How to Reuse and Color Epsom Salts for Valentine Decor

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I love to use Epsom slat for that whole snowy look during Christmas and winter decorating. They are pretty cheap and they can be reused. A simple DIY idea for Valentine’s Day is to reuse some Epsom Salts and turn them pink and glittery for candle jars.

How to reuse and color Epsom Salts for Valentine Decor

This is one of those easy and thrifty little DIY projects.

resuing epson salts for decor

During Christmas I used a bunch of various jars with Epsom Salts and candles in them. As you can see, I really do use my candles.

cleaning the epson salts up to reuse

There is no reason to throw out the Epsom salts. You can reuse them and change up the color to reflect a different holiday. So, just empty all the jars into a bowl.

sift through the epson salts to clean them

Pick out all the large chunks of candle and then sift the rest to get the smaller pieces out.

add food coloring to epsom salts for decor

Now add drops of red food coloring. You can always add more until you get the right shade of pink.

whisk the color in

Grab an old whisk and mix. At this point you can also add some pretty sparkly glitter.

Reusing Epson salt and coloring it for valentine candle

See, super easy and no out of packet expense! Find a jar and pour in some of the Epsom salt and add a tealight or a candle. I used an old jar candle and just glued a scrap piece of white lace around it.

How to make pretty pink epsom salts for Valentines Day

So easy and chea…thrifty!

Are you ready to add a little Valentine Day charm to your home? Just simple little additions here and there is really all you need and it will make you smile!

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  1. Looks like fun and great way to use those epsom salts from Christmas decor!

  2. How cute! What a great idea!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I have used Epsom salts for Christmas d├ęcor and loved the results. Your V-day votive is adorable!

  4. Would have never thought of it. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Super cute trick, Pinned and shared it!


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