must be a Midwest thing. I do understand your love of a beautiful rain. I actually enjoy it more when I am home or on vacation. When I am out and about in it, it does seems a nuisance, but when I can sit and hear it and look through it, it truly is a joy.

  3. Oh how I envy you! What a wonderful escape from the hustled world in which we live. I love being in the big tall piney woods on a rainy day. A very special treat indeed!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  4. I do love when the sky gets dark in the middle of the day signaling a storm. I go out on my screened porch and just listen to the rain. It is almost sad when it all stops and the sun comes out again! Glad you could get away and refresh!

  5. What a perfect get-away...rain, coffee and parents!!! Refreshing for the soul!

  6. I could almost picture myself right there -- a beautiful post. Timely because we are heading out on our vacation soon and the weather appears like it will be a lot of rain. I'm sad since we wait all year for this but you remind me to look for the "reset" button and take advantage of time to just relax and regroup.

  7. Hearing you describe it even made it little more peaceful here briefly.


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