Something Pretty for the Door

Hi everyone!
Since I have been out of the groove of life lately, I just recently noticed that I did not have anything pretty on my door. This is so out of character for me. I love to make wreaths and have for about 30 years now. I always have something on my door. Whether it be seasonal or a holiday.
Isn’t it bizarre to just notice this?! I think the last thing I had on my door was a Christmas wreath! Yikes! Time to get on this immediately!
I bought this metal pocket hanger several years ago for $1.00. It is a nice size so, originally I bought it for outside. It was a bronzy color and I decided to paint it white.
metal hanger redo
Since I am picking myself up and kind of starting over, I wanted something other than a wreath on the door. So, I grabbed this metal hanger, emptied out the dirt and decided to use it. Is it odd that the worn off white paint is perfect to me? I love the look of it now!

Since I had the metal pocket wreath and I had plenty of Styrofoam, all I needed was the tulips. Off to the Dollar Tree I went.
I thought I might add a bow to it so I scrounge through all my ribbon and found a couple of different options to try. I ended up not even using any ribbon.
I added the styrofoam. I used three pieces with one on top of the other two to give different heights.
Then it was a matter of just shoving them in. I didn’t even break apart the bushes, just put them in as is and bent them around.
Okay, here is Diann’s take on faux flowers “making them look real”. You see a lot of blog posts out there talking about making faux flowers look real. If you are making a door hanging/wreath just pick out pretty flowers you want and generally those can be found at a dollar store. You don’t need expensive flowers. I can guarantee that not a single person with an IQ over 50 will ever walk up to your door and say, “Oh my! Look at the amazing fresh flower wreath! They must have just picked them and made this!” Nope! Never going to happen! Just have fun, don’t spend a fortune, make it pretty and something that will make you smile.
If you want to do faux floral arrangements in vases or pitchers and are shooting for them to look real, then that is the time to buy the more expensive flowers and work with them.
Having a dark green door, I like to use bright fresh colors. Also,I have a storm door so I can’t make wreaths with different greens or flowers that poke outward. They are just going to get smashed.
This metal  pocket is as wide as I can use for something on this door.
front door tulips
This project took all of 15 minutes to do. And now I have something that makes me smile when I walk up to my door. I love that. So simple and thrifty.
What do you have on your front door?
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day!


  1. I really love how this looks! I have a mostly 'unprotected' front door so don't put much there, but this would work. I do love the look of the tulips. I see a Dollar Tree trip in my future! Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. So much prettier than a wreath! The tulips do look very real and I love the metal container.
    Enjoy the holiday weekend, Diann.

  3. This is so pretty. I have to admit that for the longest time I sniffed my nose at fake flowers BUT I agree with you and now incorporate them often. Yes, NO ONE is going to mistake them for real but if they add color, fun and a smile--they've served the purpose!

  4. Looks lovely and yet so simple to do.

  5. I think life gets in the way and we have other things on our minds than decorating our front door! I'm the same way! love your metal container and tulips!
    Blessings My Friend,

  6. Your tulips in the tin are welcoming! I have a "faux" flower wreath on my front door in blue tones...

  7. I don't have anything on my front door, because the screen door would end up squishing it! I do have a faux flower wreath adjacent to the door. I was going to make one, but decided by the time, I got all the flowers, a straw or foam wreath, etc, it would be just easier to purchase a wreath. It is rather large. (Maybe in the future, I will make my own).
    Your's is lovely!

  8. Perfect idea for the front door. You could even change the flowers from Spring to Summer to Fall if you wanted to! I always have a wreath or something on my front door. Right now I have a wire wreath with resin butterflies, birds, flowers and leaves on it. It chirps when you walk up to it. I will change it to a more summery something in June.


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