How To Make A Grapevine Snowman!

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I was trying to think of something for my door during the month of January and decided a snowman would represent the month nicely.

finished thrifty easy grapevine snowman for the front door.

You all know I shop thrift stores/yard sales/flea markets for crafting items. I look at the different wreaths out there and don’t even see the d├ęcor that is on them. I just look at the wreath base. I buy them knowing I am going to rip the little dusty flowers or what nots off and just use the wreath base. I hate paying retail craft store prices for these kinds of things!

Back in the summer I found a double wreath (a larger one and then a smaller one glued to each other) with some little tshirt rosettes glued to them. I had my 50% off coupon and the price marked was $1.21 so, for the two grapevine wreaths I paid 60 cents! Can’t beat that with a stick!

Thrift strore grapevine wreath with rosettes -before DIY

I ripped off all the rosettes and the two wreaths apart. I decided they were the perfect size for the large and medium wreaths for Frosty. I had a small dollar store wreath that was just the right size for the head.

Thrifty Grapevine Wreaths lined up to be spray painted for Snowman

I grabbed a can of cheap white spray paint from my paint stash and headed outside to paint the wreaths.

Thrifted grapevine wreaths spray painted white for snowman

thrifted grapevine weath after white spray paint

I didn’t worry about getting them completely white. I wanted a dusty snowy look.

Once all of that was dried I assembled him with craft wire. I wired from the back so you wouldn’t see the wire.

How to make a thrifty and easy grapevine snowman door decoration

I tied a scarf around the “neck” and that was all it needed. I did try it with a hat as well and just didn’t like the way it looked.

I didn’t have to go out and buy anything in order to make this snowman. Everything was in my stash already.

What do you have on your door during January?

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