Downton Abbey Tonight ~ Are You Ready For A party?

Hi everyone!

Are you ready for tonight’s premier of Downton Abbey? I am and I thought I would have a little fun Downton Abbey party tonight on The Thrifty Groove Facebook page

At 10:00am (est) I will post about getting ready for the premier and talk about what we are looking forward to.

At 10:00pm (est) We will discuss the show.

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I would love to have you join in and add pictures to either of the posts today on the The Thrifty Groove Facebook posts. What kind of pictures? Lets see your Downton Abbey Tea. Or just your teacup. Share with us what little tea treats you may be having during the show.


Now we all know that Mr. Carson will be working in the silver room polishing away for tonight’s party.

So, if you need to get your silver sparkling, fear not! I have the perfect How-to polish your silver with no toxins!


It won’t take but a few minutes to polish those Downton Abbey-esque silver pieces! Just head over to see how to quickly polish your silver!

Of course setting a grand proper tea would be a lovely way to celebrate with friends and family!

victorian tea party 027

A complete high tea served with sweets and savory finger sandwiches. You can see the whole table and goodies at this post: Let’s Enjoy a High Tea Party!


pink tea 001

Maybe you have beautiful weather where you are and an outdoor tea is more your style! To see the post: Outdoor Pink Tea Party


Or perhaps you plan to snuggle into bed to watch the show and want a pretty pink tea on a tray. If so, here is that post: Soft and Pretty Pink Tea

yellow teacup 008

Another tea tray to relax and enjoy the show. A Little Yellow Teacup

snowman tea and parade 2011 010_thumb[3]

Maybe you would rather enjoy some hot cocoa instead of tea. Snowman Hot Chocolate.


Or serve up some espresso!

Lot’s of options for tonight! Now, don’t forget to stop by the party! Take a picture of your “tea” to share with us!

Downton Abbey Party at The Thrifty Groove!

Looking forward to talking about tonight’s episode!




  1. Fun & proper stuff! I started the 1st yr episodes on Amazon Prime. If I can find the channel I will watch along. I bet my guys will be watching more football! Good thing I have a tab/other tv.

  2. Love it Dianne! I will try to tune in with you tonight on FB. I love Downton Abbey!!!!

  3. If the Coke will clean your toilet, think what it will do to your insides...don't drink it!
    The soft toothbrush will make small scratches in your silver. A soft cloth is the best...
    I saw the first of the new series in England when I was over in the fall, but forget what it was watching all over tonight!

  4. I need to get my tea things ready! I love Downton Abbey!!

  5. At times like this I wish I were a tea drinker! I can't wait to see Downton Abbey tonight! I wish they would show reruns during the off season...waiting so long for the new season is painful!
    Have a great week, Diann.

    1. Marigene, if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can watch all the previous seasons for free anytime! That's how I got hooked.

  6. I also got hooked on this show via Amazon Prime and my hubby right along with me. We're both looking forward to tonight's episode. We're hoping it comes through on our digital antenna. Fingers crossed. It's on the same time as The Good Wife, another show I like. Can't watch both and no DVR to record it so I guess I'll have to wait till that comes to Amazon Prime. Lovely tea time table settings. Pinkies up!

  7. Oh, what a FUN post!! I can't wait for tonight!! I'll be back soon!!


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