I Needed a Mental Retreat!

Hi everyone!
Wow, I have been missing in action for 6 weeks! I didn’t even realize it had been that long.
I needed a mental retreat, I also needed a physical one. Sometimes the two go hand and hand. It’s hard to mentally get away if all the physical stresses and demands are still around you.
So, I took a three week break.
I went up to our family cabin in Northern Michigan the last week of June. This is also where our travel trailer is. We like to refer to it as our private wing of the cabin. LOL
4th of July 2015
The first week up was kind of chaotic. My parents were there as was one of my brothers. And then each day of the week more people arrived. My nephews had invited a bunch of their friends for a four day weekend. They all brought up camping gear, fishing gear and golf gear. all the guys set up at the river right by our property so, they had their own campground area. It was like tent city over there. We had between 20-24 guys ages between 19-26 camping.
July 4th 2015 
Besides all those guys we had about 10 other people here at the cabin at various times. It was a bit of insanity! And my mom, whom now I believe really is crazy, cooked huge, and I mean HUGE breakfasts for all these men! We’re talking homemade biscuits & gravy, eggs to order, bacon, sausage, toasts and anything anyone would want. So, 10:00 each morning an army would invade the cabin. Thank goodness I am not a breakfast eater! I stayed in my trailer and drank my coffee in peace. LOL
And then the insane woman, also know as my mom, would fix a huge dinner for everyone! One night she and my dad did a Low Country Boil. It had shrimps, several types of sausages, corn on the cob and potatoes. We covered the kitchen table which is a huge old farmhouse table with newspaper and the whole thing just got dumped onto the table. Of course she also had various breads and rolls and a couple of salads. And she always had two homemade desserts everyday! She made a blueberry pie, a coconut cream pie, a lemon pie and a chocolate cake for this dinner event. I think everyone gained 10 pounds during the food-a-thon weekend!
July 4th 2015
Every night we had a big bonfire. Fortunately the weather was perfect while everyone was there. Pretty sunny days and cool nights.
July 4th 2015
It was a nice to see so many people having fun and laughing at the cabin! My grandparents would have loved it. When the last of the people left on Monday, it was just my mom, dad and me, wow was it quiet! Then the relaxation kicked in! Much needed relaxation!
Troy was able to come up and enjoy some time the last week.
I can’t believe how much better I feel since getting back from this retreat! It was long over due! Not only mentally and physically but, spiritually I feel renewed. What a blessing to have a place like this to go to! I am so grateful!!
Thank you for stopping by. Have a fun day!


  1. The cabin (and your extension) is such a great place to go and unwind. Life has been changing for you since Troy went back on the road! Glad you feel refreshed. I'm trying to blog a bit more, but as I adjust to my new babysitting job I'm doing about one post a week! It's all good!

  2. Oh I would love to have a cabin to get away to, but without all those people!! It is fun though, for awhile. Welcome back to the blogging world!

  3. Sounds like total heaven. I would love it.

  4. Sounds like northern Wisconsin or the UP. Your mother sounds like something else! Bet she is a great lady! Glad you got some rest and refreshment.

  5. So glad you got away, Diann. I am due, too. ha! Susan

  6. How wonderful to have a remote and wonderful place near water and woods to unwind.

    And your mom is an angel for doing all that cooking! So many tummies appreciated all y'all did for so many.

  7. Sounds divine!! Glad your were able to get refreshed! Your mom sounds like a wonderful person!

  8. What a great get away!

    -Priyam @ http://priyam-simplejoys.blogspot.com


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