Let’s Talk About 2015

Hi everyone and Happy 2015!
I know that a lot of bloggers are doing their “Best of…….2014” posts right now, not me! I’m ready to move forward and grab 2015 by the horns!
RESOLUTIONS…. I gave them up years ago. It always seemed that I would set myself up to fail. I don’t know why that is but, it happened all the time. Not to mention, I felt this pressure and guilt over these resolutions. What a sad way to bring in a new year! I have plenty of pressure without adding to it. So NO RESOLUTIONS for me!
I prefer the word GOALS. Why? After all, the two words almost mean the same thing.
For me, the word resolution gained a bad rap in my mind. It represented pressure….failure….guilt. Not words or feelings I wished to add to my daily life. It’s kind of like the word Diet. It no longer means what daily nutrients your body needs instead it means negative thoughts. I think most of you know what I am talking about.
So, I have been working on a 2015 Goal list.
I have a lot of things I want and need to do this coming year. So many things have slid by me over the last couple of years. My life was a bit of a rollercoaster ride and quite frankly, I want off that ride!
Many of you long time readers of TTG know that I have dealt with and gone through some rather life-changing events over the past few years. I thought last year I was ready to deal with some issues, I did deal with changes in some areas but, I let a lot of “me” remain deeply buried. However, I think maybe I needed that extra time. I am ready to take back my life in all areas and move ahead.
I feel incredibly blessed by all of you that have stuck with me here at TTG. This past year my poor blog went semi-dormant. It really had to. Our little business took on a life of itself and I needed to dedicate a huge part of me to that. Of course, DTL Herbs has a lot more big changes coming but, mentally I think I have more to give. Does that make sense?
No more of those humongous outrageous demands on ourselves. One day at a time. Small steps in the right direction are part of my goals. Let each step become a positive change.
I know I am not the only one out there that feels overwhelmed and wants to gain some control back in their lives. Am I?
3 things
About a year or so ago, I started “Share 3 Things You Accomplished Today” on my Facebook page. I did this because some days it took everything I had simply to do the dishes or do a load of laundry. And even when I did this who knew? Who cared? It’s not like when you have a job outside the house and your boss tells you “good job”. You get no credit or praise for dealing with all these minor things that keeps a home running. And we all need that sense of accomplishment. I post this every evening at 7:00 pm (EST time). Please feel free to add your daily accomplishments! Sometimes many of us just say, “Got dressed, read my book and took a nap”. And that is totally fine because we all have days like that.
Okay, we will talk more later! Thank you for taking the time to drop by. I hope you have a wonderful new year!


  1. Sounds like you've got a handle on 2015 and what you want to do in the coming year. Good for you.

  2. Diane, I do not do resolutions either..........like you I have goals. I am sorry you have had some difficult times. I certainly understand that someday it is hard to complete one task.

  3. I like the "3 things I accomplished today" idea! I don't make resolutions either. I have a hard time with setting goals too. I just need to take my life one day at a time lately. Thinking too far ahead causes me to lose too much sleep. If I make a plan or set a goal, I will surely have to deal with a curve ball that will throw it all off, so what's the point? I've learned to just forge ahead and roll with whatever comes along.

  4. I'm ready to take the focus off others in my life and re-focus on myself for a bit. I need to get my healthy living back I'm with you on this journey!

  5. Sounds like we are on the same page. One little thing at a time because in the end they all add up. One pound a month is twelve pounds in a year, one drawer cleaned out each day would mean that in two months most homes would have clean organized drawers throughout their home. And so on, and so on. Count me in


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