Shamrock Table

Hi everyone!
I really don't have any St. Patrick's Day dishes. But, I have plenty of green dishware! And that is all you really need to create a St. Paddy's Day table. Pull out some of your green thrifty finds, mix and match and create a fun table to represent the holiday.

I did a green and white table starring my Shamrock plant. I have had this plant for about five years. It is nestled in an old Ironstone tureen.
I picked up these pretty ironstone rooster dishes years ago at a fun little antique shop. I miss not going to this particular little store, it was close to a place that we used to camp on a regular basis.
The store was this long narrow building. In the front was all the gorgeous expensive antique dishes and accessories. Then you would walk through a door to another section and that would be where the antiques that were a step down in price. Then you would walk through another door into a specialty room. Still generally out of my price range. Finally in the very back would be the thrift store area. And off to one side there was a walk in closet room (this building at one time was a home) and in this room was stacks and stacks and boxes and crates filled with odds and ends dishes. All super cheap. A lot were just one of this design, one of that or chipped dishes. Basically no whole sets and some minor damage to the dishes. Well, that is where I found these. I just sat on the floor and started going through all the boxes. I love to unearth little treasures! I found 3 dinner plates and two salad plates. At a dime a dish, I was thrilled to take these home!
The stack starts out with a dark green plain dinner plate from the Dollar Tree. Then one of the rooster ironstone plates followed by a mossy green salad plate (bought at Kroger a few years ago for .50 cents) and then top with another of the ironstone rooster dishes. So, the 4 stack cost $1.70.
The glasses are our everyday glasses. The on the rocks glass was from a set of 4 I bought at a thrift store for $1.00. And the darker bubble glass was bought years ago at CTS at a marked down price of .50 cents each. So both of the settings dishes and glassware came out to a whopping $4.90!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a fantastic day!
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  1. This is a great table Diann. Love the dishes and I'm always looking for bargain plates myself. I've downsized but I still look because I may just find the plates of my dreams for a dime. Love the plant, I may have to try to find one of those. So pretty.

  2. Lovely tablescape. Amazing prices. That little store sounds like it harbors plenty of treasures.

  3. Looks great - you are right, all ye all is a well bit o' the green. Your shamrock is awesome, very healthy. I've had mine for 15 years, from my father's funeral.

    Come by and visit me - I have a little shamrock give away going on!

  4. I always enjoy seeing your table settings. I esp like the green rooster dishes.

  5. Love your green dishes. I don't have any St.Patrick's items either.

  6. Love your table! Your dishes are awesome. I would have bought them too! I love treasure hunting! Isn't that what it's all about???? I never set a St. Patty's Day table because I don't have anything with a shamrock on it. Thanks for showing me that I can just set a green table! I love yours!
    Blessings My Friend,

  7. love the green oh so pretty and full of irish inspiration. I am also now following you on many different social networks hope that you can find time to come see us at

  8. Now this is living proof that you can set a beautiful table and not break the bank! I love those green and white dishes!

  9. Diann, you set a lovely table! Hope you and Troy are doing well. Always my pleasure to stop by and say hello. Also wanted to personally thank you for the nice visit to Donna. I love knowing you and appreciate your kind heart.

  10. Somehow I missed this lovely shamrock table. Very pretty stack! I love those old ironstone dishes, I have found a few over the years and would love to find enough to do a table. I love rooster plates and I love the green color of this pattern. Have a wonderful day..... Candy


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