Make a Checklist for Next Christmas Now!

Hi everyone!
Before the memories of this Christmas slowly fade into Christmas past, make a checklist for yourself now.
What am I talking about? No, I’m not talking about buying new Christmas d├ęcor items now that are on sale. You are going to do that anyway. And I am not talking about gathering all your Christmas gift wrapping stuff and buying what you think you will need for next year.
I’m talking about the things you did this year that you wish you would have done earlier or planned for. If you don’t write it down somewhere easy to find now, you will go through it all over again next year.
I know a lot of this is probably second nature to many of you. It used to be second nature to me but, at some point I really dropped the ball this year!
Christmas2015 (1)
Here is part of my list:
Free up the week of Christmas regarding meals.
I should have made meals ahead of time and put them in the freezer. the week before Christmas is always hectic. No matter how much you plan ahead, things come up. and you still always need to have dinner.  Save yourself a lot of stress and cleanup by having meals all ready to pop in the oven.
Have all baking done by the 20th.
Once again, this frees up your time for all the things that pop up during those few days before Christmas. Not to mention, it helps keep your kitchen clean.
Don’t pack away Christmas Cards.
Keep them in a simple box somewhere you can get to easily. Bring them out at Thanksgiving time and get them addressed and stamped. Obviously if you make your cards you need to start much earlier than Thanksgiving.
Decide what Christmas crafts you want to make and start them no later than October 1st.
Now this one is mainly for bloggers. But, if your are a crafter, you want to start earlier than December 1st because the days fly by too quickly.
Shop for your Christmas Eve/Christmas day menu before the 20th.
Common sense I know, but on Christmas Eve day I was sending the hubby to the grocery store to pick up things I forgot. This just added mental stress to me.
Clean out the fridge as much as possible several days before Christmas.
You need to have room for all those dishes you are making for Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. Normally I can count on it being cold enough to store food in the grill outside or even the truck. Not so this year.
Make sure the kitchen stays clean and dishes done.
Keeping on top of dirty dishes and freeing your countertops is essential to keep me calm and stress free.
When planning your meals the week of, also plan what you will have the few days after Christmas.
Some years we have lots of leftovers but, this year we didn’t. I had no desire to cook let alone go to a grocery store. I’m mentally tapped out the day after Christmas. So, next year I want to plan my meals for the few days after Christmas as well as the week of.
These are all simple things to do. I just seem to need a list these days to remind of them. Isn’t getting older just lovely….NOT! LOL
I have a much longer list on my computer. You would not believe the things I forgot this year!
Do you need to make yourself a reminder list or did you manage to do a good job this year and stayed totally organized?


  1. What a great idea! I got lots done but not all and this timeline makes sense. Of course throwing a trip to Aruba in there the week before Christmas day was crazy! Still next year I hope to be more organized. I didn't get any cards sent this year and no baking done. Good ideas Diann!


  2. All great ideas, I'm bookmarking this post! Thanks for sharing.
    Wishing you a wonderful and Happy New Year.

  3. Great idea! My whole life needs organizing! I will follow up on this one! Thank you Diann and Happy New Year to you and Troy and yours! Hugs, Anne

  4. I've been thinking along the same lines, especially in regards to shopping/gift giving. I have to have an improved plan for next year, as to keep what little bit of sanity I have left =P

  5. There are several crafts I wanted to do for the holidays that did not get done. I want to leave out the stuff I need to make them and use the snowy blizzard (and super cold) days this winter to get them done and pack them where I can fins them for next Christmas.

  6. Pinned your great ideas - would also be nice to see a "What worked well I want to repeat" list, AND a decor list (where things are, new ideas for next year, etc.). January is the best time for this task for those of us with short memories and cold winters. (I still might do it as an organizing post, but my blog is ADD/EFD support, so it would be quite the stretch to reach back for Christmas - my passion, but not everyone's)
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    -ADD Coach Training Field founder/ADD Coaching co-founder-
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