Simple Christmas

Hi everyone!
I have been so remiss when it comes to blogging lately. I am really hoping to get back into some sort of rhythm in the new year. I decided to just let myself have the next few weeks off without blogging pressure. I think since we had such a crazy Spring, Summer and Fall, I just needed to slow things down. Of course I had not planned on slowing my blog down to a snail’s pace but, that is what happened.
This year’s Christmas decorating reflected my need to just relax and slow down a bit. Do you have Christmas’s like that? I have been reading all these amazing blogs with gorgeous Christmas decorations and yet, I still didn’t have that need to go whole hog with my décor.
I found a vintage wooden bowl with a brass stand and just filled it with plain colorful Christmas bulbs and candles on a small side table in the living room. You can’t get much more simple than that. But, as you can tell, I like color and sparkle at Christmas.  Oh, who am I kidding? I like color and sparkle all year! LOL
And I love the glow of candles. It just makes the room warm and cozy to me.
I have seen a ton of the whole monotone Christmas décor displays. The simple white with a little greenery. And I think that is pretty and I could do a little of that here and there but, you will never see my home filled with just that. Bright cheerful Christmas colors take me back to childhood. And I am very lucky because my childhood was filled with love, happiness, silliness and security.
How have you decorated your home this year?
And thank you to each of you for still dropping by for a visit since I have basically taken a hiatus for longer than I planned when it comes to blogging! My readers truly are the best out there!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Diann, I've found myself blogging less this year also but hope to get back in the swing of things in 2015. I am always here when you post and love you sweet friend. I'm also like you, I love the colors of red, green and white and lots of GLOW!! Wishing you and Troy a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Love the bulbs and candles. Simple but festive. Merry Christmas.

  3. We just moved so all I was able to get out was our prelit tree and wreath. No bulbs or anything. Before we know it, the season will be over and it will be time to put everything away. It's all in the attic which is not easily accessible for me, so up there it will stay this year. My family understands and is not pushing me to do more, bless their hearts! I think more and more people are doing Christmas simpler these days anyway, except for some of those bloggers of course, but decorating is what they're all about and they do a great job. Your bowl of candles and ornaments is lovely! Happy holidays!

  4. Simply gorgeous Diann! Your photos are beautiful. Permission granted to put your feet up and enjoy the season ;-) We'll be here whenever you post buddy! Merry Christmas to my favorite couple (that would be you and Mr. Thrifty Groove!)!


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