It Starts with a Clean Table & Winner

Hi everyone!
As most of you know, things have been a little rough for me lately. But, after I talked about it here and got such wonderful inspiration from all of you, it has really helped! Who knew?
I decided that it was all about baby steps. Pick one small area in my home that is filled with chaos and tackle it. Just one. I decided that would be the dining room table. Since Troy is rarely home due to his job, we don’t eat at the table anymore. It’s just me. So, the table started become a dumping ground.
What a piled up mess! Am I keeping it too real showing this? LOL Probably!
So, this was my mission, clear off the table! Put, things away, deal with things that needed dealing with. Throw out stuff that was just junk. All I wanted was a cleared off table. A clean flat surface is what I was in need of.
And that was what I did! One thing…clear off the table. Looking at it emptied, I felt like I could breathe again. Now it needs a deep wood cleaning and a wax job. But, now I feel lighter.
Isn’t it amazing how accomplishing one simple thing like cleaning off your dining room table can give you such a much needed boost!? It did for me.
Now I had the cleared space to work on a project that I have wanted to do for awhile. I will share that with you this Sunday!
The winner of Tea Time Magazine is:
Apple of His EyeMay 17, 2015 at 5:52 PM
Dear Diann,
Hi! What an honor you and Troy were invited to speak at this event. I'm so proud of you guys! Love the pics you shared with us. What a great gift you want to share with one of us. My heart skipped when I saw the magazine cover. I love Country Roses China! Have a great week! ��
LaDonna, I need you to send me your mailing address (
Thank you everyone!


  1. Diann, I am trying to tackle small jobs one at a time right now. I have back sled on my purging and cleaning and organizing. I am hoping to have some time in the coming weeks to once again 'work on it'!!

  2. Good for you! It is too overwhelming to think about all of it. A book I have recommends one room or area at a time, just like you did. It feel so good too!

  3. Hi Diann.....Glad the table is neat and clean. It does make a difference. I have a lot of space to clean-up, too. Susan

  4. Congrats on your cleaning project. You did great. Small things add up to big ones.


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