Gathering Fresh Boughs for Decorating

Hi everyone!
It has been a complete madhouse around here since we returned from the cabin. We had a wonderful time away with family and, well, we didn’t really want to come back! LOL But, life doesn’t pause. Wouldn’t that be nice? To have a “pause button” like on the remotes for life?!
I have barely gotten my Autumn decor down and packed up let alone Christmas d├ęcor up! This weekend I plan to do some Christmas decorating and a few Christmas projects. I am telling everyone that I will not be available to do anything. I actually have to do that! LOL
I decided that our living room is going to be decorated kind of woodsy/outdoorsy. But, I know me and I will add a little sparkle here and there. I just have to!
On our way out of the cabin I had Troy stop and cut some different evergreen and pine limbs for me. I love having fresh pine in the house at Christmas. The smell is amazing!
Beside tucking the fresh pine here and there, I have a couple of projects to make this weekend using these fresh boughs.
So, into the back of the truck they went!
I need to head to the dollar store now and buy some of those throwaway gloves to use while I make my projects. If I don’t, I will have pine sap on my hands for days!
Do you use fresh natural materials to decorate around your home? Are most of you done decorating for Christmas or are you just getting to it now like me?
Everyone have a wonderful weekend and I will hopefully see you next week with some Christmas projects done!


  1. Hi Diann....

    Partially done here. Still have a long way to go to be totally prepared for Christmas. (Are we ever totally prepared? I doubt it.)

    I'm using fresh pine branches for the outside windowboxes but used faux inside. I'd LIKE to bring in some fresh ones, just for the smell. Maybe I will.

    Take care and enjoy decorating. Susan

  2. I would love some fresh boughs but right now don't have any in my home. I'm almost done decorating! I'll be taking photos and sharing soon! Can't wait to see what you do and I know there will be some 'sparkle' there!

  3. Nearly done- have one more outdoor project with fresh evergreen to do tomorrow after I attend a wonderful Christmas Afternoon Tea. Very excited about that. Yay.

    I love your truck filled with your pine - can almost smell that fresh scent from here. Can't wait to see all your decorating, it's so much fun to see how others do things up for this special season.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I used to use natural materials to decorate. Did for many, many years. But now that I'm older artifical works better for me. I bet your place smells heavenly with that fresh evergreen.

  5. I can't wait to see what you do with your boughs! I don't have any fresh pine in my house. I don't even have a place to get any or put any! Loved the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree! I need to get at my decorating and addressing my cards!


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