How to Remove Sticky Residue Naturally

Hi everyone!
I am always having to remove stickers from things. Don’t you wish stores would put price stickers on the bottoms of items? Okay that is just one of my pet peeves so, I will move along and not rant you into boredom!
I often use a lot of the commercial sticky gunky removers that are out there. But, they are so harsh and stink!
Citrus Peel
I bought this white tureen at a thrift store and the lid and ladle were all taped together with packing tape and they REALLY taped it good so the pieces remained together.
It took me forever just to remove the tape. And then I was left with a lot of gunky sticky residue.
12-09 004
I didn’t have any Goo Gone or any other residue remover on hand. I tried soaking it in hot soapy water and that just created smeared gray sticky residue!
12-09 019
I had heard that the citrus oil with break down sticky stuff. So, I grabbed an orange and peeled it and gave it a try.
12-09 021
Sure enough it worked! I do have to tell you there was a bit more elbow grease involved but, it smelled wonderful (and my kitchen smelled like oranges for hours!) and no toxic chemical stuff on my hands or countertops. And lets not forget it was FREE!
Citrus Peel
The next time you have any sticker residue, grab a piece of citrus fruit and use the peel!
More ideas can be found on my Thrifty Cleaning board on Pinterest.
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  1. I didn't know and that is wonderful. I use Goo Gone but it does STiNK and stay on my hands longer then I wish! and I love that tureen! Nice find!

  2. GREAT tip. Love the smell of citrus.

  3. need to use Sol-U-Mel! It's not toxic, no elbow grease, and it works as well if not better than GooGone (read THAT label to see how toxic it is!). Not a sales pitch; just an FYI. We don't use anything but Sol-U-Mel in our home. ~Zuni


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