A Revisit to Italy Tablescape

Hi everyone!

This entire table was inspired by these thrifted large square Italian plates! They only had two so, I snatched those two and searched like crazy throughout the store for more. But, there were no others.
Italian table 028Italian table 033
I just love the Old World feel of these plates.

I want you to put your imagination cap on and envision our lunch today in the middle of a Vineyard or perhaps an Olive Grove in Tuscany.

I started the table with these wonderful large square woven placemats. I bought them at the Christmas Tree Shops. They were .98 cents each. They ground the table with a very natural feel.
Italian table 027I added the dinner plates along with these cute cheese canapé dishes. Also from CTS clearanced for .79 cents each.
Italian table 029Italian table 032Italian table 039
When serving a repast al fresco style, it only requires a few very simple foods for your guests to enjoy. There is no reason to spend hours cooking and baking and getting your kitchen all warmed up to entertain friends or family. After all, it is about the company, not the food.
Italian table 004I used several different earthy color linens throughout this table. And pretty soft yellow napkins and a twisted metal napkin rings.
Italian table 005
A round of cheese is so easy and perfect to serve. No effort involved and yet delicious! I try to keep something like this in my fridge all the time just to have something light to offer guests.
Italian table 010Add some fresh berries. Not only do they offer a simple sweet treat, they look beautiful.
Italian table 040Fresh strawberries are always a welcomed treat.
Italian table 024
Serve some crackers you have on hand or a loaf of crusty Italian bread.
Italian table 031
Very simple glasses for wine and/or cold drinks.
Italian table 007Wine chilling in a pretty matching fruit design pitcher and platter. You don’t have to have an expensive wine. A bottle of chilled water would be just fine. And no need to worry about using a wine bucket if you don’t have one. Just look around your home and find something a bottle and some ice could fit into.
Italian table 001
Mix and match some candlesticks and candles. We aren’t into the whole “matchy, matchy” thing here. When things don’t exactly match, it has a tendency to give a more informal relaxed atmosphere. And that is what we want for our guests. We want them to relax, enjoy their visit, feel welcomed and comfortable.
Italian table 003Italian table 002Italian table 006     Have fun with your serving dishes. Use different fun bowls/platters. This just adds a welcoming thing for the eyes to roam and check out while sitting at the table.Italian table 012            Italian table 016   Not an Italian wine crate but, a fun addition to the table none the less.Italian table 019Italian table 022Italian table 026Italian table 037Looks like I need to finish taking pictures soon before I eat all my props! But, who can refuse snitching a wedge of creamy cheese or fresh ripe berries? Not me!
Italian table 043Italian table 021Italian table 025I hope you enjoyed our light lunch and chatting today. Remember, it isn’t about expensive or fancy table settings. It’s about enjoying time with your family or friends. Create memories, not perfect tables.
Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!


  1. It looks lovely, Diann! I have those mats too from CTS. I left them in the outside cabinet so they are not looking too good. I will have to see if a bath in a little clorox and water will help!

  2. Love this table! I got many of my inspirations for tablescaping from you!!

  3. The tablescape was nice. I like Old World stuff too, though I do not own any. Absolutely love your sweet cheese canapé dishes. You find the neatest things at the greatest prices.

  4. Love the table and I cannot believe that you got those chargers for 98 cents each! I am so jealous! Looks good! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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