How To Make Jute Wrapped Easter Eggs

Hi everyone!
I can't believe Easter is only a week away! It sure came up fast this year! 

I made these jute wrapped Easter eggs last year and thought I would share you them with you today.

You could use colorful yarn or all pastel colors of yarn to create these. It doesn't have to be jute. 

Jute Wrapped Easter Eggs2
According to the different blogs I visited to research the “How to” instructions, it seemed pretty quick and easy. They said this is all you need”
Cheap plastic eggs
Hot Glue Gun
You can pick up but the glue gun at a dollar store.
Okay, I have all of that. So here we go!
A little tip to start that wasn't mentioned in the “How to” but, after the first egg, I did this and that was to do a quick gluing the two pieces of the plastic egg together.

Start by putting a dab of hot glue on the end on the egg and glue down the end of the jute. Then you start going in circles adding hot glue and the jute.

I did two eggs following these directions.
That was all I did! It took way too long and the hot glue dries super fast, at least faster than I could circle the jute around the egg. And it gets messy.
So that mess ends up on the finished eggs. You just can’t pull each of the gluey glops off the jute.

I discover two issues, besides having the patience of a two year old, Hot glue wasn't working for me other than the ends (it secures the jute quickly) and use a thicker jute because it holds better and it is faster.

Okay, on to Diann’s revised version of the craft!
Grab some cheap white glue and mix a little bit of water in it to thin it just a tad. Grab a brush to paint it on the egg.
First thing, besides making sure you have a decent manicure and not chipped off polish like me, is to use hot glue to secure the end of the jute and wrap a few times around it. Then paint the white glue mix on to the egg and start wrapping the jute around the egg. Make sure you turn the egg as you wrap so you can get it tight and close.

Once you wind the jute all around the egg, use another dab of hot glue to fasten the other end .
Jute Wrapped Eggs
You can see the difference between the glue in the picture above.

I think I will make more of these. I have seen them embellished with vintage lace and ribbon or even other colors of twine/jute. 
Jute Wrapped Easter Eggs 3
For right now, I am leaving them natural. I kind of like them simple.

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  1. You way looks much more 'finger' friendly for sure. They are very cute.

  2. Your eggs turned out too cute and I vote for doing it the easy way and foregoing the painful hot glue! LOL

  3. Natural looks lovely. Perfect for the holiday.

  4. This is great advice - thanks so much for sharing both versions. They turned out awesome.

    As for your beautiful fingernail - trust me, it's perfect.....I usually have my down to the nubs and that would make for a seriously frightening pictorial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a very Happy Easter!

  5. Your glued eggs came out perfect and look lovely in the bunny candy dish. Having worked on a project yesterday that required a lot of gluing I would hate to think of how many serious burns I would have had using hot glue as my fixative instead of Tacky Glue. Happy Easter!

  6. I've made jute wrapped eggs, too, with hot glue. Burned a couple fingers in the process. Didn't think to use craft many benefits!!


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