Color Themes in Your Life

Hi everyone!

Have you ever noticed that from time to time your life seems to have a color theme? What I mean is that you buy new curtains and they have a color theme to them. Then you are finding and loving a couple of new shirts in the same color theme as the curtains. Then you find a purse, jewelry, sheets and home décor items. All of a sudden you have a color theme in your life.

Generally this will happen to me during “seasons”. Last year I had a major green summer. different shades of greens were filling my wardrobe, my home and décor. I didn’t even noticed it until about a month into it.

This year it is bluesy colors. Different hues of blues have been taking over my home.  These blue color hues just started appearing without me making an effort to find them.

color themes in our lives @

It’s all coming up Blue!

color themes in our lives @

Cute little thrifted blue/yellow purse. A fun find at $2.59.

color themes in our lives @

Placemats thrifted for $1.99 for a set of 4.

color themes in our lives @

A fun jar/bottle from Home Goods for $3.99.

color themes in our lives @

color themes in our lives @

I love these large blue glass bottles that I got at Burlington Coat Factory. I have them on the wood shelf over my sliding glass door. with two of my white ironstone tureens and a large brass lantern.

I even had a beachy/ocean themed shelf which I know everyone does every summer but, this was the first time I did that theme. I just kept finding blue items that really appealed to me so, I went with it!  I will share the shelf later because it is about to be redecorated.

Do you ever notice a color trend popping up without any effort on your part? I know the stores, magazines and blogs seem to always pick a color theme per season which is always fine and dandy. But, I rarely fall into the trend line. I guess I did this summer!

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  1. I find myself doing this also. A color will catch my eye and next thing I know its every where. Love the blues but ready for fall.

  2. Hi Diann
    First I want to sat I love your ruler wreath! so adorable and I've never seen one like that before! Good job!

    Next I love your blue theme. I came across blues and did a beach themed table and a basket vignette. I haven't been blogging and by the time I'm able to get to it the season is about over!

    There are those that do and write about it and those who enjoy what others are doing! :)


  3. This is so true!! I guess I never put it all together but yes, I do exactly that. My new favorite color right now is aqua. It started with the tiniest amount of it in a new shower curtain, that I decided I was going to pull out with decorative items. Then whenever I saw clothes in that color, I grabbed them. I found myself buying anything aqua, from a birdhouse to an old piece of weathered wood painted aqua. My most prized possession is my new watch with a large aqua face!

  4. Blue is cool and soothing, so naturally appealing. I love the touches you're adding to your home.


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