Killing Weeds a Thrifty and Healthy Natural Way

Hi everyone!
We grow all our herbs, veggies and flowers completely naturally with no chemicals. So commercial weed killer is simply out of the question for us. I’m not going to get into how unsafe and unhealthy commercial weed killers are, you already know all that. So, what do you do about weeds without the use of harsh chemicals and keep everything eco-friendly but, looking pretty?
weed killer use vinegar eco-friendly, natural, green, organic and thrifty
Yup! It’s that simple! Use full strength vinegar!
You can pour directly onto the weed area with the weeds still there and after a few days (depending on the weather) the weeds will just wilt and die. Then pull them up.
I generally pull the weeds first then pour on the vinegar.
Here is a lovely before weeding and cleaning area.
weed killer use vinegar eco-friendly, natural, green, organic and thrifty
I did say that it needed to be cleaned out as well as weeded! LOL
weed killer use vinegar eco-friendly, natural, green, organic and thrifty
All cleaned and weeded!
use vinegar instead of deadly toxins for killing weeds. eco-friendly, natural, green, organic and thrifty
After two weeks, only a few weeds popped up and I was able to pluck them out of the ground easily.
As with any topical weed killer, rain will wash it away. So, I generally apply vinegar every several weeks throughout the summer.
By just going out and plucking the few weeds that come up in a week and then applying vinegar every few weeks, you can keep your areas pretty and weed free without adding horrid chemicals and toxins into your soil.
Sometimes the simplest and most eco-friendly way is also the thrifty way! Love that!!
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  1. I'm going to try this! We have so many weeds and I have worried a bit about the harsh chemical ones because of my grandbabies. Thank you. I'll go pour some on those old booger weeds right now! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I need to buy a big jug of vinegar! I have a few weeds that keep coming back! Great thrifty and safer option!

  3. I too, am going to buy a big jug of vinegar...maybe more!

  4. Vinegar is a miracle invention!!! I have been using more "chemical free" home cleansers using vinegar, but did not know about killing weeds. I must get another jug for outdoors!!! TFS

  5. ...forgot to share that you can also use the leftover pickle juice to spray on weeds.


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