Don’t Store It, Use It

Hi everyone!
As you know, I live in a small 2 bedroom townhouse. Space is very limited. So, I really try to maximize my space as much as I can. I use things that may be considered “decorative” for mini storage areas. Doing double duty with items around the house is pretty much the norm around here.
About 6 years ago I found this old white ironstone tureen. It had a matching plate but, no lid or ladle. It was only a couple of dollars and I had been looking for something to put a potted shamrock in. This was perfect!
 Use things you love in different ways. @
Well, my shamrock died a couple of months ago. I cleaned out the tureen and it has been sitting on my kitchen counter since. Everyday I looked at it and try to figure out what to do with it. Yes, I could use it for fruit on the table but, I already have a large bowl for that and I really like it. So, it continued to sit there day after day. Finally I thought, “Well, I love the tureen and don’t want to get rid of it. So, I suppose I should just wrap it up and put it in storage.”
Oh no! Not storage! I have been working diligently to clean out stored things. I don’t want to store any other items! So, I had a heart to heart discussion with myself (yes, I talk to myself all the time!), “Okay Diann, here’s the deal. You have one week to come up with a way of using this tureen and not just adding it as clutter!” I hate when I get so strict with myself! But, it had to be done!
Use things you love in different ways. @
I thought maybe I would use it in the kitchen to put all the k-cups in. I tried that and it just took up too much room on the kitchen counter. Then I thought, I could use it to store all my tealights in. Great idea except once again, where would I put it? This went on for several days. I was really working at trying to find an appropriate place for it, where it would be functional. I was getting to the point of realizing I was probably going to have to get rid of it and that made me very sad.
I have gotten rid of many items that I really liked and felt okay with it (after a mourning time LOL) but, this is a white ironstone tureen! I LOVE white ironstone tureens!
And then one day I was buying the paint to redo our upstairs bathroom. I was mentally pulling the things that I have thrifted and planned on re-doing or using in this bathroom once it was repainted. And I thought the tureen would fit in perfectly with the décor but, once again, I want function and not just clutter.
Use things you love in different ways. @
Then I realized it would be a nice way to contain my blow dryer, curling irons and flat irons.
I had been trying to think of a way to store all these that I could easily get to. since I live in a rental, I can’t attach anything permanent to the cabinets and I have tried baskets on the sink before and things have a tendency to get piled on top of each other and that created a mess. I had planned on using some other white ironstone pieces in this bathroom. This just fit in with my decorative vision.
Use things you love in different ways. @ 
The point of the post is not the tureen or how I decided to use it. It is about being mindful of what you have, why you have and how it makes you feel. Do you really love an item? If not, let someone else love it, donate it. At the same time you can’t always just love something if it is going to add clutter. We all have things we keep just because we love them and that is how it should be. However, if that gets out of hand it becomes a problem. You can’t love every item.
I have learned the hard way. If I have too much clutter around me it weighs me down mentally and that can manifest into physical stress. I’m done with that.
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  1. I am so glad you did not part with your beautiful tureen! I need to develop your plan, yes having too much can weigh you down mentally!

  2. I'm so glad you found a good use for the ironstone tureen, it is a pretty one! I'm with you on the things I have in storage, no more and downsizing the one's I do have. Seasonal items are OK to store, but even that I'm keeping to a minimum. My space like yours is very limited and it has to work in this place or it has to go. I like what you said: It is about being mindful of what you have, why you have and how it makes you feel.


  3. Love this idea! You can get so creative in using things in so many ways to organize your life!

  4. The best way is to give your lovely things a use so they embellish our homes. I love the tureen with the plant and the entire vignette. I have a very similar tureen mother gave many, many years ago and it was hers. I've been cleaning my kitchen and that's where it is now.

  5. Good mindful thinking. I'm working on that, too, and recently have almost cleared out our garage of stuff we were "storing" that we really didn't need. I enjoy just looking at all the empty space there is now.

  6. Great idea and it looks nice and neat!

  7. Good use of the tureen, Diann. Happy you found it. Susan

  8. It's a beautiful tureen. I'm glad you were able to find a use for it. I have been blessed with an over abundance of space, but I don't believe in filling it up or holding on to things for the sake of holding on to things. I will sadly be parting with a lot of my more "girly" items in the next few weeks as we prepare for yet another boy in this house. I wish I could have come up with a use for them.


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