10 Ways to Reuse Wax Cereal Liners

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One of the wonderful side effects of being thrifty is it generally means being eco-friendly and green. Instead of contributing to the "just throw it away" mentality, we as thrifters try to reuse and repurpose things before tossing them to the landfills. Getting double usage out of normally thrown away items means at least we didn't throw away our money to buy something when we already had something available that we have already purchased.

Wow, that last sentence was kind of convoluted. I hope you got the meaning of it. LOL

10 ways to

Today’s thrifty tip is an oldie but, goodie. I know a lot of us save our bread bags to use for various things. But, do you save the inside bag that your cereal/crackers comes in? These waxed bags are sturdy and almost never leak.

Here are 10 ways I reuse these wax cereal liner bags:

  1. gross stuff I don’t want stinking up my trash can. You know the kind of trash I am talking about. Like all the fat and bones for chicken, meat or fish.
  2. When grease cools off, I scoop it into these bags and use a twist tie. No more rancid grease smell in the trash.

3. They also work great if you need to take something liquid like soup somewhere. Put the container of soup into one of these bags and if the container leaks, it will stay contained in these waxed bags.

4. Use for “shake and bake” kind of thing. Ever start shaking a bag with a piece of chicken with the bone in it and the bone jabs a hole in the plastic bag?

5. Press down rice krispy bars

6. When making dipped chocolate treats (strawberries, cherries or cakeballs) place the treat on these wax liners to dry so they don’t stick

7. Popper scoopers for out in the yard or kitty litter boxes

8. Crushing crackers or nuts

9. Rolling out cookie dough or pie crusts

10. Use between cookies or other treats when storing or freezing. Same with hamburger patties.

I use these liners generally anytime I would normally use wax paper. And most of the time, these wax cereal liners are stronger than plain wax paper.

For smaller uses, many other boxed items come with the wax insert bag you can use such as cake mixes.

Ziplock bags can be expensive, especially if you are just using them to throw something away. Not too mention, the cheap brand can leak.

I have a couple of more ideas on a post I wrote 4 or 5 years ago if you want to check it out. It’s here Wax Package Liners.

You may be thinking that you don’t have drawer space to keep this kind of stuff. Well, time to think outside the drawer! you can see where I store mine in this post “Keeping Clutter Under Control By Using Small Hidden Spaces

I hope you got some thrifty tips from this post.

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  1. You know I love using those cereal bags and you've given me some new ideas!

  2. What a thrifty idea!! I usually clean and reuse my freezer bags, so why not these cereal bags! thanks for the tips!

  3. I vow to stop them away - never ever thought of a single one of these ideas! THANKS, Diane! Love every one of these ideas and now going back to your old post for more great ideas!

  4. I never thought about it but I sure will now thank you

  5. Wonderful tips, Diann! Whenever I have an empty cereal or cracker bag, I will remember to reuse it.


  6. Good ideas for re-use, Diann! They really are better quality than expensive baggies.:-)

  7. We almost never have cereal, but now that Cherrios are gluten, egg, and dairy free things might change. These would be great to keep in the diaper bag for smelly diapers Or oookey clothes that need to be washed.


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