Keeping Clutter Under Control By Using Small Hidden Spaces

Hi everyone!
Since January is a big month for organizing I thought I would share this simple way to utilize space that may be over looked. I shared this last year around this time and thought it is relevant for a repost. 
I see so many big gorgeous homes throughout blogland. And I totally confess the little green-eyed monster has a tendency to rear it’s ugly head from time to time. But, then I come back to reality which is a small 2 bedroom townhouse. LOL
So taking advantage of “hidden spaces” is important to me. Today I am not talking about “treasures” such as where to store all my beautiful dishes or beloved ironstone pieces. I’m referring to those blah, but needed everyday things that can clutter up or just get shoved here or there.
So just between you and me (nobody else is listening right?), here are a few of the hidden spaces I utilize.

I love thrifted pitchers. I use them all the time. And also use them for hidden spaces. Let’s take a peek…..

I keep empty bread bags and empty cereal bags in this pitcher.
Now the other pitcher which BTW is my favorite Ironstone pitcher! Just love it!
Yup, that's where I store all those fast food condiments you get extra of.

Since I love and collect different pitchers, I like to have them handy. I really do use them. But, I have said it before here at TTG, I need some things that I use for d├ęcor to do double duty. And that is what my pitchers do. Well, actually triple duty….I use them, I decorate with them and they are hidden storage for those little things.

And a little side bonus, when the pitchers are sitting on a shelf, just looking pretty they will get quite dusty inside. When you have them as mini storage places, it keeps the dust out of them. When you want to use them,  just empty the contents (I usually grab a grocery sack to dump them in until they are ready to go back on the shelf), rinse and swipe the inside and they are ready for use. No scrubbing away nasty dust.

This is a great way to keep things neat and organized. That way all these little everyday things don’t take up cabinet room, drawer room or countertop space.
Now you know when I show a shelf redo with a pitcher on it, you are going to wonder “what’s inside that pitcher?” LOL

What about you? Do you use these little mini hidden storage places?


  1. I love it! Really creative way to repurpose something!

  2. Great idea Diann! I love my pitcher collection but now have to figure out little things to store in them!

  3. What a great idea! I have a passion for pitchers, now you have given me something to think about.

  4. Great idea! I have plenty of pitchers I could use for this! Thanks for the tip. :)

  5. Very creative! I have a shelf lined up with 5 pitchers! Gotta start filling even has a lid...even better!

  6. I have a vase that is pretty simple in style but I didn't want to get rid of it. So I hide the charging cords for Kinnunen Corp's everyday devices. When tablets are charging, I just stack them on the vase and it's a nice platform to keep them off the counter or "splash zone". I saw an organizing pin on Pinterest for a completely different purpose and it inspired me for the charging "station".

  7. What a clever idea. It almost makes me want to buy some pitchers. :)

  8. Clever for sure. Now I'll have to do it too.

  9. Great idea. I love to collect old bottles and by buying new corks for them, can actually use them to hold oils, spices, etc. Vintage Mason jars, of course, do a great job of storing everything from food to bath salts. My very favourite storage units are old tea tins. I never met one I didn't like!


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