A Fun Event & A Little Thank You Giveaway

Hi everyone!
This week DTL Herbs, aka Troy and I, were invited to be the guest speaker at this years Macomb Master Gardeners Associations Annual Banquet. The theme was an old fashion tea party. Troy gave a wonderful presentation on the history of tea and various interesting tea facts. I had created a special blend of herb infused tea just for this group and prepared 150 individual tea bags for all the guests.
Many of the ladies created their own special hat just for the evening. There were so many cute and pretty hats! They also had tables filled with gardening themes prizes.
peopleThe food was amazing!
foodEach table had two door prizes. One was a teapot with an herb planted inside and the other was a teacup planted with an herb as well.
table gifts
And at each persons setting they had a few little gifts. All tea related and so fun! Someone had made the cute tea pouch to hold the teabag I made, there was a package of two herb infused scones and a copy of Tea Time Magazine! What lovely gifts!
It really was a very fun  and lovely event. The banquet committee did an amazing job putting it all together! And Troy and I are so happy to have been part of it! We had a wonderful evening!
Now I want to say thank you. Last week I posted about why I haven't been blogging. I was very nervous to actually publish that post. It wasn’t a normal Thrifty Groove kind of post. But, your honest, sincere heartfelt comments actually brought tears to my eyes. I should have known that you amazing ladies are so generous, kind and strong! I may not be one of those mega bloggers with a gazillion followers but, MY followers are the most loving! You were there when I needed you. I can’t ask for anything more!
So, I just wanted to say a huge Thank You to all of you! You have no idea how much your comments mean to me!
Since Troy and I both received a copy of Tea Time Magazine, I thought I would share one of the copies with one of you. I know, It’s just a small little gift but, it really is a lovely magazine.
If you would like a chance to receive a copy of Tea Time magazine, just leave a comment on this post and make sure there is a way I can reach you. It’s that simple. I will announce the winner next Friday (May 22, 2015).
Once again Thank You! Sending you back much love!
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  1. Thank you for the fun giveaway.

  2. What a fun event Diann! I love all the tea related gifts, especially the teapot and teacup with herbs in it. I've never read this magazine and would love too, so throw my name in the teapot! You and Troy are special friends and I'm so glad you are going to continue to blog.

  3. Hey Diann;
    Thank-You so much for the chance to win the Lovely looking Magazine.
    The Pictures that you took are Beautiful. I enjoy drinking Tea, Daily!!!
    I am glad that you Both had such a nice time at this Banquet.
    I Hope that you have a Good Weekend!! Take Care!!! :-)

  4. As a Master Gardener down here in southwest Louisiana, I would be excited to have such a fun event as a Tea Party. Maybe I should suggest it to our president. Have a great weekend. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  5. The Macomb Banquet sounds delightful. An old fashioned tea party had to be fun. How sweet that you created a special blend of herb infused tea for everyone. Magazines are always nice indeed. A perfect giveaway. count me in. I'm glad you are blogging again.

  6. My hubby was a Master Gardener years ago. He learned so much, but he had to let it go when his job became more pressing. I would love a copy of Tera Time. It's always fun to read about how Tea is done :-)

    Jocelyn @ http://justalittlesouthernhospitality.blogspot.com/

  7. Dear Diann,
    Hi! What an honor you and Troy were invited to speak at this event. I'm so proud of you guys! Love the pics you shared with us. What a great gift you want to share with one of us. My heart skipped when I saw the magazine cover. I love Country Roses China! Have a great week! 😉


  8. I, too, love Country Roses! Great blog; it's my first time here, but I'll be back. Thanks!


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